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Every homeowner wants to make it unique and beautiful. Projects of modern houses and cottages require special attention, because you need to choose the right decorative elements, accessories and ornaments. Also in any interior should be combined: color, shape and texture. The article presents the main styles of interior that will appeal to many fans of originality and uniqueness.

Classic style

Those who prefer harmony, symmetry and expensive quality decor items that can get chic cottage. Modern classic style is distinguished by the use of expensive flooring pattern, furniture, natural velvet, brocade and leather.

Wall surface mounted paper or fabric Wallpaper, hand painted in neutral shades (peach, pink, light brown). The premises must be placed various statues, beautiful chandeliers, candlesticks, mirrors and paintings. The color scheme should be relaxed, for example, in beige and cream colours.

Cottage modern

It is Not necessary to decorate the interior heavy curtains – instead they will approach light curtains with a translucent tulle. It is very important to choose the right lighting. Most often, this use of glass and crystal, but good fit ceiling lights and shades made of natural fabrics. As for furniture, it should emphasize the classic style. For this purpose, antique sofas and beds, carved tables, cabinets and tables.

The Ceilings in the rooms trim with white color and decorated with rosettes and moldings and moldings. In the center of the largest room (e.g. living room) set the fireplace, under the style and the color of which matched the other interior parts.


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A Cottage in a modern, minimalist style allows you to arrange it simple and tasteful. It usually combines comfort, spaciousness and a small amount of surrounding detail. This style stands out for its features: ambient lighting, the minimum number of partitions and furniture, large Windows. Also, this style can be recognized by:

  • The most important multifunctional furniture;
  • Concealed light sources (halogen and neon bulbs);
  • White-grey, black and white or gray-brown colors (often used shades that mimic metal, wood, stone, brick);
  • Neutral Wallpaper with a rough texture;
  • The minimum amount of decoration without the extra decorations and ornaments;
  • Simple multi-functional furniture;
  • Blinds on the Windows.

designs of modern houses and cottages

Simple furniture with flat fronts can perfectly decorate a modern interior. Cottage in the style of minimalism can be made out of plastic, wood and metal designs with a glossy surface.

In the bedroom put sofas, beds polished and lacquered wood. Kitchen facades are usually made of stainless steel. Monochrome colouring is diluted with bright details: cushions, a small number of paintings, a large decorative plant.


Modern cottage design in country style is considered more warm, homey and soulful than the rest. The interior is simple and economical, because it can be decorated with products of own production (embroidery, knitted tablecloths and curtains, furniture covers, patchwork quilts and pillows).

For the wall design suitable Wallpaper with a simple floral pattern (under papyrus, bamboo) or decorative plaster, simulating brick, stone masonry. An excellent option for enclosing structures will be wooden panels. On the floor is usually laid stone, tile or wood (laminate).

Cottage in modern style

Color scheme should be discreet: country style stands out with soft pastel tones (beige, blue, green). He matches well with wooden or wicker furniture, and must meet benches, wall lockers, baskets, chests.

For the Sake of diversity use bright decorative elements: pots or flower vases, dried flowers, drawings, done in watercolor. The main attribute is considered to be live fire, so you can build a fireplace or put a imitation.

Japanese style

How else can you decorate your cottage? Modern Japanese style is suitable for those who are not afraid to experiment with their housing. It is characterized by: open space and unity with nature, neutral palette, natural.

Modern design houses

This interior differs in that it uses a minimal set of furniture, no massive walls. As fences are used thin and light design.

Japanese style goes well with natural materials: bamboo, wood, stone and metal. Of them can be made furniture, decorative elements, floor and wall covering. To save space, you need to put instead of the door sliding partitions.

Designers create the designs of modern houses and cottages, saying that Japanese style is closely associated with nature. So inside or outside your home needs to be herbs, stones, fountains and other natural elements. Designthe interior design is often used neutral shades of cream, grey and brown. It is not necessary to decorate the room any patterns – will only fit Japanese painting on the Wallpaper, the curtains, the pillows.


From the usual Baroque style took graceful shape, light effects, brightness, splendour, theatricality and grandeur. With such an unusual design can highlight your cottage.

Modern neo-Baroque style stands out in different color schemes. Widely used raspberry, blue, dark red, purple, emerald, beige and silver tones. If they combine with gold, the housing will be magical and enchanting.

Modern interior cottage

Among the features of neo-Baroque is to provide:

  • Finish with simulated granite, marble, precious wood;
  • The combination of bright crystal chandeliers with subdued light wall lamp, neon lamps and candles;
  • Massive furniture with unusual patterns figures;
  • Mirrors with massive frames;
  • Dressers, chairs, beds with curved elements curved legs;
  • Decorative boxes;
  • Wavy wardrobes.


Many owners want to cottage, modern look which will capture the spirit of any visitor. It will look like the interior in modern style, which is famous for natural shades (white, beige, olive, blue, smoke, gold and silver). Main idea – the use of smooth lines in the form of the letter S (wavy shape). This applies to any items of furniture, doorways, Windows, decor. All are made from natural materials: wood, glass, ceramics, marble, expensive fabrics.

Modern style cottage modern

The Modernism inherent in romance, so the lighting should be subdued (with the help of the lamps of frosted, stained glass). The most popular elements of style – stained glass inserts in Windows, doors, furniture and walls. For interior decoration is decorated with colored glass: vases, lamps, figurines, paintings.

Country cottage created not only for permanent living but also for recreation. It is therefore important to create a modern interior, which will be combined with the design of the building.

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