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Polymer paint is a composition that is produced by non-waste technology. These mixtures are environmentally friendly, and are formed from polymer powders which are applied to the surface of various products. If the coating is carried out in the factory, after the surface treatment or products polymer paint base is heated and maintained at a certain temperature for a few minutes.

Key features

plastic paint

Polymer paint has many advantages, it is cheaper as it does not have solvents in liquid formulations play the role of the media to film formation. The curing time of such compositions is reduced as the film formation occurs at high speed. The coating can be carried out in a single layer, what distinguishes this composition from conventional inks, which require multi-layer deposition with repeated drying.

In the process are eliminated such complicated operations as lapping to the desired value of the parameter of viscosity, and control of this value. Powder formulations are supplied in finished form, which makes them easy to apply. After reviewing the range of such products, you will be able to choose one out of 5,000 colors, textures and shades. After using the composition of the spray equipment can be easily cleaned so as to remove the powder much easier than multiple layers of liquid paint.

Polymer paint creates a single layer, fairly thick coating that allows you to save the expense of absolute dry substance. When applied under pressure the powder mixture lose up to 4 %, this is an advantage over liquid materials, which lose up to 40 %. The resulting coatings have excellent physical and mechanical properties, and the surface is characterized by chemical resistance.


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Basic types of polymeric paints

plastic powder coating

If you are interested in polymer paint, you should see the range of these products. Such materials can be polyester, epoxy, polyurethane or epoxy-polyester. As the main advantages of epoxy paint acts as a great combination of physical-mechanical and insulating qualities. Such coatings have high adhesion, are characterized by chemical stability and mechanical strength. The base is resistant to acids and alkalis, fuel, oil, water, allowing you to use epoxy for internal and external protection of pipelines.

If you plan to use epoxy resin paint, it is possible to use them to create a layer, the thickness of which may reach 500 microns. At the same over the entire surface will be a good toughness, high impact strength and elasticity. However, there are disadvantages of coatings, which are expressed in a limited weather resistance. On open sites there may be chalking and prone to yellowing that occurs due to overheating.

Use Area epoxy resin paint

acrylic polymer paints

Epoxy resin powder paint is applied in order to obtain hard coatings that are resistant to chemicals and solvents. Users of such powders are the field of radio and electrical engineering, in these directions cover replace many types of sophisticated electrical insulation. Cover with epoxy composition can be electric cabinets, office furniture, medical equipment, and home accessories.

The use of polyester polymer paints

polymer paint on metal

Similar compositions used for the decoration of household items, garden, medical, metal, office furniture, sports equipment, and electrical equipment etc. in great demand are polyesters due to the unique decorative qualities. Modern technology of production of powder coatings has allowed to expand the color gamut of coatings to achieve different textures.

The use of polyester and polyurethane polymer paints

paint for plastic

Polyester paint for polymer coatings used for the treatment of tourist facilities, agricultural machines, automotive wheels, as well as aluminum and steel profiles for window and door openings. Polyester compositions are versatile because they can be used for indoor and outdoor use. In the end possible to obtain a glossy surface, the brightness of which reaches 90 %. As alternative, you can choose a polyester blend, which allows you to create a matte or semimatte surface.

Polyurethane paint, polymer-based sustained different gloss, characterized by water and weather resistance. They undergo great exposure to mineral oils, fuels and solvents. Polyurethane paints are used to protect products that are exposed to abrasive wear and friction. Their application can be carried out on some types of chemical equipment and tanks intended for storage of gaseous and liquid chemicals. You can apply a polyurethane paint as a primer before using any other powder coatings, such as polyacrylate or epoxy.

Purpose polymer paint on metal

polymer floor paint

Polymer paint on metal is composed of a solvent, special additives, polystyrene and pigment. This mixture is also called a liquid plastic and is a solution of crushed foam in a solvent or toluene. Considering the polymer composition for metal can result as an example, the SS-160. This mixture is used for treatment of pipelines, protection of metal structures of swimming pools, for coating metal surfaces, also for staining of bearing elements of buildings. With regard to pipelines, this should include and Asia. Metal floors can be covered on the ships, inside production and warehouse space. Such polymeric floor paint can protect surfaces that are constantly in contact with water.

Purpose and properties of acrylic polymers

paint for polymer coatings

Acrylic polymer paint can be used for internal and external works in the field of facades, as well as the repair and painting of metal roofing. Before applying this composition, it is recommended to apply the primer. Among the characteristics of these mixtures it is possible to allocate long life, which reaches 20 years. Not to mention the possibility of obtaining a durable and strong coating, excellent resistance to high humidity, temperature extremes and sun exposure. Among other things, these paints are thermo - and frost-resistant. After applying to the surface they are quite quick to dry, forming a thin, smooth and the most durable protective film. In operation, it exhibits qualities of resistance to chemicals and various cleaning compounds. Apply acrylic paint is very simple, they do not envisage the need for expensive equipment. Acrylic polymer compositions have a high adhesion with the base, they are environmentally friendly and harmless to human health.

Polyurethane polymer stain for concrete

This colorant acts as the most resistant to the influence of negative factors. The surface is not afraid of oil, chemical compounds and solvents. Thanks to this characteristic, the polyurethane paint can be used for painting garages, hangars, industrial premises and basements. The surface after coating, the tool gets the quality of protection from shock and mechanical damage. The layer can be glossy or matte, and on one square meter you will have to consume approximately 400 g. Before beginning work on staining the surface is treated with primer, and after the polyurethane paint is applied in 2 layers. The second of them should be applied only after complete drying of the first that will happen in about a day.


Among polymer paints can be found universal, which is an epoxy that can be used for interior and exterior use. Plus, this dye is that it is able to replace the primer, allowing you to save money.


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