How to build a sauna with your own hands?


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Thinking how to build a sauna, you first choose the place of its erection on the site and then determined the preferred design of structures and materials, and then proceed with the preparation of the project. If you want to steam was added to the house, its construction will be carried out faster and will require fewer materials, and perform the insulation is quite simple. When planning the construction of Russian sauna in a separate building, it is necessary to consider ways of insulating structures, depending on materials used.

Layout of the baths: Recommendations on how to build a Turkish bath is quite complicated, so you should restrict the construction of traditional of the pair, where is provided the use of wet steam. If you are going to develop layout of home bath independently, consider two options – classic and simple. The traditional option involves the construction of a structure divided into four separate rooms, including a vestibule and waiting room, the soap and the steam room. If you are building bath with his hands – a chance to build a small steam room in a limited area of land on a country site it is possible to consider a simple layout, where only two areas – dressing room and steam room.

Construction: Tips on how to build a sauna, reminiscent of the stages of construction of any residential structure. In particular, the work should start with a Foundation type that should be selected with consideration of materials used. So, in the construction of the steam room made of stone or brick will have to create a powerful strip Foundation that can withstand the heavy weight of stone walls, and for frame fit and the creation of a lightweight framework. After the basis for homemade bath laid on top of it should be applied to horizontal waterproofing layer to prevent wetting of the walls. When used for the erection of a structure of raw logs, you must correctly assemble the frame, put it on a reliable truss system, and then start the installation of the roof.


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Interior finish: Deciding how to build a sauna, think about the inner lining, not only use softwood. To finish steam the best fit birch, aspen or basswood because of the planks of these woods under the influence of wet steam exudes a pleasant aroma. The stove-the stove must be put at the door of the steam room, and thereto the chimney, with shelves and benches it is advisable to install near a blank wall. Thinking about how to build a sauna, do not use in domestic premises any paint materials.

Remember that in the case of coating the boards with lacquer or paint during the heating of the air will be released dangerous toxic substances. And to extend the life of the wood finish, just enough to cover the Board with stain or varnish. Before this procedure the shelves and all the shops you need to carefully handle a plane, and then well sanded, or during vacation in a Russian sauna you can hurt yourself.

All metal parts required to close top wood, so they don't burn under the influence of hot steam. So while in the steam room not to burn yourself, it is advisable to use only bronze or brass metal parts because they are less prone to corrosion. Special attention should be paid to the wiring, which must remain waterproof to avoid the negative impact of dampness and moisture. It is best to use light bulbs, power not exceeding thirty-six Wat, and they are sold practically everywhere, because they are easy to acquire.

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