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The majestic Hotel (St. Petersburg) is located in the beautiful city on the Neva river-St. Petersburg. The name of the hotel translates as “majestic”. It fully reflects the essence of the mission of the institution: each client is surrounded with special attention, care, allowing to underline his status. A high level of service will not leave anyone indifferent. The majestic hotel (St. Petersburg) reviews gained only positive and enthusiastic. After a rest near the historical monuments of the city - is a pleasure.the majestic hotel SPb


The Historic centre of the city, where the sights of the city such as the Hermitage, the Summer garden, the cathedrals of Kazan and our Savior on the blood, contained in itself and the majestic hotel (St. Petersburg). The hotel is near Nevsky Prospekt, on which so love to walk the guests of the city. Opposite the hotel you can see another attraction of Gostiny Dvor. During your stay you will be in the center of the cultural life of the city, which will help to plan vacation and to spend time in the Northern capital of Russia.

A Little history

Majestic, a boutique hotel Deluxe (UPB) was opened in 2015 is located in a building belonging to the 18th century. The original architect had sunk into Oblivion, his name has not survived to our times. The building was designed in the classical style. The history of this building is quite interesting. It has several times changed masters, changed and the building's purpose, but remained unchanged for one detail-the building was the center of cultural life of the city.

The First owners it was Korovin and Gavrilov. The premises were allocated to an apartment house. Shortly thereafter Semenchinskii (known restaurateur at the time) rented part of the building with the aim of opening his own restaurant. Called this restaurant was the same as the trading rows of the Empress Elizabeth – “Gostiny Dvor". The institution regular customers were the merchants of the arcade. Some time later the restaurant was renamed, it can be found under the title “Suite”.


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A remodelling of the house in 1847, and engaged the architect Robin. The building acquired a new, more interesting look. Half a century later the restaurant was sold first in the city to the Association of waiters and cooks. It happened due to the bankruptcy of its previous owner. New redevelopment – 1910 engineer Gavrilov was provided for the decoration of the building the main stairs to give the room a touch of elegance.

The Nationalization of the institution in 1931 led to another name change. Appeared “Metropol”, clients who become party leaders and the elite of the country. Often the restaurant was visited by Leonid Brezhnev.

The Soviet period was a period of innovation. The room is located confectionery “Metropol”. All citizens were familiar with delicious confectionery produced in the “metropolis”. Cakes have become a symbol of Peter, a part of its gastronomic culture.the majestic hotel SPb

After 15 years again reconstruction – the opening of the hotel "majestic". Boutique hotel Deluxe (SPb) in the new century has received a new change. Confectionery and restaurant in 2000, was updated in order to continue to delight its customers with all the best.


"the majestic" (hotel SPb) provides not only the opportunity to relax in a comfortable room, but also to use additional services. For example, it took a room for the conference. You can rent Brasserie de Metropol. This is a fireplace room, where comfortably accommodate up to 50 guests. It is equipped with the necessary for presentations technology. The fireplace is fitted to the hall, will bring a piece of warmth and comfort, will make the situation more comfortable.

I am Going to organize a large-scale event? Banquet for up to 200 guests can be held in the column hall of the Majestic Hall. It has a stage for performances, a bar. Tables can be arranged on request. There are indoor and booths, which makes the atmosphere more enjoyable. Want to draw media attention to the event? Order it in the hall of columns, which includes the majestic (hotel St. Petersburg).majestic boutique hotel Deluxe SPb

Another convenience for clients – online-visa. In order to use the service, enough to do several steps:

  1. Book accommodation.
  2. On official website you want to fill out an online form where you select the type of visa (single or double entry tourist), and shall specify the date of arrival and departure from Russia. If you have a booking number, enter it as well.
  3. The Next step – payment of the visa invitation will come via e-mail specified by the client.
  4. You are Then required to fill out a form to get a visa at the Consulate.
  5. When submitting documents to the Consulate of Russia does not forget to take a photo in accordance with the requirements.
  6. Documents are filed, have to wait 5 to 10 days to get a visa.

The majestic Hotel (St. Petersburg): room description

Hotel Rooms are many, and each is decorated in the best style, according to all required standards. Here you can sit as one person, having a single room, andtogether with his family, booked the room for a few people.

Standard room

The majestic Hotel (St. Petersburg) is pleased to offer 9 comfortable rooms, designed to accommodate 1 person. The area of this room is 17 m². That is enough to not only accommodate a single bed, but also to allocate work space. The working area includes a table where the client will be able to do preview of documents. Tea set available on the table, will add comfort. You can take a shower in the bathroom, which is equipped with a number. While bathroom and a living area separated by a partition of glass.

Single rooms are located on 2nd to 4th floors of the hotel. Some rooms offer beautiful views of the outside Garden, while others overlook the courtyard.

Clients are single rooms and Wi-Fi Internet access. Wi-Fi helps to stay connected with family and to be aware of all the events.the majestic hotel SPb hotel reviews

Comfort customers are as follows:

  1. Pillows and comforters filled with hypoallergenic filler.
  2. Room features a mini bar and tea-and coffee-tea set.
  3. For Those customers who love to relax in front of the TV, is a great opportunity to spend time with LCD satellite television.
  4. Women can use a Hairdryer and makeup mirror, to put himself in order.
  5. The Hotel provides customers with a Bathrobe and Slippers, which is very convenient – no need to carry extra things.
  6. The hotel Rooms are soundproof, so you can relax and work in peace.
  7. Warm the floor in the room will not freeze even in extreme cold.
  8. When booking you can specify that you want a non Smoking room.

Rooms are cleaned daily, every evening room preparing to sleep. Available Laundry and dry cleaning services. For the safety of documents it is possible not to worry, because the room has a safety Deposit box. Work very handy when there is a possibility to call for free. The hotel provides this feature.

Standard double room

The majestic Hotel (St. Petersburg) offers double and twin rooms. The number of rooms that can accommodate two – 24. The approximate area of each – 25 m². Rooms have either one double bed or two single beds. Floors, which are 2-person rooms, – from 2nd to 5th. You can select the view from the window at pereulok Krylova, Garden street courtyard. In the attic and offer beautiful views of the rooftops of the city.

The room has a Seating area and a work area equipped with a comfortable Desk. Take a shower or soak in warm water in a separate bathroom, with a size of 4 m².

The Rooms are cleaned, accessible customer service in the room. Free Wi-Fi will make your stay even more convenient.

Comfort 2-bed rooms are provided on the same principle as in the single.

Deluxe Rooms

The Difference with superior rooms is that their area is more than the standard and average about 30 sq. m. They are located on 2, 3, 4, 5-m floors. The room can be set as double or two single beds.

A Spacious bathroom allows you to take a bath or a rain shower. Some rooms have a bidet.the majestic hotel SPb traveler reviews

In addition to the basic amenities of comfort added:

  • Seating area
  • Capsule coffee machine.

Deluxe SPA

On the 5th floor is one of a kind room – Deluxe SPA. Its area is about 34 sq. m. to Settle in the 1 to 2 people. The main difference between this room – bathroom area-6 sq. m. it is possible to take a rain shower and infrared sauna, which will allow to relax after the journey or a hard day's work.

The sleeping area is fitted with a huge double bed. The room is equipped with a Seating area. Coffee lovers can use the capsule coffee machine for the preparation of aromatic beverage.

From the window of the attic rooms offer romantic views of the rooftops of St. Petersburg.

The majestic Hotel (St. Petersburg): a review of the Deluxe rooms, Deluxe SPA

For fashionistas, who have always had a lot of things in the room you can find a separate room to accommodate wardrobe.

The Room is divided into two areas interesting design solution. The majestic hotel (St. Petersburg), photos of which you can see in the article, offers 8 apartments of this type.

Are You interested in the Deluxe SPA? Their majestic hotel (St. Petersburg, Russia) has only 2. They are located on the attic floor, so the view from the Windows is very romantic-on the rooftops of the city. The word SPA means that the room is additionally equipped with the following convenience – an infrared sauna.

Suite, exclusive Suite and Deluxe family Suite

The Number of luxury hotel – 5. Their area is quite large-about 45 sq. m. the Room is equipped with two full bathrooms – living and sleeping. There is a large bed for two, additionally relaxation can be used sofa.

The bathroom has a rain shower or soak in a fragrant bath. Cosmetic set in the Suitemore extensive than in the other rooms. Some suites have a fireplace installed in the living room. Here you can admire the winter garden. Deluxe rooms are situated on 2nd to 4th floors of the hotel.

Exclusive Suite is located on the 5th floor. Its area is comparable to area two-bedroom apartment-67 sq. m. the Main highlight of the room – double bath-Jacuzzi. Additionally there is a rain shower, infrared sauna. The area of the strikes – 35 sq. m.the majestic hotel SPb review

I Decided to enjoy the comfort of the whole family? Then welcome to the family Deluxe Suite at the hotel only two (the 3rd and 4th floors). Here you can relax from 2 to 5 people. The room is equipped for receiving a large number of people. It contains 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, shared living room and spacious hallway. The bedrooms have 2 single beds and 1 double. Leisure facilities include 2 sofas. You can work in working areas with two tables. The size of the room – 65 sq. m.

Romantic events and weddings

The Hotel is in the centre of Saint-Petersburg 4* "majestic-boutique" provides the possibility to use special services and order the following packages:

  1. For those who have decided to get married, there are two special offers: the package of “Classic” and “majestic”. What could be more romantic beautiful room, decorated with rose petals? Create an unforgettable holiday atmosphere will help the candles placed in the room. In the package “Classic” in addition to roses and candles part of a compliment from the restaurant – original setting in the room where you can enjoy the taste of a sparkling drink and fruit. Breakfast in the room will be delivered depending on the wishes of the newlyweds from 7.00 to 10.30.
  2. Package “majestic” will cost a bit more but the table setting will be varied. In addition to fruits and champagne will be possible to taste the lovely cakes “Metropol”. To satisfy your hunger will help the cheese plate. A romantic evening in the hotel will make a lasting impression on the heart of a lady. For a romantic night is enough to order one of the 5 romantic paketov:
  • "Klassichesky";
  • "Premium";
  • "Delux";
  • "majestic";
  • "Individually".

The difference in the packages will be in the design of the room (rose petals, candles, a bouquet of roses) and the number of plates, which is served table (fruit plate, pastries and cakes, cheese plate). In the package “majestic” provided a romantic dinner for two at Brasserie de Metropole.the majestic hotel SPb photo

The Cost of individual package is calculated on the basis that the customer has requested.

How to pay?

Your Reservation is made by phone or email. You can send a request by Fax.

After confirmation of booking, pay hotel in cash or using a Bank card. To pay by card online via the Internet, or in the hotel. For Russia, payment cash through Bank statement with the notice of payment. The money for the hotel bill must come no later than a day before the estimated time, i.e. up to 14.00 arrival in the room.

If you decide to cancel your reservation less than 1 day before check-in, the hotel will not refund the amount paid for 1 day. If you have used the services of visa support, then there will be no refunds.

Customer Testimonials

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about majestic hotel (St. Petersburg). Hotel reviews of approval: almost all the tourists liked the rest, they are satisfied with the comfort of the rooms and quality of service. Many of the rave reviews, I liked everything: the friendly staff, the rooms, the presence of bath accessories, beautiful view from the window, closeness to the historic monuments of the city.

Before choosing a place to stay in St. Petersburg, take a look at the majestic hotel (St. Petersburg). Reviews say that this institution can be trusted with your weekend.

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