Jigsaws machine with his own hands: drawings, diagrams and reviews


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Jigsaws machine allows you to quickly and effectively deal with sawing wood. The standard model consists of a work surface, uprights, motor and spindle Assembly. Some devices are made for supports. The clips are quite often installed at the side of the working surface. It is also worth noting that the models differ in capacity. Manufacturer of jigsaws machine may only be carried out in compliance with the instructions.

jigsaws machine DIY drawings

Table of devices: experts

If you believe the reviews, then make a table modification is very simple. Primarily harvested stand under the work surface. Its width should not exceed 30 cm Motor is better to choose single-phase type with maximum voltage of 220 V. Homemade jigsaws machine (desktop) on average gives an operating frequency of 55 Hz.

Experts say that yews are better to use steel if you wish, you can cut them out yourself. The blade is mounted on the spindle Assembly, which is attached to the rack. Many models apply a retainer, which plays the role of emphasis. To secure the device, apply the screw of a small size.

self-made jigsaws machine table

Model legs

If necessary, you can make the jigsaws the machine with their hands. Drawings of modifications include frames of various sizes and spindle units, generally used with rails. Many models are made for wide frame. The legs can be set of tubes. There are also machines with the plates. After the neck of the working platform should engage spindle unit.


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If we consider the device with the control units, then the model will need a controller. The motor is more appropriate to use commutator type for 220 V. yews for jigsaws machines installed rotary type. The direction you want to weld on the edge of the plate. Nail file in this case must be securely fixed. The optimal height of the spindle unit is 2.2, see the end of the work, it is important to install power cables and connecting equipment.

Reviews of devices with a wide frame

Professionals are able to collect jigsaws machine with their hands. Drawings of the devices indicate the presence of wide stops. However, first we need to install the base frame. If we consider a simple machine, a clamp for a modification you can pick up a small length. Specialists indicate that two stands will be enough for the model. To Assembly the machine applies to welding inverter. Directly spindle Assembly is installed in the Central part of the working platform. Hole saws can be done with a milling cutter. It is also worth noting that the experts did not recommend the use of two-phase motors.

jigsaws machine DIY reviews

Compact modifications

Following the instructions, you can assemble a compact machine of jigsaws with your own hands. Drawings of the devices include double-strut and a narrow frame. Frame applied with a low profile. Many models have a spindle unit without the holder. While the guides set a very short length. Self-Assembly model is recommended in the first place to pick up quality frame.

Additionally soldered the holder under the platen. To reduce the level of vibration, you can use the lining. To lock applies a conventional adhesive. The file to modify should be selected small thickness. The optimal installation distance of the Central node is equal to 14 cm With the width of the platform in the middle is 17.

table scroll saw with your hands

Jigsaws 2 kW

If you want you can make the jigsaws the machine with their hands. Drawings for Assembly modifications. Typically, frames are used with a width from 35 cm plate Thickness should be approximately 1.5 mm. Hole sawing should be done before the installation of the Central node. If we consider the model without the stops, the frame is used with a low profile. Also it should be noted that the spindle Assembly is better to install the lining.

To reduce the noise level of the used casing. Many models use multiple stops. The unit is installed at a height of 10 cm Nail are better fixed on the plate. Clamp you can use a screw type. After fixing the Central node is placed on the motor. For modifications of this type will approach the device with a single-phase unit.

manufacturer of machine of jigsaws

Model 3 kW

3 kW table jigsaws with your own hands is easy to do. Experts recommend the use of stands with wide stops. The clips need to be installed only after the Central node. File for modification you can pick up to 1.2 mm. Some experts make the hole after installation of the frame. In this case, the supports are soldered to the sides of the table.

Further, it is important to estimate the size of the spindle. Motor better to use with the system of protection and cover. It is also worth noting that very popular collector devices that operate at a frequency of 45 Hz. They have low power consumption and they don't overheat. For fixing the workpieces used holders. The optimum height of the spindle is equal to 15, see Also worth noting that there are models with tuning plates. To control persistent a used flywheel. To install the control unit has a conventional controller.

How to make a device to 5 kW

Having logged a few stops and spindle Assembly, you can make jigsaws machine with their hands. Specialists indicate that model 5 kW are well suited for longitudinal cutting. Before starting work, procure all the necessary tools. You will need a saw, a sander and welding machine and cutter. The frame of the machine for jigsaws appropriate to collect from steel plates with a thickness of 1.3 mm. For the motor it is necessary to immediately provide a place. Frame devices are installed in high profile.

At this stage you can just cut a hole under the blade. The cable node shall be mounted on the top plate. Additionally it should be noted that the blade will need a holder. If we consider the simple model, the stand can be installed on the sides of the frame. Yews are used the rotary type. In the upper part of the frame is required to be a stand. Under the motor is chosen small casing. The average frame width should be 35 cm If we consider a professional model, they have used adjustable clips.

table jig saw DIY tools

Modifications on two of the quill

How to make jigsaws machine with your own hands? A model with two pinolene is only going to wide frame. First cut plates under the base frame. If we consider the table modification, the control unit advisable to install at the top of the device. The optimal frame width is 45 cm the spindle unit are installed behind the abutments.

For the stands shall be designed with a swivel bracket. Many models use transmission blocks. The motors are suitable only collector type with a frequency of 30 Hz. The blade is fitted as standard in the holder. The optimum height of spindle Assembly models is equal to 35 cm of the Quill to adjust of the frame are applied to the flywheels.

how to make jigsaws machine with their own hands

Models for three of the quill

On the basis of the single-phase motor easy to make this jig saw table with your hands. The tools should provide in advance. Many models are equipped with frames for four stops. They have a large length and a high profile. It is also worth noting that the spindle units are selected with a belt drive. In the beginning it is very important to calculate the length of the frame. If we consider the usual spindle units, then stand under them produces a small length.

The Central pillar needs to withstand heavy loads. For installation of the plates uses welding inverter. For the motor that will need housing that will significantly reduce the noise level of the device. Saw for modifications of this type suitable for 1.2 mm. At a power of 3 kW device for three of the quill will produce a frequency of 55 Hz. Flywheels for fixing brackets needed.


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