The story of the German bridge in Stavropol. Where and how to get there?


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German bridge in Stavropol – the legendary pre-revolutionary structure, is especially popular among lovers of beautiful photos, climbing, and mountaineering. This is the real attraction of the Stavropol upland, which is constantly visited by locals and guests of the regional center, and the bravest of tourists staying overnight in the tent – nearby there is an area suitable for camping.

History of the emergence of a German bridge in Stavropol

In 1943, the Hail of the cross is a major railway junction, which was part 2 of the station, freight station and a railway (Tuapse), laid in three ways:

  • West – Armavir;
  • North – Caucasus;
  • To the East – Petrovsky (now the town of Svetlograd).

Was designed by German engineers, in fact, so German bridge in Stavropol and got such a name. The construction of roads, as the historians say, was carried out by Austrian and German prisoners of war. But this occurred not during the great Patriotic war, as most people think, but much earlier – from 1909 to 1917, However, even during the Civil war had destroyed a good part of the Railways. The rest Dolman themselves as Germans, however, not all sites were able to get. So left in Stavropol German bridge – for ever.

Stavropol German bridge

German bridge in our days

The Design of the railway lines and the construction of bridges, necessary for her, was made at the highest level. Looking at the architectural structure, I will not say that he is already more than a century – the attraction is quite well preserved. It seems that the bridge will stand for another few centuries – as “fresh” he looks, despite the adverse topography of the Stavropol upland. It was built of local limestone without the use of concrete.

German bridge in Stavropol held five huge pillars, with a diameter of 20 meters. The height of the building is 18 m, width-6 m, and length-85 m.

Given the size of the bridge and its excellent preservation, the construction is very popular among experienced climbers and climbers who regularly organize competitions. Also landmark is visited by tourists and photography lovers – against the background of the bridge, located in the forest, are very beautiful and unusual photo.


Is it True that such bridges several?

Tuapse railway was spread in a large territory, therefore, discussed in this article German bridge Is far from the only surviving object. Some of them almost completely or partly destroyed, others still functioning. They are located in different areas of Stavropol and edge.

How many left – unknown, Yes, no one believed. The most well-known although have different names, but still there is a confusion. Most often German bridge confused with Novokavkazskoe. This is not surprising. Big Novokavkazskoe bridge is also German, as it was built by the Germans and at the same time. But, you'll in another place – on leaving the farm Verkhnekolymskiy. Also there is a Small Novokavkazskoe bridge, which is located here.

“Dogs” (near Stavropol) is an abandoned Maslansky bridge, which the locals call "Turkish". But few people visit because of the plain areas around it.

Until now, age-old structures benefit the pepole in the service of faith and truth. For example, the current bridges in the village of Tatar on the street factory. Most are available for inspection is a Small German bridge on the banks of the pond Elagina.

Where is the German bridge in Stavropol?

Where in Stavropol is a German bridge and how to get it?

Located in Mamayskogo forest German bridge is very beautiful at any time of the year. To visit the viaduct, you must go on the Kuibyshev street, then nowhere turning down Michurina, to the house of Andrey Razin (built of red brick and looks like a castle). At this intersection you must turn right, travel Volodarsky. Then drive along the main. Reaching Elagina pond, go around it on the left side and climb up into the woods. Here begins the country of the cooperatives, followed by the tract “German bridge”. From the cottages it leads to the homemade signs, so getting lost will be difficult.

German bridge, Stavropol: story

The Destruction of the Tuapse railroad made the Stavropol dead-end town, completely depriving him of the opportunity to develop in terms of food exports. Withthe other hand, German bridge and other areas were destroyed mainly because of the risk of landslides occurring on the Stavropol upland. However, to return already anything it is impossible, but still a major attraction, whose age has exceeded 100 years.

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