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What cleaner is best to buy? In stores from the abundance of cleaners dazzled. Read the reviews online and not know – where truth and order marketers. So we decided to put everything in its place: we have a few household cleaners and compare the purity of the air out of them.

Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that dirty air is harmful to health. House air can be even dirtier than the street. Over the years accumulated pollen, wool, dust, fumes, household chemicals, in addition, scales of the skin of our Pets  and even the selection of furniture, various bacteria, fungi – all of this is added to the incoming to the house the outside air.

Allow the air in order to air purifier. Should, but does? Let's see how is it dealt with models of different brands and try to determine the best air cleaner. 

What are air purifiers, we compared

We have selected the most popular technology and expensive air purifiers, wanting to know which air cleaner best of all cleans the air. All the studies involved 8 top air purifiers brands: Daikin, BOSCH, IQAir, Ballu, Tefal, Ham, Philips and Panasonic.

ModelThe Average price, RUBThe area of the premises m2
Daikin Ururu MCK75JVM K500 4946
BORK A803 AirEngine69 99080
IQAir HealthPro 25099 99085
Ballu AP-1559 25020
Tefal Intense Pure Air PU402518 99935
Ham Mi Air Purifier 213 49042
Philips AC3256/1032 95076
Panasonic F-VXK70R44 89052

How we found out the efficacy of air cleaners

To Evaluate the effectiveness of air purification can, after measuring the number of particles in the air that enters the device, and checking the result “output”. All the measurements were taken in the same place at  the help of a professional laser meter of fine particles, which is able to record the number of suspended particles having a size of 0.3 microns.

The Room is not small, so there is no fear that the difference of the initial measurement and test devices will affect the result.

Says – made an initial indicator of the level of air pollution in our office about 2 million of fine particles whose size is from 0.3 µm to 1 cubic foot, or more than 70 million in one cubic meter (1 m3 = 35,314666721489 cubic feet). The value was recorded by a laser analyzer of suspended particles in the air – the game is fair.

It is Important that the measurement of purity of the outgoing air purifiers air flow was performed in each model at the maximum speed – more likely the so-called channeling through the filters of contaminants. Analyzer we delivered to the grid distribution of purified air.

ModelPerformanceCalculated on the area m 2
Daikin Ururu MCK75JVM K45046
BORK A803 AirEngine60080
IQAir HealthPro 25044085
Ballu AP-15517020
Tefal Intense Pure Air PU402515035
Ham Mi Air Purifier 231042
Philips AC3256/1036776
Panasonic F-VXK70RNot specified52

The result

Then there remains only to compare the figures on the balance of fine particles at the exit of different cleaners, which recorded the particle counter. And here's what happened:

  • DaikinUruru MCK75JVM K 55 000 of fine particles in one cubic foot (almost 2 million per cubic meter).
  • BORK A803 AirEngine About 700 44 of particles having a size of 0.3 microns in 1 cubic foot of air (about 1.5 million per cubic meter).
  • IQAir HealthPro 250 0 of particles with a size of 0.3 microns per cubic ft.
  • Ballu AP-155 24 000 of particles in one cubic foot (i.e., about 805 000 in a cubic meter).
  • TefalIntensePureAirPU4025 – about 18 000 of one cubic foot (if we talk about the cubic meter   about 630 000).
  • ХiaomiMiAirPurifier 2 About 15 000 particle  size of 0.3 µm in one cubic foot of air – and it is in a cubic meter 518 000 particles.
  • Philips AC3256/10 About 12 000 of particles in one cubic foot, which means - about 420 000 of particles in 1 cubic meter.
  • Panasonic F-VXH70 – 8700 of particles in one cubic foot (or 304 500 per cubic meter).

All air purifiers have made the air cleaner – have the right, but IQAir – the only one was able to fully remove from the air is dangerous to health, the fine dust completely

Why air purifiers handled differently

It's All in the filters. On the one hand, they set all the cleaners, in addition to Daikin, looks the same: advanced, high-efficiency HEPA and charcoal.

What about Daikin? He has a lot of different filters. Corrugated, which works in conjunction with a plasma ionizer (in this case, is given a positive charge to the impurities and the filter attracts them), catechin filter with titanium-bearing mineral that is capable of destroying odors, bacteria and viruses, as well as photocatalytic.

There is a source strimming charge, which generates the so-called fast electrons – they  should neutralize molecules of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. 

But as you can see, this “not sickly” a set of at least ensured the reduction of air pollution, has not allowed Daikin to become a leader. The most important disadvantage Daikin – no filter type HEPA, providing highly efficient mechanical air purification. In our opinion, this is one of the main reasons for the shown device not effect purification of air.

Mechanical cleaning of air filters HEPA – a prerequisite for the best quality result

In other systems (BORK, Ballu, Tefal, Ham, Philips and Panasonic) mechanical treatment of the air from pollution has, including using HEPA filters. But they are unable to achieve a perfect result, although Panasonic made, for example, the air is really cleaner – a good result. And yet – 0 particle counter not shown. Why?

First, the design of the devices is often such that a small portion of the air entering inside, walks past the filters. Just not cleared and the output is mixed with purified air – counter indicates pollution.

Second, most household air cleaners filters are thin and small, have a small working area, and this negatively affects both the efficiency and life: to quality they are cleared, they often have to be changed.

About the ionization and hydration

Many manufacturers provide air purifiers different additional features and options. For example, is inserted into the ionizer, humidifier (these modes are for some comparisons, such as Daikin, Panasonic). But is it useful for the main functions – air purification?

Ionization. During operation of the ionizer, the air is saturated with charged particles (ions), they “catch” the dust, which is then  quickly settles on floors, walls and other surfaces.

But the fact of the matter is that she's from the premises is not going away, and settles, in addition to furniture and walls, and even, for example, in the human lung. And, by the way, is simply to go near a dusty surface (not to mention to hurt) – and fine dust back in the air, we breathe it again.

The Benefits of air ionization is not obvious: dust from the premises is not going away and may be even more harmful to health

Humidification. Actually, that's a good thing. In our climate the air is often dry. But for effective hydration better to buy a separate device-a humidifier.

And not only because “extra” humidifiers often have low capacity and Boxing to small water volume. It's not so bad.

The Important thing is that because of the constant humidity inside the device can reduce the cleansing properties of the main filter of the air cleaner. The same HEPA-filters, for example, water can absorb.

Daikin Ururu MCK75JVM K
BORK A803 AirEngine
IQAir HealthPro 250
Ballu AP-155
Tefal Intense Pure Air PU4025
Ham Mi Air Purifier 2
Philips AC3256/10
Panasonic F-VXK70R●<...

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