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Shingles, types of which are listed below, is a lightweight roofing material that just lends itself to installation. It attracts consumers with a variety of colors and textures, affordable cost, long service life. In order to decide what kind of shingles to use for roof work, you need to consider the material depending on the material of manufacture, the polymer coating and the geometry of the profile.

Description of steel roof tiles

roof tile types

If you are interested in shingles, the types of material you have to be considered. As one of them is steel sheets for the production of which used galvanized iron. Sheet thickness ranges from 0.45 to 0.55 millimeter. In rare cases, this figure reaches figures of 0.6 mm. In the process of making iron is covered with zinc that protects it from corrosion. The top has a few words that include polymers. Can be used steel, which is aluzinc or zinc. The first coating is more durable, but the price of this metal is much higher.

Description tiles based on aluminum

types of tiles

If at carrying out of roofing works you will use tiles, types of this material you should consider before purchasing. As the basics can be used and the aluminum sheet. This metal is characterized in that it is not necessary to protect from corrosion as they are canvas not completely terrible. Additional coverage of such tiles is still there, it is intended to increase not only the strength characteristics, but also the lifetime of the roof itself. In addition, such material is light, but the color palette is rather scarce. Cost alimini much more expensive roof coverings on the basis of iron.


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Tiles at the base of copper sheet

types of shingles

Soft tile, the types of which you can be considered and purchased, in its composition contains bitumen. But the tiles on the base of copper is used quite often today, professional developers and private masters. It is presented for sale in a wide range. As one of the varieties is the material which is made of copper sheet. In appearance, the canvas looks elegant and noble, which is particularly noticeable over time, when on the surface a patina. After reading the article, you will be able to know what are the different types of shingles. Roof view after carrying out of installation works will change dramatically. Old houses and architectural monuments, which are covered with metal copper look very attractive. Patina is the best defense against adverse external factors, therefore additional protection is not necessary. Due to the high cost of this metal is used quite rarely.

Varieties of tiles depending on the depth of the insole and the geometry of the profile

soft tile types

Considering the types of tile in the store, you probably paid attention to the Joker, Cascade, Monterrey and Bang. But you can choose the new profiles that have interesting designs and excellent quality. Among them are Shanghai, Modern and Andalusia.

Profile Monterrey

types of roof tiles

Types of ceramic tiles today are also in demand. However, it is important to pay attention to the profile. Monterrey, for example, is roofing, which came to the Russian market from Finland, it's like clay tiles and is very common today, as the material has the ease of installation, aesthetics and excellent protection against external hazards. The profile from the variety of tiles is rounded, allowing her to immediately recognize by appearance. Edge roofing is designed in the form of steps, which are arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically.

Feedback on the tile with the profile of the Cascade

roof shingles types

The Roof tiles, types of which are presented in the article, you can have the profile "cascade". This material attracts consumers saving and severity of shapes. That is why this flooring is easy to cope with the arrangement of the roof of complex shapes. According to users, the roof is proportional, rigorous and careful as possible. This style and to this day is a classic, that's why he never goes out of fashion, while remaining relevant.

Feedback about the "Joker" and "Bang"

As differences of the first profile supports the plantar and ridge parts which have a classical form. The illusion of ceramic tiles is created through the shape of the waves. As emphasized by the users, if you appreciate the classics and traditions, you should enjoy such a profile. In the store today presents types of tile with the profile of "Bang". This kind of roof started to produce recently. Feature - the pretentiousness of shapes and original appearance. Due to the increase of the wave height and the structure of the profile you can see a three-dimensional effect that attracts the modern consumer. The width of the cloths are small, that does not detract from the merits of the material. According to users, its very useful for peaked roofs on which the tiles are very impressive.

Feedback on the profile "Andalusia"

For Russia, this coverage is relatively new, so it has yet to gain popularity. When making use of the European equipment which allows to fix the tile secretly. According to users, this advantage is very impressive. Even if we are talking about tile "Monterrey", which is one of the most popular on the market, fixation by open method. It sometimes indicates that the screws catch the eye. If we are talking about the profile "Andalusia", it looks on the roof is excellent. In addition, the finished coating characterized by increased moisture resistance. This is because leaves are in the process of assembling the most tightly fastened together by means of a special lock.

Description shingles

If you are interested in the types of shingles you can pay attention to bitumen. It is a modern roofing material, created on the basis of glass fiber. In the production process used, modified bitumen, stone grit, which is represented by the granules. Such materials are very popular, as they have almost zero water absorption, which eliminates not only decay, but also corrosion. All types of shingles have one undeniable advantage, which is expressed in the fact that they can be used for arbitrarily complex roofs. Using this material you can even bulbous or dome roofs. The coating integrity is not compromised over time, since the deformation of the material during aging will be limited to each individual tile.

In the market you can find shingles of a variety rastsvetok and shapes. With this material you will be able to provide high-quality waterproofing of the most complex configuration. Have fabric handy size and slight weight, and in the process of installation is minimal waste.


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