Terminals for connection of wires: screw-down, distribution and power


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How will the solid and reliable electrical connection is depends on its security and durability. Good contact between the wires gives a stable and smooth voltage without short circuits and surges. But if sometimes you can do the usual twisting, in most cases, this approach is unacceptable, and it is necessary to use terminals to connect the wires. "Why?" - you will ask. Let's see.terminal blocks for connection of wires

Terminal block better Than the twist?

Many electricians among which are highly qualified and experienced professionals say that better than any comb – just twisted wire. This statement is true, but only partly. The fact that a lot depends on what kind of equipment are we dealing with what material is made the joined wires, and other factors. At first glance it may seem like a small thing, but actually it was quite different.

We will Mention one interesting fact. Rules of carrying out of electrical work stated that the twisting of any compounds prohibited. For this simple reason, any tragedy that happens because of the fact that you used a forbidden connection that happens by your fault. In addition, the rules of the device of electroinstallations (PUE) allowed only 4 kinds of compounds, some of which we will discuss in this article.

What is a terminal?

Terminal block – it is a special device, which is a screw clamp, or pad. It is used for safe wiring. There is a huge amount of modern types and sizes of combs. But it should be noted that terminals for connection of wires are used for easy cable fastening without causing him damage.


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link clementoniThere are several methods of fixation wires, the most popular – fastening under the screw head. Also use the forced pulling through plate connection. As a result you can obtain very good contact and not to inflict mechanical damage to the wire.

In some cases, terminals for connection of wires have a special connectors. They insert a cable which is then attached to the electrical Cabinet or any other equipment. Such combs are called anadromous.

Terminal block screw and its description

About the application of the screw dies can talk endlessly. In fact, this is the most popular terminals, the design of which is reliable and at the same time simple. This kind of fixtures are used not only for cultivation of wiring, but the wall outlets. They are also used as clamping of the battery terminals, connections, groups, fixtures, and more.

As for the material, screw terminals for wire connection is often made from polypropylene and polycarbonate, but sometimes they are made of polyamide and polyethylene. You must understand that such kind of device is not suitable for aluminum wires. This is due to the exceptional fragility of the last, so when you pin you can damage them. But for copper and the other wire is just what you need. Often a screw terminal block is made of the ground. In this case, as the designation it has a green screw, and special prongs for efficient capture of the wire.

screw terminal block

Compound clips

Screw terminals, which we have considered, are one of three kinds of connecting devices for conductors. According to the EMP, it is advisable to use self-locking terminals. They are used for fixation and connection of wires with cross-section not exceeding 2.5 mm at a current of 24 A. This comb will withstand a load of about 5 kW. If equipment is more energy intensive and powerful, you will need to use another method.

Interestingly, the connection clementoni of this type up to 8 wires, for which there is a corresponding number of slots. This decision contributed to what turned out to significantly speed up electrical wiring.

The above method has one drawback. It refers to occupied space in the junction box (and then only in comparison with twisting). The level of security and reliability of the contact in this case are much higher if you do not exceed the permissible load. Otherwise, the connection clementoni of this type can be ineffective and even dangerous.

screw terminals for connection of wires

Insulating terminals for electrical wiring

Connecting the isolating clips (glaucous) in appearance similar to the plastic cap. They are made of non-combustible material, which excludes spontaneous ignition due to rising temperature. You can say that their main purpose-is to protect against fire. However PPE have a positive impact on the quality of the connection by providing a reliable mechanical contact. To do this, they need to be screwed into a twist in the direction of twisting of the wires in the cable. As a result, the spring inside the housing, compresses the core wire, thereby improving the contact. Treatment of the strand with a special paste to avoid oxidation.

If you used terminals for the wiring of this type, it becomes possible reliable connection of wires of different diameters. You can also create a contact between copper and aluminum wire. In addition, the spring has a permanent impact on the fixed wire, so there is no need of periodic inspection, as in the case of screw connections.

Not to mention several significant advantages of PPE, which consists in obtaining a fast and reliable connection, which can be done by even a novice.

junction terminal block

In Brief about the power terminals

You Can say that the power terminal block has a more complex and bulky design than the above options. This is because this device allows you to connect the wires of large cross section and capacity (usually we are talking about the cable from 35 to 300 mm square). They are installed on a special mounting plate or din-rail, so often sold in several versions. The contact plate of copper, coated with tin alloy. The clamp has a conical washer that completely prevents the weakening of the contact. Sometimes power terminal block allows you to set a couple of extra jumpers on adjacent terminal, which is very convenient.

power terminal block

Barrier and universal terminals

A Distinctive feature of barrier terminals is that they have in their design a small metal strip. The latter are separated by an insulating layer. It will be a good terminal block distribution, as it completely excluded the contacting adjacent wires. High quality leads that each wall has a pair of screws. They are necessary for secure attachment of contacts.

In the distribution boxes is set barrier terminals, as they are very convenient and reliable. Universal comb represent the distribution block with a metal tube, each of which is equipped with a pair of screws for attaching wires. It is very convenient when you need to produce a branching of the transaction.

terminal blocks for wiring


Now you know what terminals to connect the wires and what they are. It is understood that such devices allow you to make a connection not only durable, but more importantly, reliable. Currently there is a huge number of terminals. Some are suitable for wires of small cross section, other – for a large. There is a screw terminal block, screwless or a bolt. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. For this simple reason, the choice must be justified, only then can we hope for a positive result.


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