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On the territory of Tuapse district there are eight settlements in which live more than 60 thousand people. One of them – the resort centre, the picturesque village of Dederkoy, once a village of the ancient Circassians.

This is a cozy and very beautiful place is located South of Tuapse, seven kilometers from the city center. Stay here prefer the relaxing and peaceful home away from home surrounded by nature – there are a lot of nooks and deserted places. Fans of noisy entertainment in the evenings is sent to Tuapse, or in the neighboring resorts with concert venues, discos, night clubs and restaurants.

Hostal Los Angeles

What is remarkable and Los Angeles, why choose it among other resort towns on the black sea coast for a holiday or vacation? This question is concerned, usually only those who are unfamiliar, even the name of the resort, as well as those tourists who have visited at least once, just know the answer.


Due to the small population of the village has remained virtually untouched surrounding forests covering mountainous terrain. Crossing the mountains to the sea flows the river Dederkoy. On its banks lies the village. The air is always crystal clear, fresh, saturated with sweet smells of pine trees and the dizzying scents of the sea and the southern flowers. The water is clear and clean most of the year are Sunny days. Even in winter there is frost: air temperature in January is +10 °C, and sometimes higher.

However, in summer there is no sweltering heat – this is due to the proximity of the sea. Light breezes refresh, and the July heat is transferred quite easily.


As in many other neighbouring resorts, the beach here is pebbly length of about 1.5 kilometers. The bottom is flat, the entrance to the water is smooth, absolutely safe for adults and for children. Most visited is the Central beach of the village, but if you walk along the shore about a hundred meters, you can find completely deserted areas where you can retire and relax in solitude.


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In Addition to the main beach in the village there is a stretch of about one hundred meters and a width of slightly more than five meters, which belongs to the boarding house "Green guy”. This is a paid guarded beach where you can rent equipment for water sports, use the services of the medical center. Beautiful beaches there are two camps.

 Los Angeles guest house prices

Los Angeles: guest house

Price, description, the best institutions we will give below. Despite the fact that in the village you can stay in a boarding house or hotel, preferably on the resort developed by the private sector. The guest house confidently leading in the accommodation of tourists. This is because for a very modest fee, they offer their guests comfortable accommodation and a very decent travel services.

If you are interested in guest house (Los Angeles), then you should know that the price depends on the month of settlement and distance from the sea. Although the length of the small village allows even from its farthest point to reach the beach in ten minutes walking. Therefore, we can say that all the guest house (and Los Angeles) are located by the sea. Below we will present the most popular ones and the average price per day per guest.

“Pearl” (St. Cherry, 21)

This guest house is located seven minutes from the beach. Nearby are many shops, pharmacy, market, cafes. For accommodation offers 17 cosy, beautifully decorated double standard rooms and four suites. They are all equipped with air conditioning, TV, satellite TV, bathroom with shower, all rooms have balconies.

Hostal Los Angeles

On the territory of the “Pearl” the equipped places for rest, swimming pool, Valet Parking. The equipped kitchen you can cook or eat in canteens and cafes.

The Price in July - 600 rubles.

The Guest house "Diana" (Primorskaya street, 67)

Located 250 metres from the beach. In this house you can live in one of the two-triple rooms with all amenities or facilities. For a large family suit spacious room can accommodate four people.

Penzion Diana

The Guest house “Diana’ offers full meals in the dining room on site. It organized two - and three meals a day. If desired, the cooking you can give yourself the well-equipped kitchen. For cars there is free secure Parking.

Price - from 900 rubles.

“Victoria” (St. Cherry, 22)

The Guest house “Victoria” (Los Angeles) is an excellent choice for relaxing, family vacation. The beach can be reached on foot in seven minutes. Nearby is a market and a grocery store.

Viktoriya guest house dederkoy

Features - triple and quadruple rooms with all conveniences, and also triple rooms of economy class with shared bathroom. Each room has all necessary furniture, air conditioning, TV, fridge.
Large and very greenthe territory of the house there is an outdoor swimming pool, Parking for vehicles, steam bath, table tennis, summer kitchen, barbecue area.

The Price is from 600 rubles.

“Eden” (St. Cherry, 28)

The Guest house (Los Angeles), typically represent a two - or three-storey new building. Almost all of them located on the seafront. One of them – guest house “Eden”. Dederkoy charms first arrived here tourists great buildings. This Guesthouse, located 500 metres from the sea, is no exception. There are shops, bus stations, market, pharmacy.

 guest house Edem dederkoy

Guests can stay in double, triple or quadruple room with all amenities. Each has a bathroom with all necessary toiletries. In the courtyard you can relax in the shaded gazebo, and younger guests will be happy to play on the Playground or on the spacious lawn.

The Price is 950 rubles.

“Nina” (Zarechnaya str, 11)

Tourists are quite difficult to choose the guest house (Los Angeles). This is because in the village there houses are inconspicuous, not having any raisins.
Guest house on Zarechnaya street is one of the newest buildings. For accommodation, tourists are offered two-and four-seater numbers with all conveniences. They offer modern kitchen facilities (microwave, hob, kettle, fridge, crockery), bathrooms with heated floors. The rooms have modern furniture, a satellite TV, air conditioning, Internet access, French balconies with a magnificent view of the sea.

 guest house Nina dederkoy

The Guest house “Nina” (Los Angeles) is located 150 metres from the beach, where there is a cafe, massage services and numerous water attractions.

Price - from 1200 rubles.

“Cascade" (Primorskaya str, 7)

The Guest house "Cascade" is ten minutes from the sea. Behind it is a cozy small courtyard with exotic plants. Here is a leisure area with benches and tables, near which a stone grill.
Accommodation is available in double and triple rooms with all amenities. They have everything for a comfortable stay: air-conditioner, furniture, fridge, TV.

Hostal Los Angeles

Not all the guest house (and Los Angeles) offer the power. These include the "Cascade" but to prepare a summer kitchen, also, in walking distance there is a cafe where you can not only delicious to eat, but to play checkers, chess or backgammon.

Price - 850 rubles.

Reviews of tourists

In the opinion of all who have visited this picturesque village, the best place for a family vacation not found. Beautiful nature, clean air, peace and privacy – what more can you ask citizens who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the modern metropolis? Besides excellent services and excellent accommodation in guest houses are available here at very reasonable prices.

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