A sore point for beginner gardeners: how to swoop down tomatoes, to ruin and to obtain an abundant harvest


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To harvest happy gardener, you need to exercise due attention to plants at all stages of their development. Whether it is the selection of seeds and sowing them into the soil or fertilizer and weeding. In the issue of care tomatoes here and added more paragraph about how to dive tomatoes. Without it will be difficult to achieve timely ripening.

First Paragraph: the preparation of seeds

Without a proper run this time will be difficult to solve the question of how to dive tomatoes (tomatoes), because the seedlings may not be able and ready to transplant.

First, all the seeds need to be checked for germination. They need to be immersed in salt solution on time is 5 minutes. The salt content should not exceed 5%. Otherwise the check will fail and POPs up a lot of seeds. All instances that are left to float on the surface, it is better to remove. They will not germinate. Good seeds should be washed with water.

Then the next step is disinfection a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Seeds need to leave in 15 minutes.

The Last step will be their soaking in a nutrient solution with micronutrients. This mixture can be purchased in special shops.

This training will ensure seed germination. And the question about how to dive tomatoes, will not be empty, because seedlings will be sufficient.

how to swoop down tomatoes

The second Point: the container and the soil for planting

The choice of containers for planting seedlings directly depends on how correctly to dive seedlings of tomatoes. Because for big and small packaging technology will be different.

The Most common containers are different boxes. But it happens that gardeners sow the seeds immediately in a separate little containers.

In addition will need suitable containers for picking. It must necessarily be individual for each plant and large enough to hold the tomatoes was a place for growth. She usually has a diameter of about 10 cm and a height of more than 15.


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Soil for seedlings should contain all the nutrients. Better if it will not be very dense. The soil should be well impervious to moisture and air, does not contain weed seeds. And be sure not to be infected by pests and diseases. Such compositions are now sold in all stores.

The Soil you need to fill all containers, but so that the upper edge was about 2 cm of free space.

how to dive seedlings tomato

Third Point: sowing seedlings

The skillful and adequate to perform this step, the question about how to dive seedlings of tomato, will be simple enough.

First you need to choose the right time for sowing. It is usually start not before 5 March. That was the time when light day becomes quite long, and to arrange additional lighting is not necessary. If the variety of tomato belongs to the later, the period of their sowing can be pushed to the middle of the month.

The Ground, in containers, for a day well need to be watered and cover with foil. Then spread the seeds in rows. The distance between them should be about 3 cm, and seeds in the row must be removed by 2 cm Then they need to be deepened by 1 cm and covered with soil, which keep dry. Drizzle sowing spray and cover with foil. In the first week, it is sufficient to arrange the conditions under which day temperatures around 15ºC, and at night - not below 7.

The Film must be removed after the first input. At the same time, the capacity to put on a well-lit place. The temperature also changes. A day she should be around 22ºC, and at night no lower than 9. Now the conversation went to how to properly dive the tomatoes.

how to swoop down tomatoes

Theoretical digression

In General, what is it? And why is it important to know how to swoop down tomatoes? In General, under this process involve transplanting seedlings. And it occurs in a container, greater in size. For some plants this change occurs with a simultaneous shortening of the root. But tomato is not the case. Their roots should be protected.

In a large-capacity plants closely. Their root system does not have enough space for development. Pick each tomato provides the space in which it will form a strong and healthy roots. And this, in turn, will be the key to a good harvest.

One theoretical point in the question about how to dive tomatoes, is associated with the time when you need to produce. The average is 13 days from the time of sowing. The deviation in ± 2 days. At other times the pick is not helpful. On the contrary, can be harmful. Because the plants will not take root and become ill.

how to dive tomatoes tomatoes

Item the fourth: picks

It depends on how planted the seeds. If they were sown in large containers, the technology of how to dive the tomatoes will be like this:

  • Good to shed the seedlings, so that they can be easily removed from the soil and damaging the roots;
  • In the prepared container to make a depression in the soil to the bottom;
  • Pour water into it so as not to wet the soil around;
  • Until it is absorbed lower the seedling on the first fake leaves and to compact the soil.

If the seeds were sown in separate smallthe capacity, technology, how to dive seedlings of tomato, will be as follows:

  • Low bushes of the plant together with a ball of earth should be placed in the center of the larger containers;
  • Pour around the fresh soil.

It is Noticed that in the second method, the seedlings take root better and develop faster.

how to dive seedlings of tomatoes

Important digression: seedlings stretched

The room is too warm, and here — the plants have sprouted. What to do? The answer depends on how early it happened.

In a situation when the picks have not yet been produced, to adjust the length at the time of transplant. For this plant you want to crop. This is done at a distance of about 1-1,5 cm above the cotyledon leaves. During the pick to drop the seedlings in soil to the papers. Cover the container with foil. A week later, the tomato again will give the first true leaf.

When the seedlings are stretched after the pick, the adjustments need to be done when landing in open ground. In the garden you need to make a long furrow, and to lay the plant. Cover with earth to the point where the first sheet. The soil to water. Sometimes the groove recommended angle is 45º. There is not much difference. Plant in any case will rise on their own.

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