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Tubular heater can be used for heating (part of radiator), and for providing homes with hot water. The first thing to do when involved in a job – it is to protect the system from possible damage the heater and create the conditions for its Autonomous operation. A popular method of solving this problem is the use of a temperature regulator for heating element. This is a small device called the thermostat, will help to solve many problems.

The composition of the water heating equipment

The easiest hot water or the heating element must contain at least three elements – water tank, heating element-heating element, and thermostat. A tubular heater can be submerged and dry. In the first case it is made of stainless steel, is placed inside the tank. Heating the water by direct contact of water with the Heater.the thermostat for the HeaterDry heating elements are made of ceramic, are arranged outside the water tank. Heating of the coolant occurs due to the transfer of thermal energy through the wall of the tank. Such elements are easy to replace in case of failure.

The Thermostat for the heating element is designed to control and maintain the desired temperature of the coolant and for emergency shutdown of the tubular electric heater from the mains in the case that starts the process of boiling (usually this happens in case of breakage of the heating element).

There are several types of thermostats, each of which is appropriate to use with a certain type of tubular electric heating element.

Basic principles

Regardless of the design and execution for all thermostats operate according to the same scheme. To work the thermostat must be built into the tank, and coupled with Ten. The whole process of temperature regulation can be divided into 4 stages:


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  1. Switch to set the desired temperature range of the coolant.
  2. Thermostatic control for the heating element with the programmed mode measures the degree of heating of the water and gives the command to switch on the device.
  3. When the water temperature is the specified upper limit of heating the thermostat opens the circuit and disables the heater.
  4. After the cooling water to repeat the process.

It is Worth noting that regardless of what temperature range you set, the thermostat will shut off the heating element if the water begins to boil. This is to prevent breakage of heating equipment.heating elements with thermostat for ironDuring the boil begins the process of intensive evaporation. Together with the amount of vapor increases and the pressure inside the tank. Once the pressure value exceeds the critical level, the tank will explode. The thermostat for the Heater does not allow this to happen, in advance of opening an electric circuit.

Types of thermostats

The Principle of operation of the device always remains the same. The type of thermostat depends only on the principle of determining the temperature of the coolant. According to this, all the thermostats can be divided into stem, capillary and electronic.

The Core devices, as the name implies, have the shape of a rod length from 25 to 50 cm the Principle of determining temperature based on the difference of coefficient of thermal expansion of the two metals. Rod temperature controller is mounted outside of the water tank in a tube.heater with thermostatic control for heatingCapillary thermostat heating element for water heating is a hollow tube, inside of which "sharpened" special liquid. With increasing temperature, it expands, puts pressure on the walls and influence the membrane which opens the circuit. During cooling, the reverse occurs.

Electronic thermostats based on the ability of materials to change their ohmic resistance with change of temperature. As a result, the device increases or decreases the voltage register special sensors and disconnect or include ten. Electronic devices are the most complex and expensive, but at the same time, the most accurate.

Heating elements with built in thermostat

A Heating element separate from the thermostat, in practice, is rarely used. As a rule, this decision has proved to be only water heating boilers. Heating elements for radiators with thermostats are much more common.heater battery with thermostatSuch “combined” devices the thermostat is located in a separate tube, and it is easy to replace in case of breakage. When you select devices in this category need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Material production of the body. It can be represented as ‘stainless steel" (cheap and common devices), as well as copper. Copper appliances last longer, but are much more expensive.
  2. Capacity. For home electrical appliances choose the more powerful 2.5 kW dangerous – there is a risk of overload and short circuit. When using a more powerful heating elements to route a separate power cable.

When Choosing for battery heater with thermostatic control, doesn't need to focusattention to expensive models. Practice shows that the durability of the devices does not depend on prices. Service life is determined by water hardness, loads and stability of the grid.

The scope of application of Heaters with thermostat

The Scope of application of the Heater with integrated thermostat is quite narrow, due to the high energy consumption and short service life. The most widespread they received in the water-heating equipment. This “water tank” is installed in the shower or in the kitchen and serves as the primary or backup source of hot water.tan in a radiator with thermostatVery rarely tubular heaters are used for space heating. In this case the item through the special fitting is mounted directly to the radiator. The main advantages of the installation of the Heater with the thermostat in the radiator are speed. With such a simple solution can be very fast to provide home backup heat source.

Features of Heaters for cast-iron battery

Tubular heaters for traditional and cast iron radiators are virtually indistinguishable. The only exception is the material of the stub-it needs to be made of cast iron or equally heat-resistant material.heating element for radiators with thermostatIn addition, the may differ and the shape of the outer part of the housing where the thermostat is set. The length of the heating element should be 5-10 cm shorter than the length of the radiator. Otherwise, the water circulation and heating is not achieved. So before buying, make sure that heater with thermostat for cast-iron batteries.

Thermostats on the market

The Thermostats for the heating element can be called a consumable item. That is why he often comes separately from the heating element. For replacement it is only necessary to pick up a similar device on the market. To do this, find out:

  1. The Size, type and method of fastening it in the tank of the failed device.
  2. Maximum power current, which will have to cope with a new thermostat.

The best option would be buying the same device that has fallen into disrepair. This can be done by contacting the shop with a faulty thermostat. In most cases, the sellers themselves will select the desired camera.

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