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Modern leisure industry which offers various types of tourism. So, for lovers of active recreation are provided intensive pastime, this means that you can go to the mountains and plenty of dash off on skis to visit one of the warm countries in order to dive into the depths and observe the variety of marine life, to move to the desert and enjoy a Safari tour or jeep racing.

You are not attracted to such an active vacation? Then ask the rest of the best domestic or foreign resorts. Here you will be able not only to relax and gain strength – qualified specialists will offer a lot of useful treatments such as, massage, Spa treatments, therapeutic and preventive wraps, mineral water. In addition, if you wish, you will be able to attend field trips and local attractions.

Next, we explain in more detail about the main types of tourism, describe their benefits. So there you go.

  1. The Rest of the sea. This pastime helps to forget about the pressing issues, fresh, rich oxygen, air, watch the nature and feel peace. Most of these types of tourism attract people who love leisurely way of life, as well as couples with children. The majority of foreign resorts offer for each of the described ways separate hotels, where noisy young families with children can count on the help of qualified babysitters, and older people to enjoy the peace and quiet.
  2. Sea or river cruise. This kind of vacation have been popular, and, fifty, a hundred years ago. Traveling on a comfortable liner, you can be sure that all household problems are solved for you – reusable food from the best chefs, well thought out entertainment, convenient Parking in major cities and organized excursions.
  3. Vacation in the mountains. Lovers of skiing, sledding and snowboarding enjoy visiting the Alps, the Carpathians and other mountain ranges to practice their skills, and at the same time and get a dose of sporting adrenaline. Note that skiing is possible and when you have a summer – you need only to find a tour in those countries where the snow on the snowy peaks lies the year round.
  4. Festive tourism. In the last three to five years, developing his visits to various countries during the holidays, and this applies to such recognized festivals like Christmas and national holidays of certain countries or even regions such as the carnivals in Brazil or Italy, the festival of young wine in France.
  5. Gaining and development of so-called event tourism. We are talking about the fact that people visit a state with the aim not only to see the local sights, and to participate in some event, for example, the world Cup, rally or other event.
  6. Cycling as one of the types of tourism more popular in warm countries, but to begin training for the attacks as to the nature and to the neighboring cities, you can at any time.
  7. Such types of tourism as Safari, digger, treasure hunt, rafting one way or another connected with adventures and also significant physical activity. That is why they prefer to have young energetic people who have already managed to bypass many countries and looking for more extreme adventures.

It is Easy to see that the main types of tourism include both active and more relaxing holidays, weekends or even a regular weekend, so the concept and types of recreation can spread to almost any activity in free from work and domestic responsibilities.

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