The best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses in the Moscow region: description, reviews


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Today, the greenhouse at the cottage was no longer exotic, but normal. Gardeners come up with a variety of advanced designs, to get fresh vegetables, pleasing us with their amazing flavor and excellent taste. And often the choice falls on the cucumbers. And to get the perfect crop, there are two important points: the selection of optimal varieties and growing conditions of plants in the greenhouse. These include soil composition, temperature, and humidity. Today we are interested in the best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses in the suburbs.the best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses in the suburbs

The Most important criteria

The Choice on the market today is very large. Dozens of varieties and hundreds of hybrids can confound. So today we want to begin our story with the main criteria on which to rely when selecting.

  • It is best to choose hybrids that fine fruit without insects.
  • Resistance to diseases and shade tolerance, especially if your area is obscured by buildings.


In Addition, choosing the best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses in the suburbs, you must think whether you plan to operate the greenhouse all season (all year round), or after being bypassed cold spring, transfer plants on normal soil content. All varieties for greenhouses are divided into three major groups. The first gives a bountiful harvest of winter and spring, second summer, third fall.cucumber seeds best varieties for greenhouses suburbs


The Cottagers have to answer for himself how fast he wants to harvest. The best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses in the Moscow region – it's not only ultra-fast. Just the choice depends on the desired ripening time. And the most delicious cucumbers usually ripen a little later, closer to the middle of the summer. All varieties of cucumbers are classified into three large groups:


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  • Early – the fruit will appear in about forty days after germination.
  • Mid-season. That is to be expected in a period of fifty days.
  • Late, not earlier than two months.

Choosing the best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses in the suburbs, you need to focus on the size of the structure. If it is quite spacious, it is not something to make a final choice. Divide the area into sections, and each of them sow a certain kind that, as soon as the fruits on one of them, immediately started on another. So you all summer (or year round) with fresh fruit.cucumbers courage

The purpose of the landings

This is the last question that should ask yourself gardener. What is needed will be used cucumbers. Seeds (the best varieties for greenhouses the Moscow region) can be selected in three ways:

  • For pickling.
  • For human consumption in a fresh kind.
  • Universal.

The Optimal choice is the third group. Whatever you decide to do with ripe fruit, everything will turn out fine. Salad cucumbers are not good for pickling because they have rougher skin, through which poorly penetrates the brine. In turn, zasolochnye pickles can be too delicate for a summer salad. But every cottager can choose your favorite cucumbers (seeds). The best varieties for greenhouses the Moscow region today we will analyze together with you.cucumber Cupid

Time and procedure for planting plants

We discussed General questions that will help you make the right choice when you once again come for the seeds in the store. And now a few words about when to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse in the suburbs. Temperature changes every year, spring may be very early and warm or, conversely, cold and protracted. However, the presence of the greenhouse on the plot helps to offset this and make the crop more stable.

The Cucumber grows well in the greenhouse, as the covering material creates the ideal climatic conditions. It is possible to plant seeds and seedlings, but the most important thing is to choose the optimal planting time. If the design includes heating, then the question is no longer the cucumbers to grow year round. But if this is the most common greenhouse, planting heat-loving cucumbers should be made in may when the air temperature is from +18 to +20 degrees. In the suburbs it is usually late spring or early summer.

Before you plant, it is imperative to prepare the soil in the greenhouse. For this it is necessary to dig, to make urea and water with hot water with liquid chicken manure. Then the earth covered with foil and left for 10 days.

By this time, you can prepare at home cucumber seeds, Proactiv them in peat cups. Landing you can perform together with them so as not to injure the delicate root system. Before planting in a greenhouse you need to make sure that the night temperature does not fall below 14 degrees. To the cucumbers have grown well, it is essential to maintain the day temperature below +20, and night - 16 degrees.cucumber Toomey

Early maturing hybrid Courage

For fans in the beginning of the warm season to eat fresh zelentsi well suited to self-pollinated hybrid. The most famous in this class are cucumber Courage F1. The vegetation period is 50 days. The plant is very vigorous, you need to consider if you have lowgreenhouse. The length of the cucumbers less than 15 cm, and weight is 130 g. Fruit custompolicy, with white spikes. Cucumber Courage F1 have good taste, the bitterness in them is completely absent. In addition, the result of selection is not affected by most common garden diseases.

Cucumber Amour

Ideal for spring greenhouses and open soil. In just 37 days, you get a delicious fruit. Cucumber Amour has an intense impact yield during the first month of fruiting. Expect that in 20 to 25 days you will gather the bulk of the fruit, and then the patch will be release under new planting. Very handy if you are planting several varieties with gradual ripening.cucumbers Connie description

The Magnificent gherkin

I'd like to say about the excellent early maturing hybrid, which you can always rely on. It does not require pollination and grows well in almost any climate zone. Cucumber Toomey det high yields, even in cool weather, the culture does not like, does not reduce the activity of growth and development.

The First pickles you will be able to shoot through 38 days after germination. It is a strong compact plant with the active formation of side shoots willingly bears fruit. Usually the whole plant as a Christmas tree decorated with lots of small beautiful gherkins. In a single node grows the whole company, 3-4 silence. They really are beautiful, dark green, tuberculate, a length of 10 cm the taste of the cucumbers is very good, can be eaten, as well as canning. Billet turn out to be very successful.variety of cucumbers Nezhin reviews

New varieties

Recently appeared on the market cucumbers Connie. The description shows us that this is a very interesting option to try out on your plot. New middle-grade intended for planting in open ground, but is perfectly used for greenhouses. The plant needs regular garter, and even better - to install the support, as it is very vigorous. There is a tendency to beam formation of ovaries.

This variety is resistant to mildew and can not be root rot. Gardeners noted that Connie well tolerates light frosts and low temperatures. That is to heat the greenhouse only during the winter months, if you practice round-the-clock farming. With the onset of spring it is possible to do only the warmth of the sun. But most importantly, this variety is not afraid of diseases. The fruits have excellent taste. Fragrant and juicy, they don't have bitterness.

The Best variety for pickling and marinating

The Perfect option would be planting several beds of cucumbers. Some are intended for immediate consumption. To do this, take lettuce and universal varieties. And the second bed was planted with varieties zasolochnymi, the main crop which falls in the middle of summer. Ideal for gardeners can be a variety of cucumbers Nezhin. The reviews stress that it is absolutely hardy and grows in all conditions. It could be a greenhouse or a temporary film cover, or simply open ground.

From the first germination to emergence of the crop goes 47-67 days. The only challenge for greenhouse content is episemos bees. To achieve high yields, you have to use a brush it regularly formed flowers. This will ensure the transfer of pollen from the stamens to the pistil. The variety is resistant to such terrible diseases as olive leaf spot and bacteriosis.

Popular variety of Miranda

He Bred breeders ermakovoy the V. A. and N. K. Biryukova. Designed specifically for growing in greenhouses, ideal for small farms. Let's take a closer look at what constitutes a cucumber Miranda. The description tells us that this variety does not require pollination, predominantly female flowering type. The period from germination to fruiting is around 40-45 days.

Plants vigorous, so for small greenhouses are not suitable. One sinus is formed from the beam of the ovaries. Pickles is a small, beautiful, feebly ridged. Mass silence usually does not exceed 100 grams, length - 11 cm Peel from the fruit fat, what gives the salad purpose. The flesh is crispy, aromatic, without bitterness. Gardeners say that the Miranda variety is ideal for fresh consumption and for canning.

The Biggest advantage is the resistance to the serious diseases, which often lead to complete loss of the crop. This olive leaf spot, powdery mildew and Fusarium, downy mildew. Cucumbers do not lose their presentation a few days, which creates favorable conditions for transportation and sales. The variety is resistant to temperature extremes and quietly tolerate spring frosts.


Today we reviewed, not all modern varieties and hybrids of this culture. However, the above will be enough to select the best option for your garden plot. Today, growing vegetables in the suburbs becomes a simple and enjoyable experience. The abundance of seeds, modern sealing materials and fertilizer - all this allows to facilitate the work of the gardener, to speed up the appearance of the fruit, as well as significantly increase the yield. Presented in the paper varieties are tested by hundredsgardeners, they can safely land on your site.

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