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The Technology of creation of suspended ceilings is not the first year used by the master finishing. As for optimization and improvement of consumables it has been significantly simplified without losing its advantages. The owners of houses and apartments can still count on getting an original aesthetic effect while maintaining the technical and structural advantages. As stretched ceilings of this type? The operation consists of several steps – certainly delicate and requires specific knowledge. However, with the technique of installation can handle and your master, familiar with a standard set of construction tools.

how to pull ceilings

What is a stretch ceiling?

These ceilings are formed by two main components-a supporting structure and a fabric canvas. As for the bearing elements, the simplest solutions it can be the usual profile frame. In fact, it is a metal bracket, which further fixed tissue. The painting, in turn, is tensioned and fixed in the prepared mounting points. In more complex structures using plastic moldings. It's almost ready supporting structures, which need only to fix. They are specially tailored to the dimensions of a particular room.

How to pull ceilings multi-level type? This solution is rarely used in ordinary apartments, but it can be implemented on their own. This is a two-stage framework – one of those core elements or baguette. The first level is attached directly to a ceiling or wall surface, and the second – already mounted on the frame of the first level.


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how to pull ceilings

Types of used tissues

Applied several classifications of the paintings used in the construction of suspended ceiling. For the consumer, particularly pronounced differences in surface texture – glossy, matte or satin. The first variant is characterized in that the coating gives glare and mirroring the situation room, and the second two – have a rough surface without glare. The question of how much pull the ceiling, to a large extent depends on the material fabric, but the average job is done in 1-2 days.

It is considered More usual polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. Thanks to its practicality are faster. However, an alternative solution in the form of polyester fabrics provides greater advantages in the practical operation. In particular, it is more lightweight and thin material, which is processed by special trains. Due to the secondary treatment coating it is able to withstand high temperatures and high humidity.

Features seamless ceiling

In terms of aesthetic-decorative values seamless cloth are the most advantageous. This fabric are made of polyester yarn forming a knitted weave. Also to produce a completely monolithic surface fabric is impregnated with a polymer mixture, and then squeezed and calandered. This is done in the factory, but in the future to pull this fabric you can own.

How to pull ceilings with a seamless surface? At the beginning of the work must be the rolls individually resized. Installation with mounting profile – by vacation with a pre-designed mouldings. In terms of texture and texture characteristics of woven fabrics have virtually no imperfections on the background of the film counterparts. A variety of colors as well and allows you to personalize any room.

is it possible to pull the ceiling


In the process of preparatory works from the contractor require several paragraphs. First measurements of the area that needs to be framed the stretched canvas. Further purchased material in accordance with the requirements – selected supporting structure, and also canvas. After that, proceed to the preparation of tools and consumables.

Here is to examine in more detail the technical side of how to pull ceilings and what devices this'll help. The installation is realized with a power tool – chief among them is an electric drill driver. With its help you can create holes in the walls, which will integrate support profiles. You will also need a manual screwdriver, pliers, level and a pencil with a ruler. In addition, to operate the leaf will need a spatula and heat the equipment that will melt the fabric.

how to pull the suspended ceiling with his hands

Add profile

The Mechanical fixing of the bearing is effected by means of fasteners, straps and corners. The selection scheme of installation is determined by the configuration of the room. The mounting can be performed and to the ceiling and the walls. It is important that the attachment points were secure. You need to assess how the surface is durable and allows for the mounting operation. Screwdriver in the identified sites are opening – they are fixed anchors or with anchors, or installation bracket.

The Question about how to pull the ceiling will largely be determined by the type of attachment and the frame. In some cases the canvas is attachedin the nodes adjacent to the zones of fixing of the profile. The experts recommend dividing the technical areas of attachment. The best option – the base fastening strap to the fastener and separate installation of the canvas.

how to drape ceiling

Commit canvases

First dye cord and hydrorunner the base on the ceiling mark the attachment points. The fabric in the package, warmed up with a heat gun and straightened. With the help of special clips for clamping the cloth is fixed to the profile design or the baguette. With a spatula, one corner of the harpoon method of connection is fixed in the frame. Further, in the diagonal scheme, the fabric is heated to 70 degrees and is stretched over the entire area.

How to pull the ceiling without the special tool? Alone this operation extremely difficult to implement – except that through the use of clips of a married woman. If there is no outside help, it is advisable initially to apply the coils with polyester fabric. It is more malleable in terms of stretching and allows to provide an elastic surface. At the final stage it is necessary to have a harpoon into the groove of a baguette or of the profile element.

Add fixtures

For starters, it should be noted that the suspended ceiling gives you the opportunity of laying in a Plenum recess, which is formed by the frame. In the system of stretch ceiling installed spotlights. More massive devices to implement in such niches is undesirable. In addition, it should be pre-established based cartridges, which will provide a mechanical fastening device. Here we must return to the question of how to pull ceilings at the stage of fixing profiles. They should be prepared a special socket with a connection to the cabling. Further, the integrated lamps are enclosed in special piping, which is superimposed on the canvas.

how to drape ceiling

What is the best stretch ceilings?

It is practical to clean and just a beautiful coating that also possess physical stamina. For example, when the flood from above they are able to withstand large volumes of water. With regard to mechanical damage, PVC in this respect, more justified – he is not afraid of accidental bumps and sharp impacts, but experiment with such manipulation is not necessary.

The Only drawback is the tightness where the fabric is not breathable. Hence the question-is it possible to pull the ceiling to provide ventilation effect? Unfortunately, stone and prefabricated houses it is impossible. Concrete walls and ceilings themselves do not allow that possibility. But in wooden constructions it is advisable to use ventilated fabric, which through the wood will also provide optimal regulation of the microclimate.

how much pull the ceiling


Installation of stretch fabrics are made without special equipment, and their quality will depend on the skill of the performer. How to pull the suspended ceiling with his hands, so it lasts as long as possible? To do this, you first need to use quality materials. This applies to the baguettes and profiles, and the fabric itself. Also matters the quality of attachment and the configuration of connecting nodes. They should be rationally dispersed throughout the area – to “empty” areas. Usually large gaps between the points of attachment and become weak points of the whole structure.

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