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Beautiful garden and well maintained garden – the fruits of the daily work of Housewives or the result of a competent treatment plants? In today's world, where plant diseases and pests evolve faster than against them find resources, the need to use pesticides, herbicides and fungicides is acute.

What kind of wonder drug?

The Drug “Maxim” - a means for treatment in the modern model unique origin. The basis of the nebulized substance - the active composition of natural origin. Country of origin – Switzerland, Singenta company, the official distributor in Russia – OOO “the Green Pharmacy Gardener”.

Maxim drug usage instructions

The Drug is available in the form of:

  • Powder bags;
  • Suspension concentrate ampoules;
  • Solution in cans from 1 to 5 liters.

The Feature of fungicide – similar to the antibiotic released in the process of vital functions of soil bacteria, the composition. Similar in composition to “Maxim” devastatingly provocative acts on plant diseases bacteria, but not in any way violate the microflora of the soil, which is very important for fertility and healthy plant growth.

Fungicide “Maxim” - a means of contact type. Compared to potassium permanganate, which acts a short, “Maxim” has a long lasting effect throughout the period of preservation and growth of plants.

Interestingly, the solution has a positive effect on the health of the plant, enhances immune activity and stimulate growth.

Area of application of the fungicide

Use fungicide “Maxim” for treatment in:

  • Bulbous system, tubers and corms flower crops;
  • Lawns;
  • Seed potatoes
  • Sugar beet;
  • Sunflower seed;
  • Grain;
  • Legumes;
  • Onions and garlic.

fungicide "Maxim"

Protrusive many years of flower bulbs, it is better to treat twice, before laying for storage and immediately before planting bulbs in the ground.

How does the drug

The Drug “Maxim” is used for disinfection of planting material through the establishment of a protective film of fungicide type, which is a protective barrier to infections and bacteria. During germination, flower protective shell is formed around the root zone with the sprout.


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Medication for Maxim bulbous

How to use remaining after processing solution?

The Drug “Maxim” for bulbous soluble in water. After treatment of flower bulbs you can use it as a disinfectant for irrigation of the portion of the soil where you intend planting flowers.

Drug from pests “Maxim” copes with its job: protect any flowers prone to foresiana and verticillately uvageniem. To protect asters, dahlias, irises or other flowers, you must handle the root system and the planting hole before planting flowers.

Maxim the drug for treatment of plants

Properties protective equipment

“Maxim” (the drug for treatment of plants) is the only one of a wide range of products for the treatment and protection of plants approved and authorized the Ministry of health for use and storage in his household.

The action of the drug lies in immunomodulation:

  • Grain and the development of resistance of crops against snow mold, rot and other diseases provoked by Fusarium spp;
  • Potatoes and forming a protection against scab and rots of all kinds.

Separately, the breeders noted the high level of resistance to Rhizoctonia and phytophtora during the growing season.

The Tool is characterized by versatility – only one powder preparation is used for treatment in a variety of crops, garden plants, but most actively used the drug “Maxim” alliaceous.

medication reviews of Maxim

Usage instructions

The drug is Sold in small bags of 4 ml. the Powder is diluted in water volumes of 2 liters. This solution will be enough to handle 2 kg of flower bulbs.

Planting material before planting, soaked in the prepared solution of the fungicide and allow to infuse for 30 minutes. One solution suitable for repeated use, and it can handle up to 5 shipments of flower bulbs. The only caveat to consider: before processing the next batch, the solution is filtered through a fine sieve. Then the dissolved drug “Maxim” again fit for use and treatment of a new batch of material.

a Drug against pests Maxim

Treated with a fungicide follicles need to give dry and only then put in the soil.

The same actions do with flower bulbs in front of the fence for storage: they are washed with water, cleansing from dirt, and treated with medium, then dried and placed in boxes for storage.

If the bulbs were formed kids, they definitely carefully treated.

Potatoes for planting before laying on storage subjects a single treatment. For 10 kg of materialmake a solution of 100 ml – water, 4 ml & ndash; drug “Maxim”. Instruction manual with detailed actions attached to the tool and printed on the back of the bag.

Low-concentrated solution - 5 drops per 200 ml of water - can be used for processing plants that will protect them from possible pests and give growth.

Medication Maxim

The Tool has no phytotoxicity, and processed tubers can be under the protective action of up to 12 weeks.

Be careful when using the drug “Maxim”. Instruction for use contains information about what the drug is moderately hazardous substance (3-level risk). It is toxic to fish, so use it near water bodies is strictly prohibited.

Caution – keep it

Working with fungicides, follow basic safety standards:

  • Do not use cookware or other food items for cooking of the mixture.
  • During processing, limit the contact zone: keep children and animals;
  • Use personal protective equipment in the form of glasses, respirator, gloves and cotton fabric clothing;
  • Remember the rule of three “NOT”: do not take anything to eat, do not smoke, do not drink during treatment of planting material;
  • After working with unsafe substance, wash your hands, face, rinse mouth.

What to do if you made contact with a drug

In the case of negligent treatment, when the drug gets on the skin, mucous membranes or eyes, the affected area washed with large amounts of water. There are times when the fungicide gets inside the body. Many people do not know what to do in such a situation. Don't run in panic, and immediately drink several glasses of water, dissolved in it activated charcoal in the required amount (1 tablet per 10 kg of weight). In a few minutes – saline laxative and go to the hospital. Treatment of poisoning with the fungicide is carried out symptomatically. Special regimens are not, however, as an antidote.

Medication Maxim

Terms of storage and disposal containers

Keep the tool in a dry, dark reach of children and Pets temperature range from –10 °C to +35 °C. Keep the fungicide can not be close to medical drugs or food products.

The working solution suitable for use throughout the day. The remaining solution is disposed into a compost pit and the remaining bags burned or buried in distance from water resources.

You will be able to protect not only the flowers and culture in your garden, and the garden, but also give the durability indoor plants using the drug “Maxim”. The feedback tool has earned a positive. Lovers of flowers talking about his effectiveness, ease of use and reliability.

Indeed, the remedy is simple and not scary to use, because it has no toxicity and does not cause irreparable harm to the environment. The processing solution does not take much time, and flower bulbs do not suffer from poisons.

In the future you get excellent yield, regardless of the nature of plants: the garden is full of harvest, and the garden is full of flowers, and all thanks to the simple means available and cheap.

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