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Flower kobea is considered one of the most beautiful vines. This heat-loving plant prefers to grow in the southern regions. Here cobea bloom for several years. In our climate the plant belongs to the annual species. If you want you can hide the plant in the winter in warm, sheltered place. However, many growers prefer to grow cobey with each new season from seed.

What features you'll be presented a flower, how is it planting and care, should consider in detail each grower prior to breeding vines on his plot.

General characteristics

Cobia (photo colors presented below) is a beautiful exotic plant. The name of the picturesque vine was in honor of a Spanish Explorer Barnabas Cobo. A Jesuit for a long time lived in Mexico and Peru. Here he first saw this beautiful flower. Since the 18th century cobey grow in vertical gardening many landscape design specialists.Flower kobea

Today, there are 9 kinds of CABEI. In our country, grown mainly two kinds – from white or violet flowers. In its decorative qualities, the plant significantly exceeds that of other tropical climbing plants.

Cobia develops very quickly. On the stem there is a set of antennae. Cover shoots heart-shaped leaves. They laced carpet that covered the whole vine. Plant height can reach 6 m. Tenacious tendrils help the vine to climb to great heights. She clings to any surface.

Blossom cobey

Cobia (photo colors Presented in the review) is famous for its charming delicate flowers, like roses. They densely cover the green carpet of leaves. In diameter, the buds can reach 8 cm In nature, there are purple, white, light-green, Burgundy variety kobei.Kobeya photos of flowers


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In our country grows only one kind of creeper. It cobea climbing. Her buds are purple or white in color. The long stamens and pistil protrude outwards. During the development of the Bud may have a green color. After the flowers change their hue to purple or white.

The flowering Period lasts from July to October. With the first frost, the vine fades. Although the first frost, the plant is able to withstand. It will not fade even at the temperature of -5ºC, if the cold will be short-lived. When establishing stable cold weather cobia fade. Therefore, every year gardeners acquire new seeds for cultivation of this beautiful plant on the site.

Due to the insufficient duration of the warm period in our climate the seeds of plants do not have time to ripen. So seed purchase in a specialty store before each new season.


Almost every gardener can plant in your plot this Flower. Cobia, (growing from seed this vine requires certain skills) is a photophilous plant. If with a small penumbra she somehow can tolerate, but in shade will not grow. Therefore, you should choose a Sunny place on the site.

Flowers purple kobei

The Soil should be fertile, well fertilized. Also, the plant likes moist soil. However, excessive watering, like most plants, causing rot. Thus, the plant is attacked by pests (mites or aphids). Therefore, to maintain a certain humidity level for cobey extremely important.


Flower kobea, cultivation which will produce in the area, requires from the grower correct choice of planting material. For this suitable seedlings or seeds. If cobia is grown the first year, you can save the cuttings for the winter. Most often gardeners purchase seeds in specialized stores.

When selecting planting material, it is recommended to give preference to proven suppliers. Sow seeds from end of February. To do this, the plants create greenhouse conditions. The deadline for beginning to make the seeds in the ground, comes in mid-March.Curly flowers kobeya

Before beginning planting material must be correctly processed. If you make the dry seeds directly into the ground, they're going to rise, strength for the flowering of such vines are left. It is therefore recommended before introducing them into the soil to soak plant material in a special growth stimulant. For this approach, for example, HB-1 or other similar solutions.

Some growers grow cobey cuttings. Suitable for transplanting shoots take with the mother creeper. They appear to moved to a warm place last year's plants. Transplant cuttings to produce in a separate container. They fall asleep with wet sand. In such ground cobia takes root. With the advent of stable warm weather the vines are planted in the open ground on the plot. This method is less common, since for many gardeners it's hard to keep from kobey until the next warm season. She needs constant proper care.


Flower kobea landing which is in the ground a mini-greenhouse, requires a careful approach to each seed. In the package usually comes 5 PCs. to buy 2 packets of seeds to get seedlings for sure.

Soaked in the stimulant seeds can be planted in the ground. They will grow about 2-2. 5 weeks. The first shoots should appear in the second week after planting seeds in the soil. A place for mini-greenhouses should choose bright and warm. The ambient temperature should not be less than 20ºC. the capacity of the seed should be covered with a plastic bag.

Subsequently not to violate the integrity of the roots of cobei, each seed is recommended to be protected in a separate pot from the foil. This helps to accelerate the growth period. Seeds should be covered with a layer of soil about 1.5 cm They make the ground flat side. It is tested by many growers quickly and efficiently to grow the vine, even in our climate.


Flowers cobia, planting and care which require that the grower of certain skills that happen is easier when you use special growth stimulants. Otherwise the sprout will be difficult to break through the shell. At emergence of the first shoots should prepare a container for planting and soil. You can utilize plastic cups.

The Sprouts should be watered abundantly. Then unfold the foil. Escape with a lump of land you need to carefully get out of the greenhouse soil. You need to make sure that the roots are not damaged. This will significantly slow the growth of vines. Molds with foil and allow to do it as carefully as possible.

The Substrate for transplantation should be loose and easy. It should contain sufficient amount of nutrients. After transplanting to allow time for germs to adapt. Then you can begin to gradually harden the seedlings.

Plant Care

After the transplantation of young shoots should be proper care. The soil must be periodically watered (as it dries). It is recommended to ventilate the room in which the tanks are with young vines. To open the window should be in the first few days only for 2-4 minutes. Then the interval is increased gradually with each passing day.

It is Possible to produce the feeding of HUMATE. During the growth of flower in cups this procedure can be done not more than 2 times. Otherwise the shoots will be too long. They will be difficult to transplant. We gardeners divergent opinions in the matter, When you can pinch back the flower kobea. Some experts recommend performing this procedure before planting in open ground. Other growers do not pinch out the shoots.Flower kobea growing

Pinch back the plant when its tendrils evolving a lot. In this case, the new stems up to 20 cm before transplanting grafted plants in open ground.

If cobea develops correctly, it will have a brown thin branching on shoots. These antennae will be looking for something to hold on to. However, it may be easily removed from the wall, with clothing or other objects. Antennae quite robust, they are hard to damage.


What is more interesting these curly flowers? Cobia - a plant that when grown should dive. Shoots it is recommended to transplant into a large bowl 3 to 4 weeks after germination. This will allow the vine to develop a strong root system. This will depend on the rate of growth and development of plants. By the time of transplanting in the open ground cobia can form sturdy shoots.

For a transplant need a large flower pot. Its capacity should be about 3 l. the Soil must be nutritious. Before transplanting, the soil watering and move the plant with a clod of earth in the pot. The spacious capacity cobia will actively develop. The vine must be tied up with ropes that she wanted to grow up.

Before transplanting to a selected place on the site kobey should be prepared for the environmental conditions. For this plant temper. This process is conveniently carried out at the balcony. First time here cobey stand for 15 minutes. Every day, this interval increases. After some time, the pot will not enter into the room.

Preparation for...

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