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Increasingly in the garden plots you can meet a graceful compact tree – the columnar Apple tree. Despite its small size, it pleases growers with abundant harvest of apples. One of the favorite varieties should be called a columnar Apple tree "malyukh”, with descriptions and photos where you will look at in this article.


The First columnar Apple tree originated in Canada, after one of the Apple varieties “Mac” was spotted an unusual thread: very thick with a complete lack of side shoots. Apples in large quantities hung on immature shoots. It was used to obtain the cultivar ‘leader”, which became the ancestor of all the columnar Apple trees in different countries. In Russia, this Apple appeared in 1972, when Professor V. V. Kichina using pollen “the leader”, spent the crossing with the variety of Apple called "brown stripe”.

Column-Apple-tree "malyukh”: a description of the class

Apple “malyukh” refers to the dwarfs, its growth does not exceed 180 cm. It successfully combined ornamental and fruit tree. This variety preferable to grow in the Urals and Central Russia. Due to a small increase and elegant appearance these Apple trees used in landscaping. The trunk of the tree columnar Apple tree "malyukh” is a graceful and miniature column with a neat and compact crown. The fruits are evenly distributed throughout the height of the barrel.

columnar Apple tree malyukh


The Columnar Apple tree "malyukh” refers to late-ripening varieties at the ripening fruiting begins in early September. Grade “malyukh” is considered to be early – in the first year, it is already possible to harvest, which will be only a few apples. Some experts believe that the first flowering flowers should be cut to allow the tree to root better and settle down. The first full harvest will occur no earlier than four years, and five years later, with proper care a full harvest from one tree columnar Apple tree "malyukh” can reach 12-15 pounds. Life expectancy of Apple trees of this variety about 10 years.


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Description fruit

Apples are yellow-green shade with a coral blush, fruits slightly elongated. Apples “malyukh” refer to table dessert varieties. The weight of one Apple can reach 250 grams. With improper care have reduced not only the size of apples, but the harvest.

Apple malyukh column-description


The Flesh is pale-yellow, sweet-sour taste with a high content of juice, easy to cleave. Have a delicate taste and flavor of honey and cinnamon. Organoleptic apples “malyukh” considered one of the most delicious varieties.


Like many fruit trees, columnar Apple varieties “malyukh” have their advantages:

  1. The Small height of the tree facilitates the care of the crop and the harvest.
  2. Due to their miniature size possible a more compact planting of trees.
  3. Apples cling to the branches and not fall off.
  4. As seen in this article, the photo, the columnar Apple tree "malyukh” has a beautiful decorative look that allows you to use them to design the site.
  5. If you select varieties “malyukh” for planting in regions with a colder climate is of great importance hardiness.
  6. Another advantage is the early maturing varieties, a small crop can be harvested in the first year after planting.
  7. In Apple varieties “malyukh” a large fruit.
  8. Apples with proper storage able not to lose its commercial quality until January.
  9. The Variety is immune to scab and some other diseases.

columnar Apple variety malyukh


Purchased seedlings of Apple trees must be soaked in water for 24 hours to replenish lost moisture. To produce a planting Apple trees "malyukh” can be in the spring in April or fall September-October. First, before planting, you should choose a location that meets the following requirements:

  1. To Plant Apple trees in full sun, plants are very sensitive to light. The lack of lighting reduced yield.
  2. Plants should be protected from drafts.
  3. The Groundwater should not be located close to the surface of the earth.
  4. It is Advisable to plant the trees columnar Apple trees "malyukh” in warm bed.
  5. The Earth should choose fertile with good drainage.

After selecting the place preparing the planting hole, it is advisable to excavate in a couple of weeks before the expected landing. Width of the hole should not be less than 50 inches, and the depth should be selected based on the length of the roots. Usually Apple trees of this species planted in rows, the distance between them should be left about 1 meter 30 centimeters, and the distance between the trees – 70 cm.

malyukh Apple column-photo

At the landing it is recommended to do warm the garden bed to create a more comfortable environment for the growth of the columnar Apple trees "malyukh”. The description of the patch is: preparing a hole of the required depth, the bottom fit a regular plastic bottle, the top is filled with compost. The next layerstack different plant residues, sawdust and then poured a layer of the earth. In the thus-prepared “pillow” and planted the Apple tree "malyukh”. Should follow one rule when planting: root neck not covered with soil. After the seedlings are planted, they should be good to shed water and mulch. It is advisable to put the plant support and tie him to protect the seedlings from weather and wind.


Special care of the Apple trees of this variety is not required, it consists in the following:

  • Timely watering;
  • Removal of weeds, hoeing;
  • Dressing;
  • Protection against various pests and diseases;
  • Red eye reduction.

Despite the fact that the variety is hardy, in winter, the trees should be warmed.

malyukh Apple column-feedback


The Columnar Apple trees "malyukh” is very sensitive to watering, especially in the first year. You need to ensure that the soil always remained moist at a depth of 5 cm. If there is a Sunny dry weather, watering is done at least 2 times a week.


You first need to remember that the fertilizer is never applied on dry soil, it is first necessary to water the plants. In the first year as NPK fertilizers are applied in quantities of 50 grams per plant. A month later the plant fed with urea solution (2 tablespoons per 10 liters of water). In the third feeding – after a month – use urea or NPK in the same proportions.

Weeding and hoeing

Usually these two procedures are carried out simultaneously. In order to make the process less time consuming, experienced gardeners are advised to mulch tree trunks circles.

Apple tree columnar malyukh description grade

Plant Protection

The Tree of this variety is fairly resistant to various diseases and pests. But in the spring it is necessary to conduct preventive measures, fungicides and special preparations for combating pests. Around the trunk of the tree is not superfluous to put “Thunder” to protect against ants. If the seedlings will not be ants, it means that aphids do not appear. In winter, the trunk could damage the rodents, it will be wrapped with roofing felt and mesh netting.


You Must know that, if you do not carry out pruning columnar Apple trees, they lose their shape and old. Pruning is carried out in the second year after planting remove lateral horizontal branches. The top and strong escape do not touch. Circumcision of the branches is carried out according to the scheme:

  • 2nd year of life – remove the lateral branches to the kidneys, in the summer of them will form new shoots.
  • 3-year – annual shoots come into bearing, all the young shoots are cut.
  • 4th year – Platonova last year's branches are removed, with the rest of the shoots are working again in the same pattern.

Apple tree columnar malyukh description of the photo

Column-Apple-tree "malyukh” reviews:

Gardeners with their plots of Apple varieties “malyukh”, noted high yielding varieties, great taste of apples, a long shelf life. A particularly popular variety among owners of small areas because small areas can be planted a greater number of such plants and to achieve high yields. Use the columnar Apple trees for design registration.

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