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The Charm of medieval architecture, the beauty of Park and garden complexes, great shopping and beer brewed in strict accordance with the ancient recipe – welcomes travellers to the Czech capital. What to do in Prague? The answer to this question will quickly find every guest of the city. You can just walk around, exploring quiet lanes and the seething square, walk through the palaces and museums to test the national kitchen – entertainment for every taste.

What to visit in Prague: museums

The Wenceslas square-the place where most tourists start getting acquainted with the capital. National Museum – the first thing to visit in Prague is obliged every guest of the city. This building, founded in the early 19th century, concentrated all the memory of the main village of the Czech Republic since its Foundation. The Department of history will appeal to lovers of art of the ancient world. Area of archaeology will trace the history of the country. The Department of numismatics will impress the true collectors.

what to do in Prague

The Main wealth, which has a Prague - sights. Reviews about City historical Museum indicate that his visit leaves a lasting impression. Here tourists can admire the exhibits in ancient times served as the everyday objects the residents of the city. Their gradual transformation talks about the development of Czech culture.

What to do in Prague for those who are attracted to the original sights? Visit the famous Museum of torture – one of the most mysterious buildings in the capital. Its walls contain more than 60 guns, with which once caused suffering to real people.


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Prague: the famous castles

Can the Palace complex to resemble a small town? Yes, if its length and width account for 570 and 120 m, respectively. Prague Castle-the castle, past which must not undergo any visitor to the Czech capital. He recognized the huge architectural complex of Europe. Currently, this building uses the President as a residence. Be sure to catch the daily changing of the guard. It is a majestic sight.

Prague attractions reviews

What palaces still lures tourists to Prague? Attractions, reviews of which went far beyond the country - Vysehrad, Troja castle. Vyšehrad was built in the 10th century. If you believe known myth, it is the hill on which it lies, was the point of the founding of the capital. Its territory is the famous Gothic Cathedral.

The Chateau was created two centuries later, becoming the first Czech Palace, whose architecture belongs to the direction of the Baroque. What to visit in Prague is not a place where you can enjoy the scenery depicting a Trojan battle. Involved in the architecture and images of the Greek gods.

Where to relax in Prague

Travelers who are tired of sightseeing, which is rightly proud of the Czech capital will be able to relax in one of the famous beer. The popularity of many institutions comparable to the fame possessed the castles of Prague.

"Fleck" - famous Czech beer, taking visitors back in the 15th century. Here you can not only get acquainted with a signature thick dark beer, endowed with an exquisite caramel flavor, but also to enjoy the best masterpieces of ethnic cuisine.

“Saint Thomas” - a facility in which beer production is from 1352. In those days it belonged to the monks of the Augustinian identified as a location for tasting the darkened basement. Guests of the brewery is sure to try a mug of foamy “Branica”, the taste of which turns casual visitors into regular customers.

Where to walk in Prague

To Combine a stroll with shopping guests of the capital will be able, chosen as the route Paris street. It became the concentration of branded boutiques. Those who prefer a modern old fashion, waiting for a cozy antique shop. A wide selection of jewelry provides a well-known salon ‘Uhlirz”.

entertainment in Prague

What to do in Prague for tourists who like river trips? Definitely worth a ride on the famous river Vltava. Unforgettable views of its shores, travelers can enjoy climbing on a Pedalo or taking a mini cruise on a large ship. You can just take a stroll on one of the bridges, admiring the hypnotic force of the current.

Definitely worth a mark on the Charles bridge-building, which the city acquired in the middle Ages. He is considered the “chain” of the Vltava river, fascinates travellers with amazing statues created in best traditions of Baroque.

The Most beautiful gardens

What to do in Prague for those who want to relax surrounded by the calm beauty? Visit one of the hundred famous gardens in the capital. The age of many of them dates back several hundred years, the earliest were created in the monastic possessions. Age after age adding new green spaces, which led to the formation of a harmonious ensemble. Amazing landscape design Prague gardens makes an indelible impression.

what to visit in Prague

Amazing panorama of the city opens to visitors of the Park Riegrovy sady. Hereto organize a great outing for the whole family. Contact with the old man waiting for tourists in Vojanovy gardens, created in the 13th century. The modern appearance of this area acquired in the 19th century – fruit trees, free roaming peacocks that you can feed. It is interesting to enjoy and watch 17th century present in the Park.

Temples and cathedrals of Prague

It is Hardly possible to visit the main city of the Czech Republic and pass by the famous St. Vitus Cathedral. The unique construction of the temple took place with 1344, lasted half a Millennium. On the territory of the Church is a crypt that contains the sarcophagus of the ruler Charles IV and his household. Here is the vault, protecting the crown jewels.

what to do in Prague on new year

Example of the Gothic style – Tyn Church, built in the 14th century. Here tourists will see the famous statue of the Madonna, made in 1420. In the Cathedral is preserved an ancient tin baptismal font Dating from the 14th century.

New year in Prague: what to do

The old town square this time of year becomes the focal point of Christmas fairs. What to do in Prague on New year's, how not to taste the famous sausages, washed down with hot mulled wine? To prepare for the meeting of the festival in the restaurant "Prague bridge”, serving the best examples of local cuisine. The actual celebration can be enjoyed on the street, choosing to Wenceslas square or another beautiful place.

Summer fun in Prague

The Czech capital offers travellers an unforgettable entertainment at any time of the year. What to do in Prague in the heat? To go to the capital's main three-story water Park, which will delight children. Attractions entertainment centre is characterised by different levels of complexity. There you will find the fun and experienced swimmers, and the little guys.

what to do in Prague in the heat

To Hide from the scorching sun in the shade in the salt caves located in the heart of the capital. The choice of such entertainment in Prague will result in extraordinary health benefits – is supported inside the real sea air. During the construction of the caves were used over 2 tons of salt brought from the Himalayas and the Dead sea area.

Extreme tourism

Entertainment in Prague can be a bit extreme. Complex Skydive Arena is the ideal place for those, who all his life dreamed of a parachute jump. The guests will not spend time on long training, they do not even need to get on the plane. Visitors will get a special wind tunnel in which there is a simulated free fall. People who had the opportunity to participate in such pleasures, they swear that the feeling is really similar to those that appear when you jump with a parachute.

castles of Prague

Prague-the city, which offered entertainment for every taste: informative, calm, noisy, extreme. It remains only to choose from a wide range of options.

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