Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5* (Alanya, Turkey): description, services, reviews


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Turkey is one of the most popular countries that are visited by tourists during the holidays. This activity is associated with a high level of service and affordable prices for accommodation and food. Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5* - a favorite place to stay of thousands of tourists who come here more than once. They say that having been here once, it is impossible not to come back again.

Where is and how it works?

Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5* is located in Alanya in Avsallar. The large distance to Antalya airport is about 100 km. you Can fly directly to Antalya to the hotel is 63 km away.

To Get to the hotel by yourself on public transportation is inconvenient and time consuming. The best option would be to use the Shuttle service provided by the hotel.

Works complex throughout the year. Depending on the season prices will change in one direction or another for tours. Also in the cool time of the year works only indoor pool.

Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5*: description

The Hotel occupies a very large area. Here are two hotels. The complex can accommodate about 8,000 people. Mainly in hotel rest of the inhabitants of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Turkey.

The Building is constructed in the form of small waves. In the evening on the whole complex lights up a huge number of lights and lighting. So from afar it seems that you get on a Christmas show.

Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel description 5

The Whole area landscaped. Gardeners around the clock care for the plantings. Everywhere paved walkways with decorative street decorations. The territory built a lot of places to relax in the shade of the trees.


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Check-in officially begins at 14: 00 daily and travel time is before 12.00 from the room. If tourists arrive earlier or need to leave later, at the reception offers Luggage storage facilities, where at time you can leave things and go for a walk or sea.


Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5* offers several types of rooms, different possible number of living and class comfort.

  • Standard double - room size 36 m2 , has one double and one single beds, parquet floor, wardrobe, Seating area, mini bar, cable TV with Russian channels, safety Deposit box, toilet, shower, hair dryer, mini set of toiletries, an electric kettle, air conditioning, balcony with views of garden, sea, swimming pools or city;
  • Family room - two double beds and one single, wardrobe, TV with satellite channels, parquet floors, air conditioning, electric kettle, Hairdryer, Minibar, safety Deposit box, air conditioning, toilet and shower, toiletries, balcony overlooking the sea or the garden, pool, urban;
  • Jacuzzi Suite - two rooms - bedroom and living room, two sofas, double bed, small table with armchairs, wardrobe, TV with satellite channels, air conditioning, safe, Hairdryer, mini-bar, shower and toilet, bathroom with Jacuzzi, kettle, set of toiletries, bathrobes and Slippers.

Lonicera Resort & Spa 5 Hotel Alanya

All rooms have telephone and free Internet. Acts service: Wake-up call.


Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5* in Alanya belongs to the hotels which work on the principle of "all inclusive". In the price included not only accommodation, but also food, entertainment, service on site.

The hotel has a large dining room-restaurant. Here for each meal on a special stand serves a huge variety of dishes. Tourists can take his favourite food in unlimited quantities. That is, the restaurant works on the principle of "buffet".

The menu includes various dishes of meat and fish. Sufficient serves seafood. On the side, a variety of cereals, potatoes, pasta.

The menu includes hot and cold soups. Food at the hotel is popular for its desserts. A selection of pastries and cake satisfy sweet lovers. Also on the racks are always a large variety of different fruits.

Kids cooks of the restaurant prepare a special menu. It includes boiled meat diet types, steamed fish, dairy products. In the restaurant are always a few electric kettles, which can be used by parents to prepare baby food.


Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5* in Turkey, located on the first line. To the sea it takes no more than 10-15 minutes. The hotel has a private beach which can be accessed only by guests of the complex.

The Road to it goes via the decorated sidewalks. The beach is equipped with sun beds, umbrellas from the sun. Are free towels and if needed, air mattresses. At the beach bar. In a day presents a variety of fruits that can take all the campers. Refrigerators are refreshing beverages and water for all guests of the complex.

Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5 tours

Staff daily clean sandy beach. So here are free to play children and adults go without shoes on the warm and clean sand. The entrance to the sea is quite shallow, which is very convenient for holidaymakers with youngchildren.


Tours in Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5* is very popular as due to the presence of a large number of zones for water activities on its territory. The complex has 10 pools of different size and purpose:

  • Indoor - seasonal;
  • 7 open;
  • 2 entertainment - water slides, Jacuzzi, fountains.

Among this diversity there is a children's area for swimming. One pool with a small depth in the center of the low slides are only intended for bathing children. Also others have specially fenced area with a small depth for the recreation and entertainment of children.

Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5 prices

Swimming Pools are located throughout the complex. In the evening they lit the original light and you can admire the deep blue color of the water and patterns on the bottom.

Around the pool in comfortable lounge chairs in large quantity. You can use the sun shades. The coating in this area constructed with anti-slip properties.


There are several mini - and snack bars in Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5*. The service on a good level. Bartenders prepare a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. Children are offered milk drinks. At certain times it serves snacks and desserts for snacking. For customers, these services are provided free of charge.

The beach also has a small café. Here clients are constantly fresh fruit and refreshing drinks. Travelers hear a variety of ice cream.

In the main restaurant you can order a festive menu and cake for any occasion. There is also a dinner option for a fee at the menu different from the main power supply in the complex.

Wellness and relaxation treatments

Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5* has a great range of SPA treatments. Guests of the complex can enjoy a variety of Wellness procedures:

  • Steam room;
  • Phototherapy;
  • Wrap;
  • Body care;
  • Manicure and pedicure;
  • Beauty services;
  • Massages;
  • Hair care;
  • Makeup.

Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5 Turkey

The area has all conditions for sports.Tourists can posedate:

  • Fitness;
  • Jogo;
  • Aquafitness;
  • Velosport;
  • Darts;
  • Table tennis;
  • Billiards;
  • Volleyball and mini-football.

Here is the rent all the necessary equipment for practicing these sports.


The Guests throughout the guests involved in all sorts of events and shows in Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5*. Prices for these tours depend on the season and on average cost from 40 000 roubles for two people for a week vacation.

The hotel has the animation team that entertain, both children and adults. Each night features a variety of performances, competitions and concerts.

With young tourists are active games, creative classes, quests, and at lunch time. The complex has a children's club. In it the boys from 4 to 14 years can spend exciting time with the entertainment staff at any time throughout the day.

Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5 service

The hotel was built several playgrounds with a variety of ladders, a maze, swings. There is a special coating that will protect kids from injury in case of an accidental fall.

At the reception, tourists can enjoy a guided tour of interesting sights. At night in the territory of the hotel there is a disco with DJ. This service is charged separately.

The hotel has a spacious common lounge with comfortable sofas and large flat TV. Here guests can chat in a relaxed atmosphere among themselves and with the daily Newspapers over a Cup of coffee.

Also on site is open in the evening restaurant for guests with the age limit 16+. There are special entertainment programmes for guests, including a strip dance.

Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5* customer reviews

Numerous comments on various Internet resources indicate the popularity of the complex among tourists from different countries. Mostly customers are satisfied with the stay and cleanliness of the rooms.

About the power of opinions are somewhat divided. The number and variety of dishes is sufficient. There are complaints from tourists to the abundance of fried and deep-fried food. This food is quite heavy on the stomach and is of little use.

The hotel also indicate that on the beach it is necessary to reserve sunbeds at the forefront of the morning, otherwise you can stay without a job under a canopy. Work snack-bars almost all the guests happy. They say that only sometimes they line up quite a large queue.

Lonicera Resort & Spa Hotel 5 reviews

Very pleased with the hotel complex have area to prepare fresh juices. There is always a lot of various fruits and modern equipment.

Animation not always meet the needs of guests. Tourists often notice that entertainment is prepared in haste and are not based on differentage of tourists.

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