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Many drivers strive to make your car better to eliminate the existing, in their opinion, shortcomings. And they do it with the help of made by hand homemade products for cars. In this article we consider only some examples which the authors are posted.

USB socket

Popular among drivers enjoy a variety of homemade electronic for cars. A good example is a USB socket placed under the arm. To use the cigarette lighter isn't always convenient. And consider the option should be like.

homemade for auto

The Foundation will serve as a USB socket, which can be purchased on the market. The first thing you will need to disassemble it. All plastic casing must be removed. You'll need only the core. To the outlet of any piece of plastic cut cover. It should be the right size to the hole, in which is placed the outlet. This cover is a rectangular cut-out to fit the input sockets. If the power outlet with led, you need to make a hole for him. Align the edges with sandpaper to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. With the same purpose, the plastic can be pasted vinyl or self-adhesive paper.

To the circuit Board of the port you need to solder the wire, the other end of which will connect to the cigarette lighter. On the reverse side of plastic attached metal clips. With their help, the device is mounted in the connector console.

Air conditioning 12 V

Handmade with your own hands for auto require the production of useful things from what is at hand. So, from the radiator from the desktop, you can collect the air conditioner, the amount of which will be 5x5 cm capacity of 30 watts.


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crafts for the car

You will Need two radiator. To where more of the cooler, secured with a hot melt adhesive Peltier element. A smaller radiator is attached on the other side. The whole structure is connected to the power supply. The peculiarity is that the air from the cooler needs to go in different directions. On the one hand will go cold flow, on the other – warm.

Adhesive fuel cap

Many drivers well-known problem of losing the cap of the fuel tank. And handmade for cars will allow you to solve it. To make it easy. Need inside cover to place a small but strong magnet. Suitable neodymium magnet from hard drive. It will be enough and a half.

electronic crafts for the car

Rear shelf for the speakers

With his hands raised handmade for cars will help and in that case, if you want to install rear speakers, and the shelves there. In this case, the shelf is made from the usual chipboard sheets.

Sheet Size will depend on the car model, but the estimated parameters 110х45 cm Thickness will be enough 2 see Sheet of chipboard cut in two. One of them will rise. The second will serve as a support for the speakers. And the second part will be wider (about 40 cm). In the leaves did not get wet, they need to be treated with lacquer.

From the same sheets of particle Board you need to cut the supports under the speakers. To start, apply a template (this uses the existing dynamics). A similar hole is drilled on the shelf. Podiums are fixed by means of holders (need 4 pieces). Holders can be cut from the remnants of chipboard. The tilt angle is chosen arbitrary. Connect the parts using screws. They can be pre-greased with glue.

electronic crafts for the car

The runways were voluminous, use polyurethane foam. With its help, several approaches creates the desired volume. After drying, the foam is cut. Irregularities zashpaklevyvajutsja and rubbing sandpaper. Next you need to check whether stand dynamics in the prepared holes. If everything is OK, then the workpiece can be pasted cloth. Enough to cover only from the front side.

Connect two shelves with conventional sheds. The speaker connection is on the bottom.

Crafts for a car made by their own hands will be useful creations. In addition, it is always nice to see the results of their own labors.

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