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When the house is a new couch, you always want to maintain its appearance as long as possible. But this soft design, as well as the rest of the furniture, loses after some time its original appearance. If you have small kids, it will happen much sooner. To upholstered furniture very long to please its need to take care of her.

blankets on a corner sofa

In this case, the solution may be to purchase or sew beautiful blankets on a corner sofa. Buy ready-made textiles are sometimes difficult because its parameters do not always correspond to the desired. So often these covers are sewn to order in the Atelier or the mistress of the house. As a corner sofa can have the custom form, then create the pattern will have step by step, carefully measuring every corner. And we will have to choose what to sew. You can try to make a coverlet from a single cut of fabric, which exactly simulates the form of furniture. But it is best to sew a cushion corner sofa for each part separately. So you can avoid the endless "slipping" of tissue. Cape, which exactly corresponds to all the parameters of furniture, will sit on it perfectly.

Of course, stylish blankets on a corner sofa look better, only to sew them hard, and then not to wash easier. And to make a blanket that will fit under any transformation of the sofa, it is impossible. In this case, for a covering, it is desirable to use covers that are sewn to each element of the sofa (on each pillow) separately. These bags are convenient because you can make several sets on a couch and use them periodically change the interior of the room. But if one of the cases will vypuskaetsya, then wash it easier than a whole blanket.

cushion sofa

Made blankets on a corner sofa in accordance with certain rules and recommendations. Try to read them. You must decide which product will be sewing. Easiest, of course, to make a separate cushion at each component of the sofa. And for the integrity of the product connect the two blades at an angle of 45 degrees. Measure the parts of the sofa that you want to protect, and then make a pattern with consideration of the seam. Then transfer your sketch directly on the fabric and cut out the future of the product. Sew both fabrics (not forgetting to process the edges of the seam) make the hem the edges of blankets on a corner sofa. The fabric did not slip off the sofa, into the hem to preteroti gum. The finished product neatly ironed iron and otpaivaem all the seams. If the fabric from which sewed the veil remained, it is possible to make covers for decorative pillows that will act as a Supplement to the common way of furniture.

Of Course, covered in one sheet good to use, if the sofa is not used as a sleeping place at night. If it converts every day, a homemade Cape can be replaced by a simple blanket. It can also be used as blankets.

sofa corner

If you have purchased a corner sofa in the kitchen, the material used for sewing veils, should be as dense and unpretentious. After all, stains (especially oily) – a constant companion to any meal.

In addition to sewing bedspreads, needlewoman can make an exclusive cloak with his hands. In this case, you can unleash the imagination. For such a case it is best to use a hook, because the fabric made that they do not have the properties to stretch.

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