Greenhouse "butterfly": the peculiarities of construction


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In the suburban area always have the ability to grow crops. But in the harsh climate make it very difficult at times. To the above problem became real, you can be self-made greenhouse "butterfly". At its core is polycarbonate, which is transparent, lightweight, inexpensive and easy to install material.

The works are executed in several stages, among which the earthen manipulation, the creation of the frame, and fastening the covering material. In order for the greenhouse "butterfly" proved to be effective when used, you must try to make the number of cracks is minimal. If necessary, bending of the sheet should make this manipulation exclusively across the direction of SOT.

Frame should be established in such a way that it was resistant in high humidity, outside precipitation, and strong wind. To inside the paintings did not get wet, installation should be carried out in parallel with the insulation cut. The most appropriate option is to install a sheet in a U-shaped profile. Should carry out production of construction in early spring or late fall. This is because the most suitable temperature for the manipulation of the canvases is the range from +10 to +12 degrees Celsius.

butterfly greenhouse

Seat Selection

If you will be manufactured greenhouse "butterfly", first we need to understand where will be placed design. Most of the time it should be under the rays of the sun. You should not begin construction in the valley, as there can accumulate rainwater and groundwater. This will zamokaniye and supramania plants. The long side should be placed from North to South. If there are high groundwater, as needed, construction of buried greenhouse to realize this idea is possible only through the execution of high embankments.


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Site Preparation

Greenhouse "butterfly" made of polycarbonate may be formed as a recessed structure. Initially, you should get rid of the turf, digging a trench trapezoidal shape. Its depth may be equal to 80 cm and the minimum value equivalent to 30 cm in This parameter depends on the purpose of use of greenhouses and climatic conditions. The wall of the pit reinforced wooden planks, and the bottom is filled with manure, which is pre-mixed with rotten leaves or other supplements in the type of peat. The top is filled with soil layer of 25 cm, and then made a crown. At last you will install the upper part of the structure. The crown should be made of 20-cm logs. They should be down so as to obtain the contour, width and length which are equal to the corresponding parameters of the future greenhouse.

butterfly greenhouse polycarbonate

Production framework

If you will be manufactured greenhouse "butterfly" made of polycarbonate, after the excavation work can start manufacturing the frame. It kind of depends on what is supposed to be the ultimate design. The simplest variant is the one that has the arched lid. To do this, prepare a 50 mm bars that you can knock together in the absence of sufficient length. In the end it should be rail, the length of which is equal to the length of the greenhouse. These elements will need two. To them fixed polycarbonate. However, the fastening of the covering sheet is carried out in the last step.

greenhouse butterfly with their hands

If greenhouse "butterfly" with their hands will be made, the frame can be made of plumbing plastic pipes, they should be bent, so that after sheathing polycarbonate. But this design is more difficult to manufacture when forming the well of opening the valves. That is why experts recommend to choose the wood or galvanized steel frame.

Installation of polycarbonate sheet

If you made a greenhouse-greenhouse "butterfly", then the design will need only one sheet. Standard canvas has a width of 210 cm, while the length is 6 meters. The material must be cut into 4 parts, the first of which will be 90 inches, the other three will be the equivalent of 170 cm to Cut the leaves should be of conventional construction with a knife.

greenhouse greenhouse butterfly

Features of the work

Canvas and reinforced to the frame. It is necessary to arrange them so that the wide face, the length of which is 210 cm, was along the bar. Use to mount to the screws, and styling should be lapped. Cut the top sheet after the glue tape. When made such a greenhouse, the leaves should pay sunscreen film to the outside.

In the next step the canvas is bent in the form of an arch. The master should use a 50-millimeter beam, the length of which is equal to 150 cm. the Last parameter should be equivalent to the width of the structure. The timber is nailed to one of the frame elements. After the cloth is curled, it should be fixed. This procedure is repeated on the other side.

greenhouse butterfly reviews


Greenhouse "butterfly" reviewswhich is quite often the only positive, is small in weight, which is very popular with the consumers. In addition, the polycarbonate protects plants against harmful UV rays, but let the sunlight in sufficient quantities. Not to mention the insulating qualities of the structure.

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