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About 20 kilometers from Stavropol is Sengileevskoe reservoir. It was introduced for permanent use in 1958, and since then, this unique object is under the close supervision of conservationists. The reason for that – pure water, which is suitable for the habitat of various fish, including the edible.


sengileevskoe reservoir

Sengileevskoe reservoir whose depth is 32 meters, is a natural gem of Stavropol region. Situated near Stavropol makes it popular with local residents. Length of the lake is 10.5 kilometers and a width of 5.7 kilometer. It is situated in a valley, on the Stavropol upland and enters the city limits.

The Reservoir has a diverse fish fauna, which increased considerably after the formation of the barrier shields, they help to save many young. Resources of the reservoir has significantly increased after the students and staff of the local agricultural Institute has released into the pond small crustaceans.

What fish there are?

Fishing on Sengileevskoe reservoir is only possible if authorised, because there are a large number of rare species. We are talking about Shemaiah the vimba, Zope, bream. Carefully guarded Sevan khramulya, a hybrid of Beluga and sterlet, carp, and spotted and common carp.

It is also Planned stocking of the reservoir with carp and several species of carp. Lately the pond has a growing shellfish of Dreissena. They do not allow local treatment plants to efficiently perform their work. That is why the staff of the local Zoological services shellfish periodically removed from the reservoir. It is also planned to settle in the water with young sterlet, which is fed by shellfish.


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Local recreation

recreation sengileevskoe reservoir

In order to enjoy wonderful vacations for local recreation. Sengileevskoe reservoir is surrounded by several tourist complexes. One of the most widely known – “Blue wave”, located near the pond. Comfortable and cheap houses, landscaped grounds, low prices – reasons for the popularity of this database.

If you rent a house there is no way you can stay at the main building, where a large number of double rooms is available at any time of the year. If you like outdoor activities, there are playgrounds, you can also rent a catamaran and go for a walk around the lake. The locals are often rented gazebos and sheds, where they spend family celebrations, weddings and corporate events.

“little Mermaid”

“little Mermaid” is another recreation. Sengileevskoe reservoir is located next to it. The base itself is located in a forest on the waterfront and is equipped with all necessary infrastructure for recreation. Barbecues, sun loungers, parasols – all of that is here in abundance. There is also a children's Playground and showers available at any time.

Almost every day there are dance parties, so guests will not be bored. On the basis of you can also take the catamaran rental and take a trip on the reservoir. Hotel rooms here are inexpensive, from 500 rubles per day. A key feature of the hotel-all rooms have heating, so on the waterfront you can relax even in the winter.


Stavropol Krai on the map

Sengileevskoe reservoir, rest which is relatively inexpensive, enjoys well-deserved fame. Local entrepreneurs trying their best to get land next to the pond, there to build recreational complexes, which will bring great profit.

The locals are very pleased that near the town there is really a quality pond, which you can spend your time. All visitors to the reservoir try to keep it clean and tidy, occasionally on the banks of the lake are held Saturdays, during which all the trash is taken out to garbage trucks to the dump.

Beach Relaxation

sengileevskoe reservoir stay

The Beach at Sengileevskoe reservoir is the city and accommodates up to 4 thousand people, although in the summer there is resting a lot more people. It was the result of the activities of a local entrepreneur who managed to obtain a permit to conduct recreational activities on the waterfront.

The beach is still not all you need for leisure infrastructure, is now built only the first stage. The second stage is planned to build a Playground, amusement rides, a separate Waterpark. In addition, in the near future will be the construction of miniature models of landmarks around the world.

The mystery of the origin of the reservoir

Sengileevsky lake is the subject of much debate due to its origin, since it is still unclear how deep the basin occurred at an altitude of 660 meters and filled with water. There was a hypothesis that the lake is a remnant of the Sarmatian sea. Alsobelieved to be of glacial origin pond.

Now researchers are inclined to believe that the lake appeared in the result of activity of the ancient rivers. The original pond was the river Egorlyk, which previously flowed into the area where is now the reservoir. Later there was a river of Cherry, and from the South of today's lake-pear. Both rivers have only one Bank, pear – the left, Tartar (the successor of Cherry) – right.

This unusual geological combination has given researchers the answer to the question, how did Sengileevskoe reservoir. The reason was the failure of ground, which almost completely destroyed the Cherry river, but the remains of the old bed can be found in the Western part of the shore.


fishing on the sengileevskoe reservoir

In mid-1940-ies Sengileevskoe reservoir was a small lake with a width of 2 kilometers, and depth-7.5 meters. It is at the time even had a different name – fish, keep dying and re-revived by water flowing from the river Egorlyk. High concentration of salt causes people use the lake only for fishing.

1948 was the date of the formation of the reservoir, when the water in it has changed since then is fresh. Ten years later, the reservoir was expanded approximately 2.5 times its width was 5 kilometers, depth of – up to 35 meters, width – 10 kilometres. The total length of the coastline is about 40 km away.

The Reservoir is divided into two parts because of the Cape Capstan, that is where water intake takes place, which provides a regional city and its surroundings. In the North-Eastern part of the lake you can find a great number of original rocks, of skeletons of marine animals, as well as prints of insects captured on the rocky surfaces.

How to create a Sengileevskoe reservoir?

the beach on sengileevskoe reservoir

Scientists have identified four stages of the formation of the reservoir. The first of these – logosaltera, which lasted to 1777, inclusive. Originally it was a lake of the same name, which originated from the nomadic tribes that lived here in Medieval times. Explore the lake began only when it was decided to involve him in the activity of the regional capital.

“lake” stage lasted from 1777 to 1946, inclusive. It was then that the lake was stagnant and little used by local residents, with the exception of fisheries. In the mid 1930-ies per month from the pond you could catch up to 50-55 tons of fish, which is why it was renamed the fish.

From 1948 to 1956 the reservoir was at the initial stage, it then began its formation and the increase in the catchment area. Desalination of water has occurred from-for frequent fillings of the reservoir, which is accomplished through the Kuban water. 1955 marked the opening of the reservoir, which serves the regional center.

The Fourth stage lasted from 1957 to 1980, inclusive. Now the reservoir consists of branch canals, dams, regulation of water and its vent system intake, as well as additional equipment. The current stage is still ongoing and it is characterized by strong pollution of the reservoir and the formation of the sanitary zone.

How to reach?

sengileevskoe reservoir depth

The Residents of Stavropol to go away is not necessary, unlike the Russians from other cities. They will first need to find the Stavropol region on the map to reach the destination. In the first place you have to visit the regional capital, and from there you can go on popular with locals reservoir.

Free passage to the territory of the reservoir is closed, but near it passes a large number of public transport. There are also trails that you can use to go to the lake so as not to catch the eye of the guard. The pond is guarded from poachers and those who are willing to pollute.


Stavropol Krai on the map just to find enough, it is in the southern part of Russia. The reservoir, called Sengiley, is one of the natural monuments of the Kuban, in the purification and development of which is invested a lot of money. The history of the reservoir – a good example of how nature grows and evolves with humanity.

Anglers should be mindful of the need to obtain permission to conduct this activity, otherwise you can get a large fine in the amount up to 500 thousand rubles. In addition, even after obtaining permission to fish can only be in certain places, and not in the entire reservoir.

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