Orchids of Vietnam: features of care. How to plant an Orchid


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Orchid – a tropical plant with beautiful, fragrant flowers of different colors and shapes. In nature, there are a huge number of varieties of this flower. Many are suitable for growing at home. Some of them read the article.

General information about the flower

Orchids of Vietnam

Orchids belong to the Orchid family, numbering thirty-thousand natural kinds and two hundred and fifty thousand hybrids. They are ancient plants, they appeared a hundred and thirty million years ago. In translation from Greek language means Orchid “egg” obviously in the form of a rhizome.

People know three and a half thousand species of the subfamily of Orchids. Some of them are tiny and many-instances with different shades of flowers and leaves. But they share one feature-the same structure: three sepals and three petals. Each plant has a column with stamens and pistils. Orchids are classified ten types of growth, gardeners interesting two: monopodial and sympodial.

Orchids sympodial

In plants of this kind form a horizontal growth, like vine, with several points of growth. When the escape reaches a certain size, the kidney is at the top of the dies or forms a new inflorescence. The growth of this escape in length is stopped, but the Foundation is developing a new one. Subsequently placed it on the buds formed lateral inflorescence.

How to plant an Orchid

The Stems are sympodial orchids thickened, due to which they have turned into the tubers, which are called bulbuli having different shape: rounded, elongated, spherical. Tissue bulbs filled with mucus. For plants they are the reservoirs that store nutrients and water, so the Orchid is able to withstand prolonged drought. Balboni breed orchids sympodial. For home gardening approach: Cattleya, Lelia, Can, Miltonia, Cymbidium, Dendrobium.


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Orchid monopodial

These plants Have no bulbs, so the water and nutrients stored in the fleshy leaves and juicy stems. Monopodial orchids of Vietnam they have one growth point and single stem, which grows upward indefinitely. In nature there are orchids that grow on the branch. During strong winds tear, they cling to some driftwood, and then again straighten up and grow straight.

the Bulbs of orchids from Vietnam

An example is the Orchid Vanda. Different from the absence of sympodial pseudobulbs. To this species include orchids: Vanda, Phalaenopsis and others.

Orchid from Vietnam: care at home

In order For the plant pleased luxurious and long flowering, you need to create him comfortable, and this is possible only when the organization proper care.

  • It is Important to observe lighting mode. Orchids need light, but not direct sunlight, leaves may burn. So the plant developed normally, the light day should be twelve hours. During the winter period for flower you want to create additional lighting. For the record: if the leaves are dark green – light enough if they turned yellow – lighting in excess.
  • For continuous flowering it is necessary to constantly monitor the temperature difference between day and night, it should be about four-five degrees.
  • Caring for orchids provides proper watering. Growing in the wild, the flower absorbs the necessary moisture from the environment. Therefore, the moisture in the pot should not stagnate, but also to prevent the drying of the substrate is impossible. Optimal watering in the summer - twice a week in winter – one. You need to use warm water, preferably rainwater or snowmelt. Orchid prefer top watering.
  • In the room that contains the flower, the optimum humidity should be sixty-eighty degrees. If it is below the required level, the plant is placed on a tray with grids, which filled with water.
  • Must feed orchids from Vietnam. Cultivation is possible only with application of special fertilizers designed for this type of plants. Fertilizing should be done twice a month during the flowering period. After flowering and in winter, the plant does not need it.

Orchid Cymbidium: propagation by division

How to plant an Orchid

This flower belongs to sympodial plants. Very popular hybrid Cymbidiums, the resulting breeding method. Some of them reach the seventy inch mark in height. Bloom in winter for several months. Flowers of medium size in pastel shades. The stems are erect, strong. Propagate by division only adult plants. Often this process occurs independently. Orchids from Vietnam grow strongly in the spring, they must be transplanted. Plants removed from the pot and removed from the soil.

How to plant Orchid? First escape is cut into pieces between bulbs disinfected knife. Each segment of the escape should have up to three pseudocubic with roots and leaves. To avoid rotting of the roots, the cut should be processed comminutedin the crushed coal. The bulbs of orchids from Vietnam should not suffer when cut.

Each part of the plant is planted in a separate container. Orchid Cymbidium propagated and old bulbuli without leaves, which should be separated when transplanting plants. There is a belief that a Cymbidium has the ability to help people.

Dendrobium Orchid: propagation by cuttings

This type of flower belongs to monopodial plants. In this way multiply rapidly growing orchids from Vietnam, including Dendrobium. Reproduction is carried out only on young shoots.

Orchid from Vietnam growing

They were cut with a disinfected knife over the leaves. The height of cuttings is twenty centimeters. Slices of processed coal. The cuttings are dried, for which they put in windy place exactly on the day. Planting material is ready to use.

Orchids from Vietnam prefer light substrate, which need to be watered in advance for the swelling. To create high humidity, the pots with plants are best placed in a propagation case. It is important to keep the room a constant temperature twenty-five degrees. For rooting you will need four weeks. If after this time there will be new leaves and roots, cuttings have been taken.

The Phalaenopsis Orchid, breeding babies

The stalks of this plant produces many side shoots, kids, which can be used for breeding. When the Orchid is formed an escape, a flower often need to spray and wait for new roots. During this time, the escape will grow and grow stronger.

How to plant Phalaenopsis Orchid? This escape is cut off and planted in a new pot. The separation of the escape should be done disinfected knife and the cut process. New plants need high humidity and high temperature.

Orchid from Vietnam care in the home

Note: dormant buds located on the stems. For their awakening and formation of lateral shoots (kids), you can use a special paste which is applied to the kidney at the end of flowering plants. But before the kidney should be cleaned from the scales.

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