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"Transformation" – grapes, which were obtained by V. N. Trinovum during Amateur breeding. The new variety began to gain popularity among connoisseurs of the grape, and those who professionally are engaged in cultivation of berries for industrial purposes.

"Transformation" – grape known for early ripening. In order to enjoy the harvest, we just 115-120 days. Berries are very juicy and have thin skin. Grape "transformation", a photo that you can see below, I prefer to grow gardeners, as is good and proper care shrubs quickly starts to grow in a new place and enjoy its fruits. High yield these berries can be obtained not only in the South but also in the middle lane. It is possible to collect up to 20 kg of yield per Bush plants and also twice per season.

the transformation of the grapes

The Grapes "transformation": description

The plant belongs to the hybrids. Its features are rapid growth and easy maintenance. Harvest starting from the end of July or the beginning of September. It all depends on the climatic conditions of the region.

The Berries have a juicy sweet flesh and a harmonious taste. In form they are conical or cylindrical-conical. The colour of the ripe fruits are pink with yellow stains. Some of them can grow in length to 52 mm and have the weight and in some cases even 18 g. Ripe berries are easily compressed – and determine their readiness for collection.

Bunches are usually of medium density, conical or cylindrical-conical shape. Ripe bunch of grapes on average can weigh from 0.7 to 1.5 kg, though some specimens can reach 2.5 kg. This variety differs in that it consistently brings a good harvest.


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"Transformation" – the grapes that are growing very quickly. Shoots ripen well. Seedlings are characterised by a powerful root system. The plant has bisexual flowers. It tolerates frosts -21° -23° degrees Celsius. Has moderate resistance to common diseases. The berries can affect wasps. This variety is attractive for its excellent product qualities, moreover, it tolerates transportation.

the grapes transformation description

How to plant grapes

In order for your plot to plant the grapes "transformation", we should be very careful to buy seedlings. They should be not too dry and not frozen and have white roots. In order to check the suitability of seedling for planting, it is necessary to cut across its stem. If the slice is green, then everything is fine. It can safely be planted.

Rules of planting varieties of "transformation":

  • Grapes are best planted in well-heated soil in the spring.
  • In the soil it is necessary to make a hole a certain size, judging by the size of the root system. However, basal neck after landing must rise above the earth.
  • Before you plant a Bush, you need to soak. The root system is lowered into a container of warm water.
  • After planting the grapes, it must be well watered and cover with a film of earth around the roots, to create a greenhouse effect. It is necessary to quickly adapt plants to the new place.

There is nothing more difficult to plant grapes "transformation". And even a layman in the breeding of grapes will easily handle it.

grape transformation photo

Particular care

  • It is Necessary to prune the grapevines. On the stem should not be more than 35 branches.
  • Is Preferable, when each shoot only one ovary, so how ripe the grapes have a lot of weight.
  • To prevent fungal diseases, the plant should be sprayed with fungicides several times during the season.
  • Grapes "transformation" is considered a hardy variety, but still it is necessary to prepare for winter. Training involves pruning the vines on ¾ and sheltering the plants with dry leaves or roofing material.

Proper care of the plantings allows you to create a good environment for the growth of the Bush and produce a rich harvest.

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