Waterproofing under metal roofing: selection and erection


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Selecting a roofing often decides how the roof will be effective in carrying out its primary task. The protective properties of the structure also affects the basis and roof, performing carrier function. However, even if quality roofing “pie” remains the risk of a natural fracture under the influence of the weather phenomena. One of the most serious enemies for wood, metal and concrete is moisture. To protect elements of the roof and supporting structure from negative influences, use of an insulating cover. Especially, this material is required in the case of metal decking. In particular, the waterproofing under the metal tiles can be the best security solution. It will help to create the necessary barrier to precipitation, and will also increase the efficiency of the thermal insulation material, if any, is also provided in the roof space.

waterproofing under metal roofing

Do you Need insulation under metal roofing?

Almost all metal materials that are utilized in the formation of external structures, linings and coatings today receive corrosion protection. But even modern methods of galvanizing are not able to guarantee the protection of surfaces from corrosion in close and constant contact with water. Accordingly, the question of whether there should be waterproofing under the metal, suggests the obvious answer is – it is necessary as a means of protection against the development of corrosion processes.

And it's not just that the rear layer will protect the structure from rain and melt water penetration. Efficiently arranged insulating coating also prevents condensation, which without proper barrier can become permanent. And it only concerns functions aimed at protection of the domestic side of roofing. In addition, the waterproofing under metal roofing do not allow contact with moisture structures located in the roof space. The humidity sensing material in this niche will be the insulation, which in any case require protection from the same condensation.


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What is a roofing waterproofing?

waterproofing of roofs under metal roofing

Most Often it is the fabric made of elastic plastic and composite materials with fibers. It is calculated to create an effective obstacle from moisture in any form. Usually Foundation waterproofing acts as a polyethylene fiber. The functional feature of this material is the excretion of moisture through special pores. That is, the material does not accumulate in water or steam, and immediately takes him through the ventilation channel which also needs to be provided in the design of the roof space. It is important to note, and other properties possessed by the waterproofing on the roof under metal roofing in the best performances. In the list of basic operational qualities, you can make frost resistance, strength, durability and ability to withstand chemical attack. Not always do mass on the roof liquid safe in terms of reactions of a chemical nature, so this caveat should be considered when choosing the insulating interlayer.

Types of material

lay waterproofing under metal roofing

The Simplest solution is a waterproof film, which includes a substrate and a polyethylene coating that forms a barrier. In fact, this material just creates a wall in front of the moisture, but the liquid in this case is not going anywhere until it dries. More modern look – this super-diffused membrane film, which collects moisture, and then removes it through the pores. It is important to note that these coatings are one - and two-circuit. That is, a function with one or two sides. An improved modification of membrane coating is anti-condensate film. This is the optimal waterproofing under metal roofing, as due to the fuzzy surface it provides intense moisture, along with providing the ventilation function. However, the cost of such films is much higher.

How to choose the best insulation

do we need waterproofing under the metal

Not always justified device, high-performance membrane films. This choice should be made only in those cases, if the house is in a region with frequent heavy precipitation. The advantages of this material is attributed and mechanical properties with resistance to frost, but not every roof these qualities will be paramount. As for the simplest models of film insulators, they can be applied in cases where protection from moisture is efficiently implementing the substrate, the insulation and the roof. The question of how to choose waterproofing under the tile, and important aspects not related to the waterproof. For example, the presence in the structure of the film a strong Foundation. The most reliable option in this regard is the coverage, which one side has a foil surface. In this case, there will be enough high function mechanical protection from physical impacts.

Preparing for installationworks

At the time of laying of waterproofing needs to be formed truss system and the components of the engineering infrastructure of the roof. In particular, must be prepared and output air ducts, eaves, gutters and other components of the hardware. If waterproofing is placed under the metal roofing cool roof, particular attention should be given to the substrate. It depends on how warm is the house, and moisture, in turn, will protect the decking from condensation. Before performing the styling is also required to calculate the material for the truss system. It is desirable to form as small as possible docking sites – this will increase the tightness and strength of the coating.

Device substrate

installation of waterproofing under metal roofing

Typically, the substrate provides the basis for the entire roof, from the beams of the truss system. Today, the market represented a lot of composite and natural materials to create such a deck, but it makes sense to use a traditional roofing material. It has the highest qualities of warmth and waterproofing, and the quality of the special insulators for the top layers of his presence is more than enough. If you plan to lay waterproofing under the metal roofing on the roof with a cold attic or loft, a covering of roofing material can be performed on two layers. The fixation of flooring is made using roofing fasteners in the form of studs with big hat. The indents are made with a step of 50-60 cm, and the areas of the joints if necessary to process wear-resistant sealants.

The installation Process

choose waterproofing under metal roofing

There are two approaches to installation of waterproofing. The first involves the installation directly on the insulation layer. This option is less reliable, but justified if no high requirements on the protection of the roof. A common scheme involves the installation of waterproofing under metal roofing with the system of two crates. The first layer of boards, and the Las is mounted on a substrate, which can also be a thermal insulator. Further the design fit water repellent film. To strengthen the waterproofing in this case is not necessary, if it was secured tight clip boards. On top of the cover fits the second part of the sheathing that holds the film. Again, if after laying of the wooden elements did not provide enough clamp, to secure the insulating fabric is possible by using a construction stapler.

Adding insulation

The Most reliable electrical protection is formed by three types of coverage. This insulation, vapor and waterproofing, which is the top layer in the crate. Some models of water-repellent films can perform all three functions of protection, but still this option will lose configuration with separate decks. To implement this scheme after the installation of a roofing material and until attaching the crates are stacked two layers – heat and vapor barrier. They may be present: foil, natural and synthetic materials. By the way, prosimity barrier to the appearance of membrane waterproofing under the metal, but its thickness is less. The thick layer can be insulation, mineral wool or clay chips.

waterproofing under metal roofing cool roof


The Presence of waterproofing in the roofing structure does not mean that other construction components are guaranteed to be protected from the effects of moisture. Much also depends on how tightly was formed on the primary flooring. Usually the waterproofing under the metal gets not close to the coating, and maintaining the ventilation gap. If a tile layer will have serious defects or major technical gaps, there is a risk that even high-quality thick insulator will not cope with its task. Therefore, to ensure moisture protection a lot depends on the reliability of the top roofing, which should be regularly checked for leaks and operation.

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