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The Concept of “concrete” was introduced in 1986, This parameter defines a characteristic of the material, as its standard strength. However, existed before the concept of the brand is allowed ГОСТ26633-91 so far.

How is the brand

Grade of concrete-compressive strength of cubes from a solution with an edge length of 15 cm Before the test begins, they harden for 28 days under normal conditions. When casting of cubes concrete statuette be sure to remove air bubbles. The obtained results of the compressive strength rounded down. Mark is denoted by the letter “M”. Next is a figure showing the strength of cube in kg/cm2. Sometimes, instead of taking cubes cylinders with a diameter of 15 cm and a height of 30 cm allow the Standards and samples. While concrete reflects the minimum strength (with a possible error of 13.5%), stamp only shows the average.

the grade of concrete for durability

What brands of concrete strength meet

At the moment there are grades from M50 to M1000. In construction most often used material M100-М350. In the individual well construction, the most popular is the M300.

That way you can use different brands of concrete strength:

  • M100, not particularly durable, is used only for preparatory spilling the trenches for the Foundation. Sometimes it is used as a binder in masonry curbs.
  • M150 can be used for manufacturing of floor screed, fill, driveways and pouring of foundations for small buildings.
  • The M200 is used in the construction of pile and strip foundations under the house. Use it and for stairs, walkways and platforms.
  • M250 is used to the device more reliable grounds under the house.
  • M300 – as already mentioned, the most commonly used grade of concrete. Used for casting of foundations, slabs, fences.
  • М350. Used for pouring of monolithic walls, beams, columns and slabs. This grade is well suited for the construction of the pool. That are made of concrete airfield strips.
  • Made of concrete M400 made bridges, Bank vaults, etc. In the private housing construction this material is almost never used because of the high cost.
  • M450-500 is also used in the construction of bridges, dams, tunnels, dams.

Concrete Classes

The Class of concrete – a more accurate figure. It is denoted by the letter “”. The number after it shows the pressure that can withstand the material in MPa up to 95%. The full range used in industry and construction classes of concrete 3.5-80. Next, we present to your attention a small table matching the most popular classes and grades:


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Brand of concrete strength

Classes for strength











What can affect the strength of material

grade of concrete compressive strength

Strength and grade of concrete can depend on different factors. The quality of the mixture affected by a variety of parameters. First of all, of course, the quantitative ratio of cement and filler. The more the first and less than the second, the stronger it will get flooded with product. The filler in both the private and in the construction industry commonly used sand. The strength of concrete depends, among other things and its characteristics. The smaller the filler, so it is below. Of course, on the strength of concrete is affected and mark the cement. Factors that may cause deterioration of concrete can be:

  • The presence in the mixture of organic impurities;
  • The presence of dust components;
  • Impurities of clay.

In Addition, the strength of the solution depends on the amount of added water in it. Less than her, the large load in the future will be able to transfer the design. The thing is that excess water leads to the formation in the concrete of a large number of pores. These bubbles and reduce its strength.

Another factor influencing the ability of concrete to withstand compression and stretching is the degree of homogeneity of the mixture. The most robust design obtained in the case, if the solution is prepared using special equipment. Private houses usually do the kneading in a small mixer. The strength of concrete structures can also increase vibropressovoe Packed mixture.

the strength and grade of concrete

Tensile strength of concrete tensile

The Ratio of grade of concrete and durability – it is, as mentioned above, the ability of a cube with edge of 15 cm to withstand a load in compression, expressed in kgf/cm2. The fact that this indicator in construction is the most significant. Because concrete structures is usually carry some load from the top. An example is the joints of masonry walls, pillars and strip foundations, columns, foundations, etc., But sometimes you need to know the tensile strength of concrete and tensile strength. For example, in the construction of tanks, silos orpools. The figure for concrete is usually not very high. This material breaks fairly easily. That is why sometimes when spring heave, crack foundations and walls, because the pressure on them from the bottom and sides evenly. Increase the strength reinforcement extension. The strength of extension is the same in almost all grades of concrete and is 15 kg/cm2 the consumption of cement 300 kg/m3.

relationship of grade of concrete and durability

How to choose the grade of concrete

In compiling the project on all structural elements must be indicated, the corresponding grade of concrete strength. GOST and SNiP – this is what should guide the choice. Of course, if the construction accurately determine the necessary in a particular case, the grade of concrete is quite problematic. A good solution would be to consult with a specialist. However, masters, constructing concrete structures alone, in our country enough. Therefore, the question of how to mix the right blend, in most cases, a particular problem is not considered. For example, for the construction of foundations on soil with a good bearing capacity on level ground is typically used a mixture of cement M400, sifted river sand and gravel in the ratio 1х3х5. Approximately the same proportion do the kneading if you use gravel instead of rubble stone.

brand concrete strength GOST

In the construction of can be used a variety of brands of concrete strength. Choose the right – so to ensure maximum reliability and durability of constructed structures. The ratio of cement/sand needed to obtain a particular grade of concrete, can be found in special tables. Finding them is easy, information online quite a lot.

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