What is vestibule? Hinges for interior doors with a vestibule.


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A Large selection of interior doors gives the opportunity to buy design according to your taste, different design, high strength, good thermal or insulating properties. There are designs that fit most requirements. This interior doors with the protruding strip around the perimeter. Need to know what the porch, what are its characteristics affect your installation.

What is the porch door: it features

If you look closely at the design, you can see that when the door is closed with the vestibule part of the canvas has a projection, which is superimposed on the box. What is the porch and what makes it different? It's a thin rail that extends around the perimeter of the door leaf and the setting on the door frame. Its thickness is 4 times less than that of the main cloth. In this regard, the design is called the door in the quarter.

what is the porch

Before the door the porch was used in the construction, made of solid. Now it can be found in other models, made of MDF, as well as in structures made of plastic or armored input mechanisms.

Advantages and disadvantages products

Due to the presence of single or double ledge at the door, no gaps and cracks between the frame and the canvas when it is closed. Fake strap allows you to achieve a perfect seal between them.

Therefore, these models are very popular for a long time. Advantages of doors with a vestibule.

  • High-Quality soundproofing. Mock placket creates the necessary tightness of the closed doors due to the tight clamp to the box. It is especially necessary in the office, the bedroom and the nursery, which often prevents extraneous noise.
  • Lip does not pass a draft, cold air, dust and moisture. For greater tightness it hang from the inside seal. Doors of this type are often used as input in the kitchen and in the bathroom.
  • Masking gaps. After installation between the blade and the frame may be formed uneven gaps, which adversely affects the appearance. The porch hides them and is a decorative element.

mock plate


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Mock placket creates some disadvantages:

  • The Complexity of manufacturing and installation makes the door more expensive models of other types.
  • Installation requires professionalism, quality installation of structures not available to everyone.
  • The Presence of the porch makes the door appearance more massive, visually concealing the space. It is preferable to install in a large room.
  • Products require a special hardware screw-in type. The installation process is complicated, but the loop become invisible.

How to choose interior doors with the vestibule?

Buying a door, you should pay attention to some details. Mock placket should be smooth, without defects, without bevels and curvature. The gasket should not interfere with the door opened or closed.

loop on the porch

Like ordinary doors, the most common wing design: full, with glass, with one or two doors. They are quite affordable and attractive look. Sealer should not emit loud noises. If it starts to stick when closing, wipe it with a damp cloth or degreased.

Design with the vestibule doors

The System with the vestibule located in the door opening and consists of a door frame and door leaf with the profile rail. The roughness of the walls of the hidden frames. The door panels are held two or three side hinges. The leaf can be left or right. With the corresponding side it is mounted hinges. If necessary, in the design of hinged doors, apply the threshold.

Features accessories

Technology of the door Assembly in the presence of the porch is no different from the usual, with the exception of loops. Here the hardware has distinctive features, when the axis shifts when you turn. Hinges for doors with a rabbet, apply the following.

  • Card corner. This mounting plate, angled 90°. They are installed similarly to the direct loops: one part is fixed on the edge of the hole, and the other is attached to the edge of the canvas.
  • Screw-in. Such loops consist of two joints, each of which set screw the pin and hairpin. They are mounted obliquely to the canvas.
  • Concealed hinges - a complex structure that contains joints, closed metal housing, a lever and a screw connecting the movable elements. Hardware is invisible when the door is closed. The canvas opens at an obtuse angle. Frame is done carefully, with the use of a milling saw. Hinges can contain closers.

porch door

Doors with the vestibule and screw-in hinges can be mounted on the plant with the box. This facilitates their installation in the apartment. Properly selected loop with the vestibule depends on the reliable operation of the doors. If they get weak and poorly installed, then you will have problems. The hinges are made of stainless steel and brass. The latter are quite reliable and resistant to corrosion. If you need more strength, apply stainless steel products. The lack of them is one color that may not be suitable to the interior.

Should pay attention to the number of mounting holes. For lightweight doors made of MDF enough for four, and a massive wooden choose loop with 5 holes.

All available doors with the porch?

The Most affordable prices laminated doors. The film simulates any coating and has a high resistance to moisture and aggressive environment. Affordable price for Finnish doors that have a strict style and high quality workmanship.

hinge for door with vestibule

Many models are sold complete with the door frames where the hinges and locks already installed. The overall design is cheaper. Well as greatly simplifying installation. If you take products with double shutter, their benefit increases by an additional sealing contour. It is important that the spring effect was small because the doors are harder to close.

Rules of the combination of doors with the room

When choosing a door determine that yourself will include model:

  • Material - plastic, wood, MDF;
  • View paintings of the figure, partitions, panels of glass;
  • Accessories.

The Porch gives the doors a massive appearance. To purchase ease makes glass insert, combined with many styles of interior. In small spaces use single design. For the living room usually assigned the largest room with a wide opening. Here the best fit double doors.

Door Installation

Box set is the same as the regular doors, only in its rack are rolled special loop. Their thread should be fully within the body of the box. In the future they can be adjusted.

interior doors with the vestibule

Return part of the hinges screwed into the door leaf. Then combined loops on the front and a door leaf, and checks the opening and closing of the door. After the counter marked the border of the canvas, given the gap that should be between the blade and the floor (not less than 10 mm). Then a box is mounted in the opening, and hung the canvas. The gap between him and the box are governed by unscrewing the hinges. Their special design with offset axis allows you to freely open the door. Thus the porch of the door leaf will rest against the box.


If the landlord doesn't know what a vestibule, to install doors, it is advisable to seek the assistance of specialists due to the complexity of the design. In this case, the special hinges that require skills for installation. As already mentioned, this design better protects against penetration, impressive looks, and also has thermal and insulating properties.


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