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Every gardener wants to make a rich harvest in the end of the season. This desire is understandable, because work on the site takes a lot of time and effort. Achieve modern agrotechnical improve results and get an excellent crop, despite the weather conditions, which are very difficult to predict in advance. Today we want to tell you about a drug called “Healthy garden”. Instruction manual calls it one of a kind, unique assistant to the gardener. Let's see what the basis of such statements.healthy garden usage instructions

History of establishment

There Was a time when the yield of the garden tried to increase by any means. And since demand creates supply, the market appeared a large number of chemical fertilizers, which do improve performance, but it is difficult to say how safe they are for our health. Therefore, scientists continued to work on finding environmentally friendly, harmless ways of improvement of the garden and protect it from pests. And the first invention was “Healthy garden”. Instruction manual says that it has no analogues in the world.

Brief description

This invention revolutionized the world of agricultural technology. It represents a completely new approach to protection of fruit plants. Such means have long been waiting for gardeners who want to harvest them was most natural. The name of this biocomplex “Healthy garden”. Instruction manual recommends it for use primarily in regions with difficult farming conditions.drug a healthy garden


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What effect can be expected

In Other words, you will be able to understand that the drug really works. Let us first see to what promises the manufacturer biocomplex “Healthy garden”. Instruction manual contains the information that this tool allows healthier plants to encourage their growth and protect in adverse environmental conditions. As a result, your landing faster will take a landing in a ground and almost never refresher to start to rise. Thus, the bloom will come much faster.

It is especially important for heat-loving crops (eggplant, pepper) which cease to bear fruit when nights become cold. In the Northern regions it is the drug “Healthy garden” allows you to reap a good harvest.

A Nice addition

This is not the only effect that can be expected. Under the influence of biocomplex increases immunity of plants, and accordingly provide an effective self-defense of plants. Of course, the need for processing from a number of bacterial and viral diseases has not been canceled. However, according to studies, in 100% of cases increases the self-defense against powdery mildew, aphids and moth. Several times decreases the drops. Under the influence of the drug several times increases plant resistance not only to cold but also to drought. And don't forget the drug “Healthy garden” keeps the fruit clean.Amberen and healthy garden usage instructions

Effective granules

Now Let's look inside the package. What is a drug called "Healthy garden”? Instruction manual describes him as special granules, sugar-based, structured in a special way.

What happens after the granules are dissolved in water? It acquires a special structure, the enhanced properties of these elements. Now water is able to influence the processes occurring in the cells. The result in the green cells restored the metabolism that were previously disturbed under the influence of unfavorable conditions. Plants become more healthy. That is, this drug is a regulator of fundamental processes occurring at the cellular level.drug a healthy garden usage instructions

Research Conducted

Did you verify the claimed efficiency, or the use of the drug “Healthy garden” is experimental? In fact, they immediately became interested in the leading scientists of agricultural and technical institutions. As a result of conducted experiments it was established that positive results are not an accident, and regularity. The impact tools tested and confirmed by scientists at least a dozen institutions. A lot of positive feedback from the gardeners, who also felt the difference.

When to use drug

If we talk about industrial nursery gardens while the owners are somewhat wary of the possibility to refuse processing plants chemicals, the benefit of this homeopathic complex. Doubts are understandable, because the manufacturers do not guarantee that the drug will cure any disease and win all the pests. The emphasis is on the immune system of the plant, which would not allow it. Like all homeopathic medicines, it acts gently, do not harm the environment, insects and animals.

In some cases, most often it is recommended to use the drug “Healthy garden”? Statement generates the following:

  • The Drug is very important for the cultivation of plants in open and protected ground. In the first case it allows to cope with temperature extremes and other adverse conditions, and in the second, and the second, heals a closed system not allowing them to flourish typical of greenhouses diseases.
  • Using this tool allows you to provide healthy meals. The fruit is cleaned of nitrates, and improve their nutritional and taste qualities.
  • Moreover, the drug “Healthy garden” is used even in medicine, for healing the human body. The fact that the cells in our body are essentially the same processes of exchange, as in green plant cells.

The Big plus is the fact that the treatment of the garden you don't need any protective equipment. The drug can be safely sprayed on the plot, the more it gets on fruit culture, on the earth and your skin, the better. Gardeners know that with the onset of spring, the hands are not cracked, wounds and inflammation. Treatment of the skin biocomplex “Healthy garden» helps to reduce cosmetic defects.preparations for the garden

Drug Usage

Let's talk more about how to apply. As you already know, before you is a multifunctional drug that it is advisable to use every person, even if he has no garden. You heard right, originally developed the drug for expectant moms, and only then expanded the range of its validity.

What is the woman's body can help “Healthy garden”? Instructions for use (reviews we give below) tells us that indeed initially the drug was used for removal of the products of pesticides and nitrates. It is absolutely harmless to humans, even if you eat the whole box.

So, the first application is very important. All purchased fruits and vegetables must be soaked in drug solution for one hour. As a result of them taking around 70% of harmful substances, nitrates and other nasty things.drug a healthy garden

In the garden

The Active use of “Healthy garden" can significantly improve the growth of your fruit plants and yield. In order to get results, you need to remember that the treatment you need to perform weekly. It is advisable to treat all the plants in the garden. If the trees are high enough to handle the lower branches, the composition will disperse throughout the crown.

Not all drugs for gardens can give such a stunning effect. On Apple no scab and aphids, the leaves all summer and bright green. Feel great all fruit crops. Plants from early spring to grow healthy, and not “tough” pests.

Biocomplex “Amberin”

This is another homeopathic drug, also completely harmless to humans and insects. It significantly enhances the effect of the drug “Healthy garden”, therefore, it is now a recommended to use them in pairs. Let's understand why you need this combination.

For starters will tell you what constitutes a ‘Amberin”. It is also sugar granules, structured under the influence of unique medicinal plants. This biocomplex is an environmental umbrella on your site. It protects plants from harmful substances and poisons.drug a healthy garden manual

Application of the complex «Amberin”

It can be used independently. According to numerous studies, resulting in increased plant resistance to ultraviolet radiation. This is currently the only drug used to protect conifers from sunburn. Growing firs and cedars associated with certain difficulties, so the ‘Amberin” will be of good help for you. A very effective drug in...

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