Russian Stonehenge: Arkaim (Chelyabinsk region)


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In the world plenty of objects that I would like to visit almost every modern man: the Great wall of China, Eiffel tower, Egyptian pyramids, Machu Picchu, the Grand canyon in the USA, the Statue of Liberty and many others. As a rule, in such places from tourists there is no release at any time of the year. But there are some parts, such as Arkaim (Chelyabinsk region) or the fortress of Eni-Kale in Kerch, which is known only to a narrow circle of curious travelers.

Section 1. Arkaim (Chelyabinsk region). General description of the objectArkaim Chelyabinsk oblastIn General, this area once housed a fortified settlement of the same name. As all this occurred around the turn of III-II Millennium BC, i.e. in the middle bronze age, modern scientists have attributed this property to the so-called Country towns. Its location was chosen not by chance: the lofty promontory formed by the confluence of two large rivers - the Big Karaganka and utyaganka rivers. Now Arkaim on the map of the Chelyabinsk region can be detected, if you follow the eight-kilometer route from the settlement of the Amur (Berdinskikh district) or a two-kilometer, but strictly in the South-East of the village of Alexander, which is located in Kizilskoe the area. This settlement is considered as the natural landscape, historical-architectural reserve. The distinctive features of the monument belongs almost unique preservation of all defensive structures, the integrity of the landscape as well as the presence of synchronous burial grounds.

Section 2. Arkaim (Chelyabinsk region). StagesArkaim Chelyabinsk oblast photoIt Turns out that this historical monument was unveiled not once, but thrice. For the first time, in 1957, he discovered and mapped the military. After some time, the arch already noticed from the air of civilian cartographers, however, they decided that this strange object is classified, so he never got.

It took another 18 years. In the summer of 1987 on the territory went to the students from the local archaeological club. Their task was not a search of the monument, the children were instructed to explore the territory for further construction of a special irrigation system necessary for the formation of water in the agricultural areas of the region. The special significance of this mission did not give. However, when working in the steppe zone was discovered remains of the city called Arkaim (Chelyabinsk region). Photo attached.


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In General, not to mention the fact that if not for the opening of young archaeologists, the area would simply flooded. The monument was able to defend.

Step 3. Arkaim (Chelyabinsk region). Interesting factsArkaim on the map of Chelyabinsk oblast

  • Object got its not quite usual for Russian language, the name, by the name of the mountain towering over the area. The peak is located at a distance of 4 km from the historical monument, and the name “arch” descended from Turkic language. In Russian language it can be translated as “the ridge”, “basis” or “head”.
  • The Excavations in this region conducted since 1991, during all this time, unable to open more than 8 thousand square km. It's a lot, but, nevertheless, under forecasts of experts, the earth, the thickness of the hides is still the same.
  • Archeologists today have found the remains of humans and domestic animals, various kinds of harness, saddlers tools, anvils, shape intended for the casting of metal products, arrowheads, pottery tools.

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