Ficus are poisonous or not to humans?


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Almost every house can be spotted this houseplant like a ficus. There are many varieties of it. At home mostly grown ficus Benjamin and ficus elastica. Many of the owners are interested in plants, ficus poisonous or not.

What is this plant?

Ficus are poisonous or not? Ficus is a plant which has about 1,000 species. They differ in both the shape of the leaves, so have other features. The birthplace of ficus are the subtropics and the plant is thermophilic and requires a lot of moisture.

The Properties of different plants. Some species of ficus produce the caoutchouc, while others contain up to 75% of fructose and sucrose. The third kind of ficus has found its application in medicine.

Ficus poisonous or no

The Flowers of ficus originality, but in the home to achieve its flowering will not work.

Special properties of ficus

If the ficus Poisonous? Despite the negative properties of the plant, and it has magical properties. In the house of a married woman who wants to have a baby but cannot conceive for some reason, planted this plant. This event happened quickly, you need to ficus the girl gave her husband. Known cases when a woman became pregnant immediately after the appearance of the plants in the apartment.

Good to grow ficus at home because it has a positive effect on the energy of the home. It is able to clean the house from anger, worries, and promotes the attainment of inner harmony and assist in the proper resolution of life problems.

Content tree

Ficus benjamina poisonous or not? This will be discussed in the text below, and to care for a ficus tree, you need to learn how.

This plant absolutely does not like change. If the ficus were originally put in a certain place where it grows well, you should not rearrange it into another. In the summer of ficus can be taken under open sky, so it was better to develop, but then return to its original location.

Ficus benjamina poisonous or no

What absolutely does not like the plant is drafts. You need to place it in a well lit area, so the ficus is well suited Windows to the West or the East.

A Sign that the plant is not enough light, is to reduce the number of leaves and their sizes.

The Best temperature for him in the summer is 25-30 degrees, in winter 15-20 degrees. It is not recommended to put the ficus on the cold tiles, window sill, to prevent cooling of the soil clod. The plant does not like sudden changes of temperature.


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Care ficus tree

Ficus are poisonous or not? The answer to this question can be found below, and attention the plant requires. Watering depends on his age, development, the soil in the pot, temperature and external conditions. A specific and constant watering schedule does not exist. Definitely need to adjust the lighting, temperature, time of year and be sure to monitor the condition of the soil.

In Summer the plant watered abundantly, but before that you need to make sure that the soil is dry. Water the ficus from the top is better, as long as will not leave excess liquid in the pan. A quarter of an hour the remaining water to drain.

Poisonous plant if ficus

In winter, the plants watered with care not to overfill. Optimal humidity for it is considered to be 70 %, but fall below 50% is not desirable. Definitely need to constantly spray the ficus, regardless of the season, and give him a warm shower. The water should be warm and soft, not to leave streaks on the sheets.

The Dust that settles on the leaves, should be regularly cleaned with a cloth top and bottom. If you do not clear them, the ficus will have difficulty with photosynthesis.

The Dry leaves and twigs must be periodically removed from the plant.

To Care for a ficus is absolutely not difficult because it is very unpretentious.

Healing properties of ficus

If the ficus Poisonous to humans? Despite the poisonous properties of plants in folk medicine is widely used of tincture on alcohol, for the treatment are rubbing from the rubber plant.

Tincture is prepared from the mixture of leaves and flowers of the plant, can prevent the formation of malignant tumors. She has help to reduce fibroids and fibroids.

In folk medicine used tincture of the leaves of ficus to RUB the curing mastitis.

Ficus poisonous plant or no

With the help of useful substances contained in the plant, you can assist the occurrence of boils.

When you cough, leaves of ficus boil for 5 minutes, brushing with honey, lay on your back and chest, securing with a towel.

Ficus are popular not only in medicine, it has properties not inferior to aloe. The plant has the ability to clean the air. Therefore, in the room where it is accumulates less dust.

The Ficus elastica can kill the bacteria that appear in the air of the room.

Ficus - poisonous plant or not?

With full confidence we can say that ficus is a poisonous plant. It contains a SAP that resembles milk. It is not taste and even more to drink.

If it gets on the skin of the face, hands or stomach, you may experience the following reactions:

  • The form of urticaria or solid lesions;
  • On the skin the person may feel itching and burning sensation;
  • In case of contact with eyes can occur burn of cornea and as a result, blurred vision;
  • If swallowed may be signs of poisoning of the body: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and confusion.

Especially dangerous is the impact of plants on young children, pregnant women and Pets.

Ficus poisonous to humans

If you get the leaves of the ficus inside the body need to do his washing, give the sorbent and to call an ambulance. If the juice is got on the skin of the face or eyes, you must flush it with plenty of water.

If the blurred vision, it may need hospitalization.

The Ficus has the following properties: in the sunlight it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. At night the opposite is true, it is not recommended to put a plant in the bedroom, and especially in the nursery.

Can a ficus tree cause allergies?

Ficus are Poisonous or not? The plant is allergenic and can highlight rubber. These properties of ficus may have a negative impact on the health of asthmatics.

In people who have increased sensitivity may occur: asthma attacks, diarrhea, vomiting and swelling of the mucous membranes.

According to studies, ficus benjamina ranks third as allergen after dust mites, and pet hair.

How to prevent poisoning ficus?

Ficus are poisonous to humans? So they are unable to negatively affect human health when caring for them should follow some rules:

  • To Care for a plant it is necessary in gloves. Transplanting or pruning is not necessary to instruct children or people with allergies.
  • Not recommended to set the ficus in the room the child or on the floor so it didn't get Pets.
  • If a family has a person suffering from various forms of allergies from the plant should be abandoned in order to avoid complications.

If you properly care for a ficus tree and take precautions, it will not cause harm to the body the person and his family.

Lee ficus Poisonous to humans

Despite the negative qualities, the rubber plant - a plant that is absolutely low maintenance. It does not like direct sunlight, frequent watering and temperature changes.

The Ficus because of its negative properties, care is needed not to grow up in a home where there are small children.

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