The plant, which bloom until frost flowers: Lobelia


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In the genus Lobelia includes various types of plants (a total of more than 300 cultural – circa 20) – both single-and perennial; herbaceous, shrubs and subshrubs. In nature, they grow mainly in the subtropics. The plant is literally covered in small, irregular-shaped flowers: Lobelia blooms long and abundantly, forming on lawns or in pots lush blue, white, lilac, purple, Magenta, pink, or blue “hats”.

The Most common kind of these plants-Lobelia erinus (Lobelia erinus), also called ievenue, which originates from South Africa. There are five forms: climbing, compact, spreading, upright and dwarf. Climbing Lobelia has overhanging shoots up to 50 cm Lobelia compact – small, round dense shrub, its height stems – not more than 15 cm stems of Lobelia sprawling have a length of 35 cm, Lobelia, upright – up to 25 cm: a small shrub, having the form of columns. Finally, the dwarf Lobelia grows to a height of only 10–12 cm It blooms most profusely, and the flowers on its stems sometimes more than leaves.

Lobelia erinus thin branching stems, but the leaves – small, with scalloped edges. The flowers of this species are formed on short stalks, their diameter is about 1.5–2 see as well as some other garden flowers, Lobelia erinus cold tolerant and blooms until the first frosts. This plant-a perennial, but often grown as annuals. In that case, if it is cultivated as a perennial, it should be kept in winter in a greenhouse at a temperature of from +2 to +10 degrees Celsius.


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Like many others grown in the open ground flowers, Lobelia is quite unpretentious. She needs loose, loamy or sandy soil and enough sunlight. Lobelia ievina loves abundant watering. It should be regular: when dry soil flowering ceases.

The seeds are Sown Lobelia seedlings in early March. They are extremely small – 1 gram contains about 50 thousand seeds, so they should be mixed with sand and spread on the surface of the earth, not closing up. The capacity to cover the transparent film or glass and place in a well-lit place. Germinate seeds Lobelia erinus at a temperature of from +20 to +22 degrees and a half-two weeks. Seedlings grow slowly. Those that are growing faster than others, you can cut with scissors-don't worry, it will only benefit the plants: after circumcision, they begin to custimise. A month after germination, with the appearance of two leaves, seedlings dive. Like many other flowers, Lobelia is able to withstand temperatures of up to-2 degrees Celsius. But its better than seedlings planted in open ground in late may, after the frost.

Blooms Lobelia erinus an average of 2-2.5 months after planting. The first wave of flowering is completed in August. With its end, the plants should be cut to a height of approximately 5–10 cm. This will give impetus to the development of young shoots, and Lobelia will bloom again. The flowering period will be longer if the time to remove the faded stems. The fruit of Lobelia – capsule, seeds remain viable for three years.

Rules for the care of different species and varieties of Lobelia may differ slightly. So, ampelous plants, like all hybrid forms, are propagated by cuttings. This is due to the fact that during the multiplication of seeds they do not retain their varietal characteristics. Usually do it in late winter.

There are many varieties of Lobelia. One of the most popular – a compact, White lady, Kaiser Wilhelm, basket variety is Sapphire. High demand Lobelia Crystal Palace – its small compact shrubs with a height of about 10 cm are richly covered with flowers of deep blue or purple. Very beautiful and Lobelia Blue breeze: her dark-blue flowers – with contrast eye white. In General Lobelia – one of the most rewarding and undemanding plant, flowering from early summer to late autumn, and the variety of its forms and varieties allows you to choose to grow such plants that will appeal to you.

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