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Zlatibor in Serbia-climatic resort, located in the South of Belgrade. This is one of the most picturesque parts of the country, created by nature itself. Here you can relax with the whole family. This is a fabulous and wonderful world which is waiting for the real opening.

Ski resort Zlatibor

The Mountains of Serbia to attract tourists not only local landmarks, but also the world's only species of coniferous trees, from which comes the name of this amazing area. Pine in this area, like in gold, have a distinctive Golden hue of the surface of the barrel.

Zlatibor SerbiaIn addition, in this area grow the centuries-old oaks, which according to scientists are unable to grow above 600 meters above sea level. Zlatibor mountain in Serbia are densely covered with green vegetation. The locals are very sensitive to green, therefore, to cut wood in these parts is strictly prohibited.

Do “gold” the mountain ranges fall, when the forests become bright yellow color, which is truly dazzling. To convey such beauty with words is impossible, it should be easy to see.

Climate of Zlatibor

The Ski resort Zlatibor in Serbia is famous not only for its curative and tourist potential. This area delights with its varied and unique climate that combines Alpine and Mediterranean motifs.

On the slopes of the 600 meter high trees grow such as:

  • Tree;
  • Tree;
  • Lime;
  • Ash;
  • The beech.

Serbia on the mapMore high mountain plateaus have become the habitat for the habitat of fir, spruce, pine. This is the only place in the world where it is warm and Sunny, as on the shores of the warm sea, but also fresh as in the mountains. Summers are very warm, but not hot, and the winter-quite mild. Attracts tourists the unique climate of the area and the healing mineral water springs. The Central plateau due to its unique geographical position protected from cold winds.


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Holiday resort

Serbia on the map has a very convenient location, so the area is characterized with amazing climate. Zlatibor-the perfect place for family holidays, Hiking and walking. This resort is best suited for those who prefer to skate. In addition, you can organize a sleigh ride pulled by horses. For lovers of active winter holidays built high-speed ski runs, equipped with special lifts. There are also trails for Hiking on skis.

mountains of SerbiaZlatibor widely attracts tourists in summer, as there is the opportunity to swim in a warm lake, and stroll through the amazing countryside and admire the sights.

Even a short stay turns into a real adventure. This combination of fun and relaxation gained from visiting the resorts, travelling on high mountain slopes, the descent down the rivers. There is an opportunity to explore, travel with excursions in the area.

Attractions of Zlatibor

Draw on Zlatibor in Serbia sights, which in this area are many and they are all amazing. Long mountain slopes was considered a health resort and attracted aristocrats in the treatment of various diseases. The Serbian king has built himself a cottage in a small village called Kraljevo Water. Then the resort began to develop rapidly, at present, there are comfortable vacation homes that will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Zlatibor Serbia ski resortAmong the main attractions need to be identified such as:

  • Cave of Stopica;
  • Old village
  • Eight railway;
  • Kremna;
  • Drvengrad.

The Cave of Stopica is one of the most famous natural attractions in the surrounding area of Zlatibor. In addition, it is considered the most beautiful cave in Serbia. Its name is due to the small village of Topici. The cave consists of several parts, some of them filled with water.

Another amazing attraction is the Old village. The Museum exposition consists of several houses, residential and commercial buildings, is dated the XIX-XX centuries. In these homes previously lived a rural family. All houses are equipped with tools, utensils and various appliances. The structure was partially rebuilt and adjusted to the needs of the Museum, which hosts various concerts, exhibitions and seminars.

Widely renowned for the village of Kremna, due to the fact that in it lived a family of Trabia, which at the time was considered by the prophets and foretold the future. In the village there is a house in which this family lived. Near it is a large rounded stone, which legend has came from space.

Another famous attraction is the railway, which is called “Shagan eight”. In the area of Shagan pass it forms a figure eight when one railway line is located aboveanother.

Drvengrad is a Museum exposition is made on the basis of the ancient city, hence its name. In the Museum you can see antique buildings.

Hunting Zlatibor

In the hunting season in Zlatibor (Serbia) tend to get not only local hunters, but also tourists. In this area, hunting is permitted for quail, a huge number which is simply amazing. Hunters prefer to go for the big game, namely bears, wolves, deer.

kraleva waterIn Addition to the lush vegetation of the mountains is found a Fox, boar, badger, grouse, marten, and squirrel. Only in this area over the mighty centuries-old pine trees you can see the Griffon vulture and the eagle. These raptors are considered rare species in other areas is almost extinct.

For lovers of fishing are of great interest from the local lake, which in large quantities is found gudgeon, trout, trout and many other fish species. That is why Zlatibor in Serbia strive for true lovers of male employment. They prefer fishing and hunting luxurious and comfortable hotels.

Hotels and restaurants of Zlatibor

Serbia on the map is a geographically advantageous position, therefore, tourists are attracted by the awesome salubrious climate and unique nature. In this area open year-round the most famous hotel "Palisade" as well as several small pensions and hotels, where hospitality and great welcome to all guests.

Serbia Zlatibor sanatoriumRestaurants in Zlatibor is not so much, and this includes the hotel, a small, private, cozy restaurants. Prevails in this area, the national cuisine with traditional, local dishes. Especially delicious are considered to be the quail, which are found in abundance on Zlatibor.


On Zlatibor in Serbia sanatoriums are open to all students undergo a thorough comprehensive treatment. This health resort is famous for its healing mineral waters. In ancient times it was used to treat diseases of the eye and skin diseases.

Today this amazing health center visit for treatment of:

  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • Asthma;
  • Thyroid disease;
  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Pathologies of the joints;
  • Diseases of the stomach.

The High efficiency of therapy with curative springs, is a full course of treatment.

There are certain contraindications and restrictions, these include the presence of cancer, infections, inflammation.

Zlatibor Serbia attractionsClean, unique mountain air made the town a real resort, where treatment of respiratory diseases.


Some noteworthy food. Particularly well known for dairy products, which are known throughout the country. The kitchen in this place is mainly traditional. Always served lamb, roasted on a spit.

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