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A Few years ago in our country behind the rest of the world most popular fabric for making curtains that share a common name “Blackout” (Blackout). However, not all know about this amazing fabric and not have enough information about using.

What this is

The term "blackout" refers to a special kind of fabric created by a special technology and possessing opaque properties. This feature made fabric "Blackout" is indispensable for the manufacture of curtains on the Windows of any design - from classic to the most modern. In addition to the valuable properties to hold the sun's rays, these fabrics can have more fire-resistant function. And because they can be called ideal for use in all living rooms, especially in bedrooms.

blackout curtains

Properties fabric Blackout

Curtains of innovative fabrics were first manufactured in Finland, the land of the midnight sun, as it is called, so it is logical that it is here faced with the task of the invention opaque fabric preserving a varied and attractive appearance and the convenience of a conventional fabric for curtains.

The Largest Finnish textile manufacturer Almedahls Blackout quickly made blackout curtains are very popular all over the world.

It would have been enough and of such characteristics as opacity, to any interested new. But this is not the only advantage of which have Blackout curtains, very thick curtains of normal tissue is also able to adequately absorb the sun's rays, creating shade. But the fabric "Blackout" in comparison with the normal tissues has a number of undeniable and significant advantages. To fully evaluate it from fabric curtains, you need to study the characteristics of this new material for making blackout curtains.


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blinds blackout

Mandatory characteristics of fabric "Blackout" is considered to be the ability to:

  • To transmit light from the street;
  • Keep good form and drape;
  • Not to lose the external attraction from the bright sun (does not fade and does not fade);
  • To have a remarkable thermal insulation;
  • Have sound-insulating feature;
  • Have a special resistance to fire;
  • At the onset of a fire, do not release into the air of additional toxic substances.

As you can see, none of the classic types of fabrics for tailoring of curtains can not boast of such a set of unique useful features.

Fabric "Blackout"

The Fabric is composed of three textile base, acrylic foam and a specific set of chemicals. In an effort to increase fire component, some manufacturers of fabric is impregnated with this type of textiles with a special compound.

Each of the three layers of material made by special technology to weave the threads that can make all the layers very thin. When layers join, there is formed a very dense fabric with the above unique properties.

blackout curtains Lerua Merlen

Care of blackout curtains

Unlike other types of heavy fabrics for curtains, fabric "Blackout" easy to care for. It can be washed in warm water (temperature about 40 degrees). It can be machine wash in delicate or manual mode. Pressing can also be in the car, but not above 400 rpm, but even without machine-pressed, the material will dry quickly on their own, but to dry tissue should be placed in the sun. A definite plus of curtains in the fact that they can not iron, because they hold their shape well. Minor creases or wrinkles can be eliminated with a warm iron. Be washed often made of material Blackout curtains are not required, just wash every six months, because one of their properties to repel dust and dirt. Undoubtedly, this eloquent fact ease of use curtains "Blackout."

Types of blinds

Currently, the buyer is offered sufficient options of fabrics "Blackout." Choosing a variety of such tissue, it is necessary to determine in advance the style of the curtains. The material may have differences in the following parameters:

  • Degree of opacity;
  • Density fabric;
  • Colors, the presence or absence of prints;
  • The presence or absence of the substrate;
  • The presence or absence of the Supplement in the form of a special metal spraying.

The Variety of suggested fabrics and made in different styles and colors of curtains from this fabric allows them to fit into almost any room to become a room decoration. Curtains made for all Windows systems, including there are Blackout blinds that fit almost any room, stylishly complementing it.

blackout roller shades blackout

In Addition to the versatile and popular blinds "Blackout", you can select Japanese curtains, as well as possible suitable to the design in Oriental style, very popular in modern homes. Japanese curtains look great in combination with panoramic window openings.

From this fabric sew curtains-pleated - perfect registration of arched Windows and other window openings with custom configuration.

The Curtains "Blackout" with the success made in the most common classical variant of curtains, matching absolutely any decor and functional value of the room, because the choice of color palette and prints of the material is not inferior in any usual variety of curtain fabrics.

Blackout Roller blinds

Despite the continuing popularity of the classics, roller blinds are gaining more fans, displacing not only classic variants of curtains, but blinds. Of course, this fact could not affect the popularity of the material for the creation of such curtains.

Blinds "Blackout" may have a different degree of opacity from translucent to most dense. Transparent roller blinds are able to beautifully diffuse the light and carry the decorative load. Very well look such products are paired with heavy Drapes.

blackout curtains inspire

Blackout roller blinds Blackout can be performed on the technology dimout, delayed the release of heat and light from the street is ignored only partially. This is the best choice for offices, as well as a loggia and the balcony, especially on the Sunny side. They are perfect for the greenhouse or Conservatory. "Blackout" with maximum protection from light indispensable for bedrooms and nurseries, can be used in a room with a home cinema or photo lab.

The Technology, called “day-night", acting as blinds allows you to adjust the flow of light horizontal stripes of cloth attached to a clear base, it looks much more interesting than blinds, and thus easier to clean.

Roller blinds Black out can be made for Windows of any size and configuration. Roller blinds are equipped with special straps with the guides, to eliminate side openings and ugly sagging tissue. The fabric is mounted on a shaft located above the window opening, and when you open it folds into a aesthetic roll.

Blackout Curtains Inspire

Production of a variety of textiles, like curtains "Blackout" established many of the manufacturing companies around the world, and the most famous of them - the firm Junkers &Mullers GmbH of Germany, Calcutta in Belgium and Coulisse from the Netherlands.

In Russia, too, the release of Blackout curtains. "home depot", for example, offers its customers blinds produced under its own brand Inspire.

Plain roller blinds Inspire the right color fit perfectly into almost any room with any design. The filter is suitable to darken a bedroom or nursery, study, home theater system, for the convenience of the computer. Light or dark fabric without prints or with unobtrusive dim figure successfully combined with textile the second additional curtains of all colors, Wallpaper and other materials in the interior. The fabric is impregnated with special compounds, easy care blinds. To clean from dust and other contaminants such curtains simply wipe with a damp cloth.

roller blind blackout inspire

Blackout roller Blind Inspire has the following advantages:

  • Cover fabric does not transmit light.
  • Simplicity and ease of care.
  • Attractive price.
  • Suitable for any interior and any room in the house.

Online stores "home depot", you can choose blinds in different colors and sizes, both one-colour and with an original drawing for every taste.


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