Where are the cockroaches and how to get rid of them


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Where are the cockroaches? This is a question that is probably asked yourself many Housewives. Previously, these insects were a real scourge of humanity, but a few years ago almost disappeared, as scientists believe, due to the radiation of the phones. Recently, however, cockroaches are activated again, so you need to know how to avoid their occurrence and how to deal with them.

Where are the cockroaches

Where are the cockroaches in the house

Contrary to popular belief, cockroaches never infest yourself, even if the house is a terrible mess. Cockroach in the house need to place, and to do it by accident maybe and very neat housewife. Another thing is that in a dirty house they are much easier to work because there they have something to make money.

To Get into the house cockroach can in the following ways:

  • Crawl from the neighbors. Usually it is like cockroaches appear in apartments of apartment houses. They crawl through pipelines or ventilation channels or just simply come through the doors of the entrance.
  • Get together with your purchases. In some not too clean stores sometimes you can find cockroaches, and they can easily get into the package, and so to penetrate your house. This "surprise" can bring and when you buy something with hands or on the market.
  • Back with you from vacation or business trip in the Luggage with Souvenirs.
  • To Arrive in the mail or by courier from an online store.

By the Way, the parcel was the reason for the distribution we have the American cockroach, which previously could only be found in the United States and Canada.

As you can see, a cockroach can easily get into any house, no matter you have dirty or cleaned. And the insects breed very quickly, so to get rid of them you need as urgently and decisively.

Cockroaches, by the way, are of various kinds, and depend on the ways of their removal and the reasons for their occurrence.

Red cockroaches

Red, or brown cockroaches is the most common type of these insects that are commonly called cockroach.

These cockroaches feed on food debris, and generally not very dangerous, but very unpleasant and can spoil the remaining open food. By the way, for their livelihoods is very important that the house in free access was water - and it usually happens when problems with plumbing.


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Where are the cockroaches in the house

Black cockroach

Black cockroaches are more rare variety. They meet in private homes and in apartment buildings, but usually not above the fifth floor. Come are cockroaches, usually from sewage and garbage cans.

Black cockroaches are very large, therefore, the question of why there are large cockroaches, usually addressed to them. Sometimes at length they reach three inches! Are cockroaches multiply quite slowly, but they are much more dangerous than their red counterparts, as unpleasant smell and suffer various serious diseases:

  • Diphtheria.
  • Typhoid fever.
  • Dysentery.
  • Helminthiasis.

Where are the black cockroaches

Get them, you can, if you eat foods for which they were crawling. So the question about where are black cockroaches, it is highly relevant, because it is very important to prevent their appearance at home.

Black cockroaches need to fear stronger, although their number is usually smaller than the red.

White roaches

White roaches are not a separate species. The fact that some time after molting skin Prusak becomes very thin and white. We see these cockroaches is rare, because usually after a molt they tend to sit in shelters.

The question about where are white cockroaches, there is another answer. Occasionally they turn white due to the fact that the man is their poison - caustic chemical substances can deprive the carapace brown. He's a cockroach can survive.

Where do white cockroaches

Where there are cockroaches in their homes

On the question, where are the cockroaches in a private house, the answer is easy. In private houses they penetrate exactly same as in the apartment - from the street from the neighbors either purchases from the store. By the way, because the cold can not stand the cockroaches in the winter they come from the neighbors you just can't. Black same individuals in the warm season sometimes crawl into homes near the landfills.

Why cockroaches are moving to other places

Most Often, the insects still come to us from neighbors. However, many people wonder why there are cockroaches, if they had lived neighbors, and it was a wonderful time. This question is not very complicated, cockroaches migrate to new habitats. And they do this for the following reasons:

  • Due to the too rapid multiplication of the number of cockroaches increases constantly. Eventually they just no longer enough food and space for the entire population, and the insects spread to other premises.
  • The Changing conditions of life. If your neighbors suddenly start to spray for bugs or if they leave on a long business trip and leave them without food and water, to live there insects will be uncomfortable. In the end, they will leave EN masse, and it is possible that in your apartment.

Where are the cockroaches in a private home

What do cockroaches need tolife

Cockroaches - being unpretentious. They are resistant to many poisons and a few days can live without a head, however, some conditions for the existence of them still needed:

  • Zero temperature. The roaches are actually exotic insects arriving from the tropics, so that the negative temperature kills them instantly. That is why they live in rooms, not on the streets. By the way, before with cockroaches and fought just left the house for a couple of days without heating. But now it is difficult to implement - even with closed valves of heating in the house will still be too warm.
  • Water. No water, cockroaches can't live strongly - like people, they need it even more food. So if you get rid of roaches does not work, then you might think: do you have at home open water source? The dripping faucet, the condensate on the plate, even a couple of drops on the kitchen sink - this insect is enough to quench your thirst. So if you get roaches, then be sure to repair all leaky pipes and constantly wipe the surface dry.
  • Food. Of course, the food is cockroaches are also needed. They eat everything, and as fresh and spoiled. If other food is not, then can some time eat the skin or paper. Therefore, during removal of cockroaches is very important to hide all the food, carefully shake off crumbs and wipe countertops and stove, and also to make the night a waste. In General, to remove food from the free access.

Is it Difficult to deal

Control of cockroaches is very difficult. These creatures have a very high vitality, so expel them from his apartment will not be easy - it will take a lot of time and effort. However, for Finance it's not especially costly, as all cockroaches are usually inexpensive. Is that replacing the plumbing for overlapping of access to water can be rather expensive.

Cockroaches where and how to uninstall

Here are some facts about cockroaches that show their vitality.

  • Cockroach without a head can live for a minimum of ten days. To multiply in this period, it is also capable of.
  • Cockroaches can live even in very strong radiation and feel comfortable.
  • For forty days they can live without food. Moreover, the hunger strike weakens them and makes aggressive cockroaches can even start biting, and very painful!
  • Many poisons cockroaches also did not take. And they quickly get used to the toxic assets, so poison should be used only tested, and periodically change it with another.

Cockroaches: where are and how to remove it

The Fight against these insects, as we said above, because of their survivability is a matter of long and laborious.

Where are the cockroaches we found, it remains to understand how to survive them out of the house. Typically, the cockroaches carried out in several stages:

  1. Thoroughly clean the entire apartment, and pay special attention to the kitchen. Everywhere wash the floors, wipe the surface from grease and dirt. All the time take cockroaches, you should regularly cleaning.
  2. Buy in-store special insecticides. They come in gel and aerosol, you can use them together - first, treat all spray, and then smaile places the frequent occurrence of cockroaches gel.
  3. Treatment also repeat regularly to kill the young cockroaches, newly hatched from eggs.
  4. If the number of cockroaches will continue to increase, change the insecticide.
  5. If you are sure that the cockroaches crawl to you from neighbors, you take a number of measures. Maximum close off all openings through which cockroaches could enter, for example, risers pipelines. Vents, close the grids, the grid cells which will have the minimum size. In addition, treat all potential passages of gel or small.

Where are the large cockroaches

If you do it right and be patient, soon about cockroaches you will be able to forget. However, remember that if they continue to live neighbors, then you should give up the slack, so the roaches will crawl to you. Perhaps to get out of this situation will help the conversation with the neighbors sincerely and offer to help remove insects, and they have.

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