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Interesting discovery of recent years can become for vacationers betta. The private sector in this area we will try to describe. A small resort village lost in the heart of Noumea, between Arkhipo-Osipovka and Dzhanhot. It is loved by tourists who prefer not “hanging” on the foam parties and discos, and traveling only for relaxation, sea and sun. It is surrounded by gardens and low mountains, although one of them is the ambitious name of mount Ararat. Here a beautiful environment, clean water, many natural attractions, cheap rent a house, which is a big plus of this resort. But let's take a closer look at local guest houses.betta private sector

The Village betta

The Private sector – not only an opportunity to relax at this resort. There is in Bette and hotels, and very good, and recreation centers, and even motels. But so often, tourists prefer to relax “savage”, so that no one could depend... the village Itself is extremely picturesque. Its name in the Circassian language means "humped”. The fact that it is located on the promontory sticking out among the surrounding hills. This rugged topography has created numerous bays with beautiful beaches. To Gelendzhik from here is about 40 kilometers, that is, only an hour away. Here buses run regular, including to and from the airport. Therefore, from Noumea access to the village easier. Although it is possible to come and from Anapa, and Krasnodar. Air betta – is a wonderful mix of smells of the sea with aromas of pine groves. And still here there are wild juniper, arborvitae and cypress.betta private sector prices


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Where to live

The Private sector betta is rich with suggestions. There are economy rooms and luxurious apartments. Many owners have gardens or green courtyards, playgrounds, Parking lots. This “betta village”, “Piedmont”, “synergy”, “Home Paradise”. Other hosts will offer you another services such as a “Wi-Fi” on-site Parking, and swimming pools, as, for example, “Family”. And as the village is situated on a hill, from almost every house offers a magnificent view. Some homeowners are part-time and guides, and they, at least, will show you how to get to the lookout on Cape Jugovac with amazing views of the snowy peaks of the Caucasus mountains, to the beautiful waterfalls in the local area and the ancient dolmens on the river Pshada.

betta Village of the private sector

How to eat

Mostly the owners of the private sector in Bette provide a shared kitchen to prepare meals, often summer. Some guest houses have their own dining rooms. In local gardens many peaches and apples and other fruits in abundance grown on the South coast of the Caucasus. If you prefer to eat in catering, we offer you traditional Caucasian and Russian and European cuisine. Most cafes and canteens are concentrated near the Central beach and on the street Podgornaya. The only restaurant in the village called “sugdea”. There is a pleasant atmosphere, you can listen to live music. And the disco only works in a café “beta”. Private sector food tourists organized much better than even the boarding houses and sanatoriums. In the latter remained mostly Soviet type canteens.

Local beaches and distance from housing

To Rent a room or cottage in Betta can be almost anywhere. Distance to the sea from most private and guest houses in the village – 400-500 meters. And beaches Bette a few, and they are literally for every taste – there are sandy, with an admixture of gravel. Entry into the water is different, depending on the Bay, – sometimes gentle, and sometimes there are stones and rocks. Some of the wild coast, and is also equipped with various water sports. But if you're wearing a mask, you will not regret it. Local fantastic cliffs ideal for snorkeling. There are a lot of fish and seahorses. Came with the kids? Then you are at the beach. Adults can ride the glider, and for children suitable aquazorbing and inflatable Playground with three water slides.betta Gelendzhik private sector

Betta, the private sector: prices and reviews

Middle-class Housing in Betta costs about 1500-1700 rubles per day, and suites with facilities – 4-5 thousand. Economical rooms away from the sea start with the price of 500-600 p. The cheap Cutlery type “in the USSR” really have reasonable prices. The cost of meals starts from 70-80 rubles. And for a complete meal in average café you will pay about 300-500 p Much more expensive will cost you a trip to Noumea.

The Private sector betta will not only relax, but also save your money. Many tourists highly praised the local scenery and the opportunity to enjoy the sunset on the veranda or the terrace with a Cup of tea or glass of wine. Healing, filled with sweet smells of the air, coupled with warm sea promotes not only relaxation but also healing. There are no busy roads and the railway along the sea. Although vacationers say that the service sometimes «shovels». Yes, and all the accommodation is located up in the mountains. “First line” in the classic sense of the word herevirtually no. Residents of the Krasnodar region often come here just to spend a weekend.

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