Calibrachoa: growing from seed. Garden flowers, calibrachoa: planting and care


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Calibrachoa is microplane that are luxuriously blooming and do not require abundant watering. Previously, these flowers were grown only from cuttings. And now you can display otherwise the plant, calibrachoa. Growing from seed greatly simplifies the distribution of this species. A mixture of calibrachoa are chosen so that you could grow them in container plantings, in the garden, on your balcony in the bright pots and planters.

calibrachoa growing from seed

A Series of Million Bells includes about 18 varieties with a great variety of colors: dark yellow, pink, purple, mauve, cherry, lemon yellow, red and crimson. Initially, nature flowers, calibrachoa was purple hue – this is their natural color. Later, in our days, the plant was interested gardeners, and there are breeding varieties with brown, yellow, blue, white, red and pink flowers.

Calibrachoa is the main distinctive feature of which consists in the fact that this flower is ‘the throat". It is different from the Corolla in color and can be brown or yellow.

Usually garden flowers, calibrachoa correct shape and reminiscent of the bell petunias. To date, breeders have brought the double varieties, which lose the beauty and splendor of the simple instances.

What is calibrachoa from petunias?

Many lovers of flora have very different and sometimes even rare plants at home, ranging from simple and short cacti to giant Khan. Each plant has its own subspecies, which has a very different structure. For example, you can take Petunia ordinary. This beautiful flower has a kind of relative, but significantly different on the genetic data. The name of this flower, calibrachoa, grown from seeds of this plant today is very popular.


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garden flowers

Calibrachoa recently appeared in the homes of many lovers of flora. External differences of this plant from a Petunia was small, so many saw in him. Even scientists and biologists have attributed this species to the genus Petunia.

But in 1990, scientists were able to prove that the flowers of calibrachoa differ significantly from petunias on the structure of DNA. So, if we consider the Petunia, it can be concluded that it has only 14 chromosomes, unlike calibrachoa, which them 18. So, according to scientists standards we can assume that these plants are very different, although they have family ties.

Differences of plants Petunia, calibrachoa

What differ in these plants?

  1. Flower calibrachoa in diameter about 3 inches.

  2. The Number of flowers she has a lot more than the petunias.

This amazing plant is known for its varietal series, for example, such a name as “a million bells”. This species may produce shoots even with a minimum of comfort and without earth - up to one meter.

cuttings, calibrachoa

No matter How amazing a plant nor was calibrachoa, everything about it is little known to ordinary buyers. So this flower may be sold under other names such as Petunia and Petunia hanging plant.

Difference from petunias, calibrachoa

  1. The size of the flower. It is usually of small size, but minitune it can be up to 3 centimeters.

  2. The Neck (throat) at the base of the Corolla is of a bright yellow color.

  3. The Leaves of calibrachoa long, about 1 centimeter wide and 4 centimeters in length, covered with fine hairs. This is the main difference, as the stalk is also covered with fine fuzz.

  4. The Stalk of calibrachoa more like the stem of a Bush, prone to woodiness, unlike Petunia, in which the stem is herbaceous.

Grow and care

Like all other plants, likes sun and calibrachoa. Growing from seed is considerably facilitates the spread of this species. Details below, explore the highlights of caring for this unusual plant.

flowers calibrachoa


Garden flowers, calibrachoa is very similar to the flowers of petunias, but they are slightly less their diameter is approximately 3 inches, with the straight edge of the petal. Natural flower color is purple, but now has many varieties with different colors: red, white, yellow and brownish tones. Many varieties is clearly visible dark vein in the center, and the base of the petal a more brightly colored.

If you want to calibrachoa delight you with blooms constantly, as soon as you notice that the flowers begin to fade, you need to disrupt them, as otherwise it sets seed. Flowering usually becoming weaker toward the end of summer, it is recommended to trim the stems. Thanks to this manipulation stimulates branching and the development of a new kidney.

Petunia, calibrachoa


The Leaves are much smaller than that of Petunia (length is approximately 3-4 cm, and width 1 cm), lanceolate. All green parts of the culture covered with stiff, but not dense cover of hairs.


Calibrachoa feels better in loam and sandy loam soil, but can grow on any fertile land. Tolerates additive to the soil humus or compost, but not manure. Whenacidic soils you need to make sure the lime (250 g.). Calibrachoa, usually placed in pots or containers with soil nutrient, which consists of compost, peat, sand, leaf or sod land. The soil should absorb moisture and be loose. It is necessary to add fertilizers, which dissolve slowly, and hydrogel. On the bottom should asiatica drainage. At 1 meter grow about 60 plants.

calibrachoa when to sow

Lighting and temperature

For successful growth and flowering, plants need a sufficient amount of heat and light. Calibrachoa grow well on the sun terraces or balconies with South-East or South side. But this flower is afraid of the searing heat. Lying day in direct sunlight, calibrachoa can burn. It is recommended to provide ambient light during these hours.

Place in the house

Calibrachoa very fragile stems and flowers, a strong wind can damage or tear. Therefore, not glazed balcony on the upper floors not suitable for the maintenance of the plant. The most favorable for the cultivation of calibrachoa is the place protected from any wind.

Seedlings, calibrachoa. When to sow?

For landing, calibrachoa you can use containers such as hanging baskets, balcony boxes or vases. To keep the plants feel comfortable in a new place, it is recommended to use a light substrate with a large amount of baking powder. One container should be placed at least three gallons of earth.

To achieve maximum flowering period of plants, the best way would be to calibrachoa growing from seed. The period of planting - the middle of January or February. Must grow in well-lit rooms, as this plant loves the sunlight. Landing calibrachoa large varieties of flowers are favorable in February - March. Depending on planting of plants, flowers will be available already in April, mid-may or June.

landing calibrachoa


The Need for wet soil, calibrachoa much less than, for example, Petunia. On the contrary, the moisture for this kind of invalid. If you overdo it with the watering of the plants will immediately begin to rot its delicate roots, and calibrachoa will die. But she likes to frequent spraying. In especially hot summer days it is recommended to spray the plant at least three times a day.


If calibrachoa is in the period of vegetation, it is necessary to regularly fertilize. To feed just once a week. When the plant has emerged buds or flowers, it is better to choose fertilizer, in which large amounts of potassium and phosphorus.


The plant is Propagated in two ways:

  • Seeds;

  • Cuttings.

When breeding, calibrachoa seeds no one can give you a guarantee that they will produce the same lush, beautiful and healthy plant as a main. The copies that came from seeds may not bloom, the flowers themselves may not be the same color and size as the main plant.

More productive option — reproduction of calibrachoa cuttings. The process is quite simple. From the main plant in early autumn, cut apical cuttings with a size of approximately 4 centimeters in length. These cuttings remove the lower leaves and planted in moist substrate. To accelerate the growth of roots should be equipped with a greenhouse or just cover the cuttings with a plastic Cup, daily airing plants for a few minutes.

In the greenhouse the cuttings root quickly, calibrachoa. Then they need the care as usual for adults, calibrachoa. They quietly spend the winter and spring with bushes formed again cut off the top and take root. Of these fresh tips and grow, calibrachoa.


This plant looks great in pots, in hanging containers, pots. Goes well with a basket of plants.

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