The balsam room. How to plant and grow?


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The room Impatiens is a flower, which gained its popularity in the early twentieth century. They admired and grew it, even our grandmothers, but today, Impatiens is one of the most common and popular flowers in our homes.

And what such a love for this plant? The main advantages is its simplicity, lush beautiful flowering and rapid growth. Create the perfect comfortable environment for Impatiens absolutely not difficult - it's a bright spot on the window and abundant regular watering. Flower Impatiens has a second name given by the people, - "roly wet". It does not tolerate drought, once inadvertently mistress of the earth dried up, the leaves immediately lose turgor, and just hang down in the form of a cloth, then turn yellow and fall off. Even after restoring some of them still dies, and the plant becomes bare trunk.

Houseplant Impatiens is an herbaceous perennial with erect stems that reaches a height of 30-50 cm Leaves are arranged alternately. Leaf length up to 10 cm, width 4 cm They are oval-heart-shaped, slightly wrinkled, slightly reddish or green in color with finely toothed edges of the leaf blade. Flowers in diameter reaching 4 cm and have a long spur with a length of 4-5 cm. Axillary, solitary, bright, that they give the charm of the whole plant. To date, displayed a variety of hybrids of different varieties that vary in their height, size, color, and degree of double petals flower, there are also variegated varieties of Impatiens.

Impatiens bedroom with proper care will be long and continuous bloom and delight the eyes. It requires a loose breathable soil. For example, such a composition: sheet or sod land, compost or humus, river sand in the ratio 2:1:1. If desired, add a little peat.

The Pot should be chosen according to the size of the flower. For cutting suitable pot 8-10 cm, then the growth of the Bush, transplant is required in capacity is a little larger diameter, approximately 13-15 cm, and for an adult flowering plant - see 18-25 Based on experience lovers Impatiens, in autumn it is possible to trim the plants, and it will continue to bloom, but the correct way is to implant new fresh cuttings. In the new earth they will take root and begin to blossom. Cuttings you can take any part of the plant, giving the roots and flowering tops. Should they just put in water and put in light partial shade.

The Balsam room is a good idea to grow in a brightly lit South, and North Windows, but the summer midday sun, this plant does not tolerate. Although there are some varieties that are adapted to hot conditions. The most suitable temperature for this crop is 18-20 degrees, and in winter slightly lower (15-20 degrees). Fertilize Impatiens potted every two weeks complex fertilizer. Dose - half the norm, which recommends the manufacturer.

For a beautiful and lush growth of the Bush at every watering or once a week turn the pot with the plant, to the sun lit the flower from different sides, and it grew evenly in all directions.

Propagated Impatiens potted in early spring, blooms in the same year. In the summer it is recommended that a couple of times prischipnut shoots to stimulate branching. Even Impatiens and propagated using seeds, which are sown in January, but it will need additional coverage. When growing this plant it should be remembered that Impatiens can damage whiteflies and spider mites.

In the period of flowering of this culture in time, it is desirable to remove flowers that have finished flowering, so the plant will be well maintained, beautiful, decorative and neat appearance.

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