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If you decide to purchase plywood, the first step is to become familiar with its varieties. This material is a canvas based wood. The sheets are made by gluing veneer sheets. In one item the number of layers may vary from 3 to 23. As a rule, the described material is manufactured using a technology that involves location of the wood in adjacent sheets perpendicular to each other. However, you can find variants in which the veneer is one direction. The thickness of the outer layers is equal to 3, 5 millimeters, while the inner layers equal to 4 millimeters. The method may involve the use of varnishes and resins of various properties, it makes the final product certain characteristics.

General description


Depending on what kind of mechanical surface treatment was used, it is possible to allocate some types of plywood. Thus, in the market you can find polished, unpolished material or that is exposed to such treatment with one or two sides. These cloths can be made of different wood, among them are the poplar, birch, pine or aspen. Can be met and combined material, which is composed of several varieties of wood material. View birch plywood is considered to be very durable. This is due to the significant physico-chemical characteristics of wood, which is supported by a multi-layered structure. As for the coniferous variety of canvases, they are made of pine, which ensures high strength at light weight. These types of plywood have been successfully used in the construction of houses. Material grade is determined by the number of knots per square meter. Thus, the market of building materials you can purchase the described material four varieties.


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Plywood grade FC


When Examining types of plywood, You probably notice the variation, which relates to moistureproof materials. In the production process for bonding of veneer used cloths urea resin. These sheets are intended for indoor use. The material is not able to crack through, and also quite simply treatable. This applies not only to the sawing, and drilling. To work, you can use a saw or electric jig saw. Cloth quite easy to mount with each other, and if necessary, they can be strengthened to any surface using screws. This material is called universal because you can use it as for private construction works and in the manufacture of furniture. Considering the types of plywood you, first of all, pay attention to FC in its production are most often used with spruce or birch veneer. When comparing material from birch and softwood can be noted that the paintings will differ in density, the first option has the index in the range of 650 kilograms per cubic meter, whereas spruce and pine exhibit a density equivalent to 500 kilograms per cubic meter.

Area of use of plywood of mark FK

types of water-resistant plywood

The Described types of water-resistant plywood used for finishing walls and ceilings. When carrying out these works used fabric, in which one of the parties has the highest grade. You can meet this material and as a sub base for laying laminate and parquet, using the leaves whose thickness varies from 5 to 15 millimeters. You can buy a low grade because the leaves will be cut, indicating the possibility to get rid of defective items. Using canvas in tandem with the substrate can improve heat and sound insulation qualities. If you will be purchased plywood, the types, the use of this material you can consider in the article. It is worth considering that the plywood brand plywood is used in the manufacture of boxes, shelves, wall cabinets, and also some components of chairs and sofas. Found this material its use in the preparation of stands and signs, however, to use these items, you will be only inside the premises.

Material mark FKM

plywood laminated types

Considering the basic types of plywood, You should pay attention to the mentioned brand. She has elevated qualities of water resistance and is manufactured using a technology that involves the use of melamine resin. This kind of unique because it is made of environmentally friendly materials. Due to these characteristics, the material now can be used in furniture manufacturing. In addition, FKM is used for the internal finishing works.


plywood species and thickness

The Mentioned material are manufactured using melamine, which is a colorless crystalline substance. It is almost insoluble in water. Such resins, unlike phenol-formaldehyde practically disintegrate when exposed to room temperature, so it is widely used in the production of various products of household purpose. Among the distinctive features of this material is increased humidity, which is sometimes even compared with the one which has the FSF.

Brand Plywood of FSF

plywood for the floor

This material is made by gluing paintings of veneer to each other using phenolic resins. This type of plywood has a high water resistance. It is not recommended for use in interior finishes, due to the fact that phenolics do harm on human health. Generally these cloths are used when undertaking external finishing works.

The Production is made using pine, beech or birch veneer. Among the quality characteristics include high durability, as well as confrontation mechanical stress. Most often this material is used in concrete and roofing work in the building and automotive industries.

Pros and cons

plywood types of application

Considering the types of plywood for the floor, it is not necessary to select the brand of FSF, but it is perfect for the needs of industry and the need for external works. This material is characterized by resistance to bending and breaking. While these characteristics remain almost unchanged when variations in humidity and temperature. Paintings simply treatable and drilling them well to keep screws and nails. In addition to toxicity, these sheets are characterized by inflammability. When exposed to flame, the material will support combustion in the environment fumes will be emitted which are quite dangerous for human health.

Features of film faced plywood

Plywood laminated, types which differ in the varieties and materials at the base, contains a part of FSF. This layer on both sides covered with a special film. This kind of material is used in production of formwork. To use the material many times, which is a big advantage. Data sheets of different qualities of water resistance due to the presence of an upper film layers. In the production process to use glue, which has high water resistance. The technology involves the use of pine, birch, larch or poplar. Among other things, the market can find options and combinations. The most common this material in the automotive industry, aviation, at carrying out of railway works, in shipbuilding, furniture manufacturing and in trade and advertising. In the private construction of such laminated sheets can be used to pour a monolithic Foundation. The actual material for the construction of floor, roof, walls, and in the plating of external and internal surfaces of buildings.

The advantages of laminated plywood

The Paintings are not only moisture resistance but also high strength. They can be used in the most difficult conditions, e.g. at elevated temperatures, humidity and under constant mechanical stress. On the surface of the material may be affected by chemical aggressive substances that can alter the quality characteristics of the material. Among the additional advantages it is possible to allocate long-life, affordable cost and ease of installation. Besides, the material is simply processed, it is characterized by durability and environmental safety. Consumers choose laminated plywood also due to the attractive appearance. When you purchase You can choose color film and the density. Producers are selling options, which surface can be smooth or embossed.


Plywood Species and thickness, described in this article will help you make the right choice. For example, the last parameter can vary from 3 to 30 millimeters. The ply varies from 3 to 21 units. Thus, the material, the thickness of which is equal to 27 millimeters, the number of CL...

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