Oven for the home: appointment and fabrication


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Currently, in modern construction have again become the popular trends of antiquity and the Vedic style. Fashion jewelry Antiques and decor with elements of folk art. Thus an element such as a heating stove for the house, not only looks stylish but also has great functionality, which in some cases is even more practical than current devices.oven house

Features of modern design

Nowadays people have much greater needs than in the old days. Therefore, modern oven for the home is usually combined with a hob and a fireplace that shares the furnace and the chimney. Such a structure can be placed in the middle of a large room and then split it into two zones. One will be reserved for the kitchen, along with a bar for cooking and the furnace, and the second with a fireplace can be a living room. This device will allow you to organize life and will be able to heat virtually the whole house.heating stove for home


In the old oven for the home made of homemade bricks and special clay. While they used special drawings, which show the masonry in porjadovok form. Originally created a perfect working device. And in the process each row of masonry was zarisovyval. Then, the same drawing could be used by any people even without special skills. In our time, such drawings have lost their relevance, because in the store you can buy ready-made elements and the furnace, which are made with the expectation of the right exhaust and the combustion process. It is worth noting that among these parts, you can find all the necessary components for the cooking surface of the grill grate and the fireplace. This pizza oven for home made way to mount the purchased parts and their subsequent covering with bricks. Such a device is very reliable, modern and with great efficiency. The external view of the furnace can be given absolutely any, from classical to modern design solutions. Nowadays you can use various material, ranging from conventional brick and ending with marble.furnace for home photo


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When made oven for the home, be aware of the fact that this device works with an open fire. Therefore, it is necessary to observe all security measures during the construction, separating the furnace refractory brick. It is also worth to install a special basis for the entire device to ensure the stability of the furnace for the house. Photos of similar constructions show the stacking of precision, and some of the master potters use them as advertising purposes.


Each oven independently of the type and design requires periodic maintenance. It is necessary to regularly clean the chimney and firebox of the device. While some details of the factory production need additional care that is specified in their instruction manual. You should also regularly clean the compartment for ash collection and tidy appearance of the furnace.

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