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Every kind of construction involves the use of certain technologies and materials. So it is not always necessary to use conventional concrete for decorating different designs. May be replaced by another type of mortar, more easy to process and manufacture. And this meets the conditions specified lean concrete. And it finds wide application due to its properties.

lean concreteThe lean concrete – is a type of mixtures in which the percentage content of binder is much less than the filler content. He does not have high strength. But its main advantages are the low price and ease of installation. It belongs to the class of heavy materials B5, B7.5, B10, B12.5, Q15. The widest application he received in the private economy, as its strength characteristics sufficient for this area. This type of mortar called the roll. This is because it is often used in road construction because it is easy to rolling steamroller.

The Consistency of the volume of the components used for lean concrete is as follows: 1 share cement, 3-sand and 6-filler. So for kneading 1 cubic meter solution required 160 kilograms of cement, 2200 pounds of sand and aggregate, and water in a volume of 75 liters. Sometimes to save cement solution are added with special plasticizers. It is very important to note that the content of dust and clay particles throughout the solution did not exceed 10%. Otherwise, the quality of the finished product will be low. lean concrete composition, depending on the size of the filler included in the composition of lean concrete, it is divided into fine-grained and coarse-grained. The first includes granules up to 5 mm, and the second – up to 40 mm After mixing the mortar consistency should be like wet earth.


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The lean concrete, the composition of which contains a small proportion of binders, are widely used in the private economy. Of it form the basis for the Foundation laying of the screed either on the terrace and in the house. Often it is used for leveling the floor. It is possible to build walls, Foundation of the tape, the crowns of the ceilings as well as floors, staircases and monolithic lintel. But this is only possible in low-rise construction, since a more substantial load strength characteristics, possesses the lean concrete may not be adequate, which could lead to disastrous consequences. The most widespread use of this material found in road construction. From it create the basis for asphalt pavement.

laying of lean concreteThe Laying of lean concrete should be performed immediately after its preparation and the delivery of the object. If the ambient temperature exceeds 25 degrees, the solution is usually added retarders curing, slow curing. Their dosage may be up to 1% by weight used in the cement mortar. They allow you to increase the time for transportation and installation of hour and a half. The minimum temperature to perform the work should not be below 5 degrees.

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