Where it grows Soursop? How to grow guanabana in the home


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Soursop… This is a melodic-sounding word you hear more and more often. Of course! Because recent studies scientists have proven that the fruit of this plant effectively fight cancer cells. The news is terrific, but here the question arises: "Where Soursop grows and how to get it?" We'll talk more about that.

Residence tropical plants

Well, the tree is Soursop. Where it grows is a miracle, which attracted the interest of many growers? The birthplace of this tropical plant is Latin America. From Mexico to Argentina, you can find many places where growing Soursop. The inhabitants of these countries are very lucky. However, today this tree is common in other places. For example, in India and China.

where growing Soursop

Business card guanabana

Considering the plant has many names. The most popular of them - "Soursop". This is the name of the fruit is received for a particular consistency of the pulp, similar to sour cream, soft and smooth. Also, this plant is called the graviola Annona and barbed. Not less than we know it as Soursop. It has an interesting shape: looks like a melon, just the rind is green, covered with many small thorns. Unapproachable and unwelcoming in appearance, the fruit overseas is surprisingly soft on the inside. The flesh melts in your mouth, and heat also is a good thirst quencher. According to experts, the taste of the fruit resembles a mix of ripe strawberry, exotic pineapple and citrus already familiar. This cocktail of sensations from eating this product deserves to be tried. Sorry, we have no regions, where it grows the fruit Soursop. However, why not plant? Oh, I forgot to say, inside the fruit are the black seeds, like seeds of persimmon. It is from them it is possible to grow a plant. By the way, be careful: they are poisonous!where grows the fruit of the Soursop


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Attractive and the leaves of this representative of the tropical flora. The tree is related to the famous ylang-ylang, which is widely used in modern perfumery. Not far behind him and Soursop: its leaves have a pleasant, deodorizing scent. One caveat: the leaves are on the branches, as is usual for us, but also on the trunk.

Features of plants and use in cooking

The Exotic graviola sometimes impresses with its size. First, a little, as you grow it grows to 30 cm the weight of one fruit can reach 7 kg!

Soursop & ndash; a very useful fruit. It includes such essential vitamins like b and C. in addition, it contains a lot of elements, among which magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. And this fruit a lot of folic acid, which helps restore immunity, improve skin and hair condition.

In the countries where it grows Soursop, it is often used for making sherbets and various creams. Add to ice cream, make a smoothie or delicious juice. In Indonesia, unripe fruits are used as vegetables.

guanabana to grow in the home

The Therapeutic properties of guanabana

Soursop has many therapeutic properties. It is recommended to eat with stomach diseases. It not only normalizes the microflora, but also stabilizes the acidity. With guanabanas you will forget about heartburn and discomfort after eating.

Exotic fruit can be applied as an anti-depressant. It calms the nervous system, promotes good sleep.

In addition, Soursop – great antibiotic. It kills all kinds of germs and viruses.

guanabana tree where it grows

Soursop and cancer

As already mentioned, in recent time, there is scientifically proven information about the fact that the plant has anti-cancer properties. It without regret destroys foreign cells that cause the formation of tumors. 12 types of cancer may win this tropical tree, including cancer of the breast, colon, lung, etc. And eating sour apples are more effective than using adriamycin – the strongest chemotherapeutic drug. The most useful is the juice of the plant. Besides, it does not cause any negative effects, such as hair loss after radiotherapy.

How to grow Soursop?

The Inability to get this fruit is because it very rarely is exported. Transportation is quite complex, as the fruit of this tree is perishable. They are transported in the immature state, but even in this case, they are suitable for use in food only for 3-4 days. But the plant itself is unpretentious. Therefore, in order to eat the fruit, it is not necessary to go there where grow Soursop. You can grow it at home.how to grow guanabana


  1. For cultivating right for a small container or a decorative barrel. If in nature the tree can reach a height of 6 metres, then at home, the figure usually does not exceed 3 meters.
  2. Despite the fact that the plant makes good shading, better to put it closer to the window on the Sunny side.In summer, graviola can be taken on the balcony or in the garden.
  3. Soursop – deciduous tree. Therefore, it is necessary to sow seeds as early as possible. Better if you do it late winter or spring. The fact that in the autumn the plant will throw the leaves. Well, if the seedlings will have time to harden and be covered with bark. Soft, defenseless sprouts may not survive the winter.
  4. For landing you need to choose a well-drained soil. Sow seeds to a depth of 1 see the Most important – high temperature (up to 30 degrees). Therefore, it is better to put the pot closer to the battery. Just have to watch to not to overdry soil. The first sprouts usually appear within 15 to 30 days.
  5. Soursop endures both drought and over-watering, but it is better to comply with the measure. In winter, the plant watered less often, but if it completely throw off the leaves and left bare, do not water until you see the first buds.
  6. There may be problems with pollination, but there is a way out. It you will have to be done manually. Morning to collect the pollen in an envelope and store it in the refrigerator. In the evening apply the pollen to the pistil, spraying her.
  7. With proper care, fruit tree begins in the third year.

As you can see, your "household" as a permanent resident can be the Soursop. To grow at home, this plant will have no work. And what benefits it will bring to you, you will be able to evaluate themselves.

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