Alternative energy sources for at home. Types and problems of alternative sources of energy


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Rates for “classic” energy (gas, coal, gasoline, oil) day by day steadily increase. And this is understandable. After all, humanity has long been traditionally uses non-renewable energy sources. And in nature, although many, but still limited. Will ever come a time when they run out. And have to switch, at least on a private level, on anything else. To make alternative sources of energy for the house with his own hands – the best option for the private owner, owner of a small or compact structure of production that does not require a huge amount of energy.alternative sources of energy with their hands

The Forecasts of economists and academics

Some scientists warn that natural resources used by humans may not have been the representatives of the living generations, not to mention the offspring! It is estimated that in modern conditions the ordinary family spends on paying electricity, heating, gasoline for a car to 40 percent of its budget. And according to conservative estimates, this share may increase up to 70%! Therefore, for many representatives of the so-called middle class (and not only) alternative sources of energy for the home, with his own hands created – an excellent and very cost-effective way out of this situation.alternative energy sources for houses with their own hands

Most popular

In fact, almost any natural factor can be turned into energy. For example, wind, sun, power of water, the heat of the earth's interior, the decomposition of biomass. The most popular use of alternative energy sources of sun and wind. However, this issue is not worked out sufficiently at the legislative level. Theoretically, all resources belong to the state. Therefore, using these types of alternative energy sources, like wind power or solar radiation, is likely to have to pay tax.


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Similar kind of energy people use for a long time (a vivid example-the windmills that existed in ancient times). Forty years ago, actively began to build wind farms. Alternative energy sources for the home, your hands established (minimicrospheres), usually consist of special blades to capture the wind, connected to the generator directly or through gear. It should be borne in mind that such a device is effective only in areas where there is constant wind (e.g. sea coast). You also need to remember that the wind turbines will be effective only if the height of the mast from fifteen meters (which is quite problematic in terms of the private sector).


There is a low-speed wind turbines. They are designed for a wind speed of six meters per second and is characterized by a set of blades (sometimes up to thirty). Such devices low noise, and run with a mild wind, but have low efficiency at a fairly large sail. High-speed turbines use the wind to fifteen meters per second. They have three or four blades work quite noisy and have high efficiency. Of all types they are most common in the world. Rotary wind turbines have a barrel with a vertical arrangement of the blades. They do not require orientation to the wind, but they have the lowest efficiency.the use of alternative sources of energy

How to use

To Install wind turbines as alternative sources of energy with his hands is quite easy. First, you need to mark a place under the mast in the yard or at a suitable location on the site where the wind blows constantly (examining the location of in advance). You want to lay a solid Foundation to high (better – more than 15 meters) mast is firmly held on the ground. The wind turbine (or multiple devices), select fast. You can buy in the store, and those who have the hands of a “right up” to make the relevant drawings yourself. This information is now quite a lot in the media and specialist literature.


Select the option which, according to user reviews, seems the most reliable and feasible to operate. At the time of connection of the machine, as experience shows, it is better to call in a professional electrician. He'd probably tell me how your wind turbine is connected correctly, even if there is a tutorial and instructions. And again, in order to be powered by this energy a few light bulbs and devices (e.g., TV or computer), it will be necessary to install several wind turbines. So think how you can afford it. Do not forget about the main condition - the presence of a constantly blowing wind. After installing the wind turbine in the deep woods, as they say, a waste of time and money. But in fact, the wind turbines as alternative sources of energy with their hands to make and install in a private house it is possible both financially and physically.designer alternative sources of energy

The Sun

His energy is truly inexhaustible. And also quite promising to use. We've all seen on TV European options by “smart home”, where heating, lighting, hot water produced by solar energy. It is interesting that one year on the soil surface and water gets so much solar radiation that it (if fully use for energy) would be enough for humanity for many thousands of years! It remains only to take what is “lying” under the feet. And it is not so easy. The problem lies in the rather low efficiency of photovoltaic converters and solar systems devised by humankind. But in this direction are ongoing the work of scientists.the development of alternative sources of energy


Such high-tech devices, such as solar alternative energy sources for home, stuff, course, you can (and should). Just be prepared for what this would be, most likely, is not so simple and no specific skills or the help of a specialist can not do!

Water heating

The Most useful and easy to use devices-for water heating. Share of direct and indirect heating. To direct include a variety of greenhouses, pots for heating water in the sun, greenhouses, glazed balconies, verandas, for example. This type of heating allows to use free solar energy to generate heat in any convenient place: on the roof, any open space. As the coolant used antifreeze (antifreeze), and the subsequent transfer of energy occurs in the heat exchanger drives. One is the intake of water for heating and domestic needs.

This is interesting

By the Way, there is a children's designer “Alternative energy sources” (“Expert”), which allows to collect up to 130 projects. Children aged from five years old can also join in the creation of wind turbines, mechanical, water and solar energy to generate electricity.

alternative energy sources

Solar panels

The Development of alternative energy sources has led to the creation of solar panels as the most efficient method of using solar radiation. This kind of panel is a system of semiconductors that convert solar energy into electricity. Such systems provide uninterrupted, reliable, cost-effective supply of electricity to a private house. They are particularly effective in remote areas. For example, in the mountains, where there are many Sunny days a year and “official” electricity is absent or suffers an irregularity. Or in areas where there are frequent interruptions in supply of electricity from the main source.

The benefits of installing

This setting has the following advantages:

  • Does not require laying of a cable to the supports, which significantly reduces the cost of production;
  • Minimized installation costs and maintenance of batteries;
  • Environmental friendliness of produced energy;
  • Light weight solar batteries;
  • Complete noiselessness in operation;
  • Quite a long period of use.


The problem of alternative energy sources such as solar panels, are:

  • In labor-intensive Assembly process;
  • The fact that they occupy a lot of space;
  • Sensitive to mechanical damage and pollution;
  • Do not operate at night;
  • Their effectiveness is highly dependent on a Sunny or cloudy weather.

alternative energy sources


Alternative energy sources-solar panels – assembled with some skill, quite easily. First, you need to carry out selection of necessary materials for construction. We need quality solar cells (mono or polycrystalline silicon). Better to take those whose work is effective and overcast weather – polycrystals readily available in the set. Cell buy one of the manufacturer that everything was compatible and vaimoso...

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