The zoo in Mogilev (Belarus) - one of the most interesting sights of the city


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The Zoo in Mogilev than this place famous, what is there interesting? This Belarusian attraction is the hallmark of the city. In addition to a variety of animals that live there, site visitors can find a variety of entertainment, including a walk in the Park, visit souvenir shops, riding the mini train and much more. And most importantly, you can see bison, not one.

Mogilyov zoo

A Little history

One of the most interesting attractions of the city of Mogilev, the zoo is located in a place called buynichi, two kilometers from the city. Even in school textbooks, wrote that the memorial in July 1941, Soviet troops 388-th infantry division, and police officers, students of the school of the NKVD and 12,000 Mogilev volunteers as much as 23 days defended hometown.

Mogilyov buynichi zoo reviews

Fabulous relaxation

If you go from Mogilev in the direction of one more Belarusian city of Bobruisk, then you should definitely watch left. Just two kilometers from the regional center, in the village of Buinichi, is an impressive natural complex, which includes ethnographic, tavern, restaurant, hotel, and a zoo. In Mogilev it is a great place for walks for the whole family.

Visitors there is plenty to see. For many this dream is to take a look at the powerful giants, the living bison. The ticket price is minimal, but to walk around the site as much as possible, all day, ethnographic center will be charged separately. His visit is really a journey into another reality, resembles more a small fairy-tale town than the standard tourist attraction.


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the zoo Mogilev mode

The Zoo in Mogilev (buynichi): feedback

People come to the zoo not only to relax mind and body but to learn something new for themselves and to acquaint the children with the ancient Belarusian traditions. In the "fairy village" is home to a number of houses, in each of which you can see the results of creativity of local artists. You can see such signs as "Potter", "Baker", "Smith", "Straws" and others. Each house – this is a separate little world of a certain kind of mastery.

A Pleasant atmosphere and a local restaurant. Despite the simple name "Pub", it's in the air Imperial classicism and at the same time an incredible feeling of comfort. The entrance to the zoo is charged separately (3,5 Belarusian ruble). Here you can see bear, wolf, Fox, rabbits, reindeer, camel, ostrich, wild boar and even tigers.

For people who first see the bison, it is really an unforgettable experience. This shaggy symbol of Belarus actually makes us feel respect for the person. Visitors to the zoo in Mogilev have the time, they are attracted to a wide variety of games, as there, what to see, where to walk and eat. Another important factor is the price, they really are more than democratic.

the zoo Mogilev address

Mini-railway is an indescribable joy for children

A Trip on a small train, which is, incidentally, also a 3.5 Belarusian ruble (price in July of 2017), is also local entertainment, mainly for children.

Mogilyov zooDuring the 10-minute Safari, you can get a closer look at bison, Sika deer and ROE deer. Children under three years can ride the train for free, sitting in the hands of their parents or other adults.

Mogilyov zoo

Description of the zoo

Located along the line of the Dnieper, in the village of Buinichi, Mogilev zoo has the territory, covering an area of 80 hectares, including ethnographic Belarusian village. The purpose of this natural Park was not only the acquaintance with the world fauna, but also instilling the love of animals.

Many who have come here to visit this place again as there are periodic renovation, improving the infrastructure of the zoo, collection of animals are also regularly updated.

Mogilyov zoo Walking along the Hiking trail, visitors can observe the pastime Pets. There is a special contact area where people are allowed to feed and pet inhabitants of the zoo. You can also book a tour.

Mogilyov zoo

Far-reaching plans

Despite all visible advantages, the Park administration is not going to stop there. Plans activities such as:

  • Adaptation to the conditions of the zoo a new animal species;
  • Construction of a variety of exhibition objects;
  • The emergence of new Hiking trails with maximum use of local landscape features;
  • Construction of pavilions, fountains;
  • Designing the cage and buying birds of prey.

Mogilyov zoo

Hours of the zoo in Mogilev

The Address at which is located the zoo, street, Orel, 1. Nearby College in which studying the future forestry specialists. They care about nature, create constructions, install the trough for the animals. The complex welcomes guests daily. The mode of operation of the zoo (Mogilev): in the week - 1030 - 2130, on weekends - 930 - 2100.

Mogilyov zoo

The Perfect solution for a warm Sunny day

The Zoo in Mogilev - is a cute Park with enclosures for animals, neat paths, cafés, mini railway, gazebos. Many animals, birds are singing and especially nice to be in the cool shade of trees on a hot Sunny day. This is one of those wonderful places that you should visit in the city.


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