How many days will ascend pepper? How to germinate pepper seeds? Tips for growing peppers


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Currently, almost every person who has a dacha, put on it such vegetable crops as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. Despite the apparent simplicity in growing, the novice gardener is problematic to get a good harvest a crop such as bell pepper. The cultivation and care require specific conditions and expertise.


Today, the selection of seeds in flower shops is huge. Before buying a particular variety, it is advisable to carefully read the information given on the packaging. If you don't have greenhouses, the types that are intended to grow in them, better not to buy, because the peppers that flavor and size that grow in such conditions, you will not succeed.

how many days will ascend pepper

Start Seeds to sow for seedlings in late February or early March. How many days will ascend pepper, will depend primarily on the variety, germination, conditions of growth. The seeds of this vegetable germinate for a long time, and the culture itself rather capricious. In contrast, the same tomatoes, peppers do not like transplanting. So if you just put the seed in prepared soil, it may take from one to three weeks before it will sprout.

In order to speed up the process of germination of seeds and grow strong seedlings, you should listen to experienced gardeners who give useful tips on growing pepper.

Preparation of seed

To order pepper seeds germinated faster, they must be pre-rinsed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then put in warm water (but not hot) and hold it for several hours. You can also use special drugs that are designed to increase the speed of germination of seed.


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peppers growing and caringYou can Still wrap the seeds in wet gauze or cloth, put in a bowl and close it with foil or a lid and put in a very warm place. Do not forget to check the humidity of the cloth, and moisten it as needed. When will appear the first sprouts can be sown seedlings in the soil.


If to speak about that, how many days will ascend pepper, how to ensure quick germination, you should always consider one important factor. Pepper – vegetables that need warm temperature in the room. Therefore, for rapid germination of seedlings provide not less than 20 degrees.

Given that pepper is the culture quite picky, not only about temperature, but also the transplanting, a seed immediately planted in a separate pot. Ideal – peat pots.

When the seedlings reach the desired size, you can transplant it to the greenhouse without disturbing the roots. If this is not possible, when you pick be careful. Try not to touch the roots of plants.


tips for growing peppersSo now we know how many boards peppers, how to plant seeds. Then you need to understand how to take proper care of seedlings before planting in a greenhouse or a greenhouse.

If you focus only on that, why not grow peppers after sprouts appear, the seedlings only water, it is hardly possible to expect good harvest.

Not only seeds, but the younger plants are very sensitive to cold. Temperature peppers should not be below +20 in the daytime and +17 degrees at night. Planted in the greenhouse young seedlings preferably only after the threat of frost passes. In addition, consider the age of the plant. Very sensitive to temperature differences and those which have not yet reached the age of 60 days.

Formation of buds and ovaries

When plants have four true leaves is beginning to form buds. During this period, the seedlings of peppers should receive the maximum illumination. The lack of light the leaves can start to turn yellow, the plant becomes brittle, first the ovary break off easily and fall off.

In Addition to providing lighting, be sure to fertilize young seedlings. Every 10 days should be made of mineral or organic fertilizers. When the plants begin to bloom, they will require an increased amount of nitrogen. An important element in the formation of the ovary - potassium, which is necessary for the entire active period of growth of peppers.

How to get an early harvest

To assemble an early harvest, it is necessary to know not only how many days will ascend the pepper, but when is the best time to plant the seedlings to a permanent place.

For early crops, the plants are planted in the greenhouse at the age of 65 days. The soil is pre-moistened, loosened. Peppers are planted to a depth of about 5 cm, the air Temperature must be at least 15 degrees.

how many boards pepper

It is best to plant peppers in cloudy weather or in the evening. After planting, the young plants need to be fed. Be sure to remember that fresh manure for this vegetable culture is unacceptable, but the compost will approach wonderful.

The Correct formation of the plant

In the proper formation of a Bush and tearing side shoots need not only tomatoes, but also bell pepper. The growing and care of this plant is not only watering andfeeding, but also timely removal of laterals.

The Side shoots and leaves are removed up to the first fork. If the Bush is tall, it should be tied to a support, as the stalk can be quite fragile.


For good and abundant harvest irrigation is as necessary as feeding. Peppers like moisture and were in almost constant need. Its root system is shallow. So often, especially in greenhouses, the roots overheat.

When there is insufficient irrigation the growth of plants may simply stop. It will conserve moisture, and its development will slow down. Optimal watering-in the morning. It is better to water the roots are often, but not too heavily. To maintain a constant humidity of the soil should be mulched using a special tool.

why not grow peppers


Then Make a conclusion. In order to get an early and abundant harvest of peppers, you should consider the following factors:

  • Type of planting material (be sure to note what conditions need this culture, how many days it will rise after planting pepper seeds, how stable the plant to diseases);
  • Terms of growth of seeds and seedlings;
  • Compulsory feeding;
  • Regular watering;
  • Timely removal of lateral shoots.

Considering all factors and creating favorable conditions for vegetable crops, it is possible to obtain an early and rich harvest of peppers.

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