Canyon devil's Gate (Sochi): description of attractions, photos. How to get to the canyon?


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The tourists who chose to vacation in Sochi, there are plenty of options to have a great time. But what to do if you want to enjoy the amazing scenery, but no desire to conquer a difficult travel route? To go on an amazing place – canyon devil's Gate in Sochi! It is very close to the city and is a great place to stay. The size of a small canyon, rather it is a small, picturesque gorge.

Sochi devil's gate

Devil's Gate in Sochi: photos and description

A Truly fascinating spectacle – the impregnable cliffs, the height of which can reach 50 meters, Colchic forest, incredibly scenic grove. The water here can rise up to three meters during the flood. This creates such a narrow space that the locals say about him: "the devil Himself will not be able to climb". That's why the canyon got its name-devil's Gate. In Sochi in General is extremely healthy air, and in this place grow in a variety of relict plants that existed in pre-glacial period – boxwood, ferns and yews. Thanks to the aroma of these plants, the canyon is a great place for recovery.

Conservation area

The Canyon is divided into two parts – a protected reserve and one that is open to the public permanently. Specially protected natural area "devil's Gate" refers to the Caucasian reserve. By the way, on the territory of the canyon is a small lake, the diameter of which – a total of 12-13 metres, and depth – not more than 4.5 meters! Lake designated as a natural monument, its protection by the state.

Sochi devil's gate how to get

All the rest

The Second part of the canyon-a popular place for holidaymakers. Here you can swim in the crystal clear water – to the gorge organized by special areas and beach, whose length is nearly 250 meters. This place is unique: the deepening and eddies create the impression of bathing in a Jacuzzi! And this like and kids and adults alike.


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Like devil's Gate in Sochi, the picnickers: there are gazebos and barbecues. Nearby hotel with restaurant, dance floor – with live music. Besides the recreation center offers fun for the kids – there are playgrounds. By the way, the campers say: having made the decision to stay in the canyon for the night and taking the products, you can ask the staff to cook from these products, a delicious dinner (of course, for a small fee).

You Can rent a boat or rent a horse. Paintball fans will also find something to do – they can arrange competitions. To go to the Bloody Goal is, and those who are crazy about the Russian bath. Here you can relax with the fragrant twigs of the eucalyptus and cool off in the cool mountain river. The combination of comfortable environment and wonderful nature makes the canyon an extremely popular holiday destination.

Sochi damn gate photo

Canyon devil's Gate in Sochi: how to get there?

Of Course, tours to canyon – both group and individual – offer almost all the local tour operators and guides. Within these mini-tours, you can visit several sights to see devil's Gate from different angles, to breathe healthy air box grove and if you want – and stay relax on the camp site.

But it is not necessary to use the services of guides to go to the canyon, devil's Gate and you can own! The canyon is located just five kilometers from Khosta river Kostenki, which is located near the route of “Red Will”. The most convenient to get to the Damn Gate by car to the recreation center «The Bloody Gate” is quite narrow, but paved road. As the targets are the village of Dawn and the camp site.

Another way – a journey with a transfer. Need to get to the Hosts – a trip from bus or train station Sochi bus 105 will take about an hour. Coming to a stop “Bridge (Host)” should take the bus number 127 and drive to the village of Dawn. Then will need to walk uphill about a kilometer on foot.

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