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The Most popular and best way to ensure garden water is the installation and connection of automatic water supply devices. Most of the fixtures are easy to install and use, and a wide range of automatic pumping stations for the garden will allow you to choose the most economic and reliable option.

Varieties of pumping stations

Types of control are distinguished:

  • Station on manual control;
  • Automatic;
  • Remote control.

Given types are ideal for summer. Pumping stations for water can be adjusted manually or using equipment (e.g., timers). The remote control will allow you to enable and disable the device at a large distance from the object. To avoid unnecessary wastage, you should determine the approximate frequency and duration of use, number of guests. You can also check the composition of the water (you may need extra filter systems).

Hydraulic pumps for wells

The type of the pump stations are classified as follows:

  1. Station with built-in ejector. Such plants have high capacity and are widely used in gardening. They can lift water from depths up to 45 meters.
  2. Station with external ejector. Installation of this type have low efficiency, but at the same time raise water from depths up to 34 meters. The station can be installed at a distance of 40 metres from a well or wells.
  3. Good power and performance have pumps that are not equipped with ejector. Water is supplied by the multistage design. The main advantages are durability and low noise.
  4. Mnogoyarusnyi. Such systems are designed to increase water pressure in the house. They are compact, durable and produce low noise level.

The Principle of operation of the station

One of the most essential systems is the water supply in the country. Pumping station, in turn, provides an uninterrupted supply of water for human needs.


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Supply can be from the well, pit or open-source.

Hydraulic accumulator

Standard equipment of the station includes:

  • Pump;
  • Holding tank (tank, accumulator, etc.);
  • Electronics (relays, sensors, control system);
  • Supply to the network;
  • Restrictive devices (valves, valves, faucets, etc.).

The Principle of operation is as follows:

  • The pump raises water from a valid depth;
  • Water is accumulated in the storage vessel (e.g. tank), and then enters the system.

Upon reaching the specified level in the tank the pump stops, and resumes only after switching the sensors. The most primitive sensor is a float. It installs on all devices with automatic and remote control.

Pumping station for the home and garden: advantages and disadvantages

Advantages are:

  • Convenience and ease of use;
  • Simple installation and adjustment;
  • Resistance to surges and water hammer;
  • Install and require little additional investment.

The Disadvantages are:

  • Small depth of water rise;
  • Noise level (depending on installation type).

In order to pump water from great depths, it is possible to use additional equipment-ejectors. If such equipment is installed separately from the station, the noise level will be much lower.

the Varieties of hydrotanks

But the ejectors mounted in the casing of the unit, produce a fairly high noise level. To eliminate it, unfortunately, will not work. You can only put in an isolated room or at a distance from the house.

After Examining the advantages and disadvantages, you can determine how to choose the right pump station to the cottage.

How to choose the right pump for the garden

When choosing the installation should first pay attention to the following points:

  1. Power consumption of the pump and its performance. Power significantly affects the water flow (pressure), and performance shows, a number of able to let through the installation per unit time.
  2. Lifting Height of water. This parameter is very important, because improper installation will not be able to ensure the supply of water to the desired height (for example, if the cottage is located on a hilly area and communications located on the second floor).
  3. The Volume of the hydraulic pump station for questioning. How to choose the most appropriate to tell the specialist, because you can set unreasonably large (or small) the installation does not make sense.
  4. Presence of protection against dry running. This feature allows you to automatically shut down the device in the absence of water.

A Good addition will serve as a filter, which is installed on the incoming pipe. It is designed to delay contamination, which, in turn, can bring the installation down. The filter should be cleaned regularly and replaced if necessary.

Features of the unit. Specifications

Specifications are very important when installing a pump station for questioning. How to choose the most appropriate, tell the consultant. Parameters that affect the duration of operation are: suction depth, sensors, level, pressure, efficiency, volume of hydraulic tank.

Considered More reliable installation with protection against dry running (stop in case of water).

Pumping station in the collection

The Amount of pressure depends on the power consumption of the pump (this parameter, in turn, affects the distance of water flow from a well or wells to the destination).

To reduce energy consumption should pick up an unattended installation with a large water tank.

Important! The greater the water tank, the longer the life of the installation. This is due to the fact that a large supply significantly reduces the number of inclusions of the automation system. Another advantage is the water supply for the period of absence of electricity.

The Owner should think over how to choose a pump station for questioning, if required installation in a constantly heated building.

What better place to install the station in the country

In the design phase should take into account the location of the pumping stations for questioning. Pumping from a well, borehole or open reservoir is not the same thing. The nature of the soil, depth of the instep, as well as other criteria also affect the station location.

If the water should warm period of the year, the station is set up anywhere near the pond. An important criterion in this setup is the height of water (consider friction loss).

With the continuous use of the installation takes place in a warm and well-ventilated area. Do not forget about the correct supply of pipes – they are placed below the level of soil freezing. In the cold period the reservoir is closed and is insulated.

Important! If the installation emits a high level of noise and interference, install at a great distance from the dwelling.

Installation Tips

Smooth operation and durability of the installation depends not only on the correct choice, but also from the placement and connection of the station.

Pumping station

The Process of installation of pump station for questioning, the connection made in stages, and should adhere to the General rules:

  1. Unit can be mounted on a smooth horizontal surface and is rigidly fixed.
  2. After fixing constructed supply line (the pipe should be lowered by at least 30 cm in water). The reverse side nozzle connected to the pump at a certain angle.
  3. The Incoming pipe and the installation is filled with water to the stop through the discharge valve. In the process of filling is regulated to the desired pressure.
  4. At the end of the station connects to the network. On the correctness of connection and operation indicates system shutdown upon reaching the desired pressure.

Important! Before installing it, made all the preparatory work: preparation of trenches, Foundation, laying pipe, etc.

The Hole should be punched near the house. Before the heating season, all inlet pipes are insulated.

fuel tank Capacity

If the water enters the water with contaminants (e.g., particles of soil), you should check the filter. Also this phenomenon may indicate exceedance of the allowable water consumption. In this case, it is necessary for some time to disable the installation and wait until the borehole (well) will be filled...

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