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What is the shutter? You've probably heard that word at least once in life, for example, in the childhood at lessons of drawing. Shutters – some predecessors of modern relletov that perform protective and energy-saving function for offices and homes. In this article we will learn about the history, function and importance of this element of decor.

The Hut bast Yes shutters painted

Back In the 18th century the shutters were painted or carved and decorated the homes of the nobility. Such elements of exterior few could afford, so in a poor home, was attended by the shutters, hastily carved from wood, without any decoration. Carpenters, manufacture of this element of the exterior, worked to order and take high pay for their work.

what is the shutter

In the 20th century it was believed that the inside decoration of the house may be poor, but apparently the house had to be perfect, and therefore the shutters became a kind of measure of the wealth of the owner of the yard. Now they are back in fashion, but in a more modern form.

Why you need exterior shutters?

What is the shutter and what is the purpose of this element of decor? Main functions are protective and decorative that do not require decoding. Really, with the presence of this element of the exterior Windows appear to be complete and more pleasant to look at. But the protection is that they help to avoid the negative effects of the sun and wind, and thereby prolong the lifespan of your window frames and furniture inside the house.

Shutters will Also partially provide insulation and protection against most mechanical damage outside the Windows of the house. Thus, the openings provided by them will serve you much longer than without them. However, the presence of the shutters is justified only in private homes, but completely useless in high-rise buildings.


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storm Windows

What are the shutters?

The Shutters on the Windows can be made of wood pine, oak, walnut, maple and many other species of deciduous or coniferous trees. Some rocks are light and quite soft. They are cheap and not durable, but are a great finish. Noble species of trees differ greatly in price from cheap, to work with them a little bit harder, but the result is worth all the cost – ready-made elements of decor will last you a long time and practically do not change their species.

This item exterior is made to order, for individual measurements and wishes of the owner of the house. Ready shutters are sanded, treated with preservative, varnish and paint. Such a useful element of decor, like the shutters, and in the modern world remains a very good and often irreplaceable.

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