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Today, a booming industry of the Russian production can rightly recognize the food industry. Not so long ago imposed sanctions against Russia aimed at weakening our economy and limit the quantity of imported foreign products and gave impetus to the development of the agricultural sector, mainly for the meat Department. The market is finally domestic meat products sausages, semi-finished products, meats, and other products. The functioning of the newly opened enterprises and their considerable success is directly related to equipment. And not the last word in this matter said "MIM-300" – meat grinder made in Belarus.

MIM chopper 300

Manufacturer of reliable products

The Company “TORGMASH”, which is located in Belarus, is a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment for trade enterprises and public catering establishments. Manufactured equipment finds its application not only in Russia but in other CIS countries. Since its existence the company has established itself as a supplier of high-quality and reliable equipment that everything else has a fairly low price. Their place in the businesses have found not only the grinder, but blenders, automatic potato peelers, mixers and other units of the food industry. But the real pride of the company «TORGMASH” is considered "MIM-300" (grinder).


"MIM-300" - a grinder, which gained its popularity thanks to the technical indicators.

meat grinder the MIME-300 price

Despite its small size, this device features high performance and low power consumption. So, the chopper "MIM-300" has the following characteristics:

  • Production of meat: in the primary grinding – 300 kg/HR, secondary – 100 kg/hour.
  • The Speed of rotation of the knife – 250.min.
  • Power consumption – 1.9 kW.
  • Required voltage – 380
  • Size – 400х680х441 mm.
  • Weight – 50 kg.

As you can see from the specifications, the "MIM-300" - the meat grinder, able to cope with a large volume of products which, combined with the relatively low price will allow the equipment quickly pay for themselves.


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General structure

The Chopper "MIM-300" with a price - more than 40 thousand rubles will be able to satisfy even the most economical of the owner of the food companies. It consists of two parts. The first part is the working mechanism to ensure smooth and quick processing of meat. He is represented in the form of an electric motor. In order to prolong the service life of the mechanism, it is necessary to periodically perform maintenance, which consists in checking the oil level in the device. For this, the motor has a special opening through which is performed the control and refilling of hydraulic fluid.

Device grinder

the knife grinder MIM 300

The Second part presents the actual grinder. Chopper "MIM-300", the price of which is enviably low, made of aluminum casing, which is placed inside all the components and necessary elements. Is a two sided knife, a knife for cutting, multiple stab bars, Circlip, screw and clamping nut. The number of elements and their form may vary. It depends on what kind of texture of the product you want to get in the end.

On the back aluminum casing is a flange, by which the motor is attached to the main work item. The case is attached to the surface by means of screw clamps. It should also be said about the special device boot compartment. The working hole is non-removable safety device which prevents the hands of the employee directly to the knives.


meat grinder MIM parts 300

Despite the fact that the entire unit is famous for its solid reliability and fails rarely, if misused it can still happen. In this case, you will have to make a purchase of components. Good chopper "MIM-300", parts of which are in free distribution, unpretentious and does not require special knowledge for repair. Most often, to expend funds necessary to acquire such constituent elements as the drive shaft, start button, the individual elements of the motor and other composite nodes.

Do Not forget that over time the cutting elements are subjected to natural wear and tear. Knives, blades, and the unit loses performance. To avoid this, always pre-purchase sharpened knife grinder "MIM-300". It will not happen loss of funds due to downtime of the unit.

What to consider when buying components mechanisms

meat grinder the MIME-300 features

Always remember that failure of components and wear of knife mechanisms – a natural process. And guarantee the stable operation of the device is possible only in case, if the time to replace broken parts.

The Only way to prevent more serious violations in the work that will lead to significant costs. Therefore, to prolong the service life of the appliance, you must follow some rules:

  1. Do Not continue using the device if at least one of the elements is in a failed state.
  2. Buy original spare parts provided by the factory or its dealers.
  3. Check the number of the old parts with the new purchase – despite the apparent similarities, a new mechanism may not be appropriate.
  4. Remember to handle the pieces before you install them.
  5. Check all items for damage prior to purchase.

That's all there is to know about meat grinder "MIM-300", before installing it on your production. Observing all proposed rules and requirements for operation from the manufacturer, you will provide your enterprise with reliable equipment for years to come.


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